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    Post [ROM][13.0_r20][raphael][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [01/25/23]

    Thanks a lot. This is the only one that seems to work for me.
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    Post [ROM][13.0_r20][raphael][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [01/25/23]

    Not sure if it is just me but only one of the back camera modules are working. Is there a work around it?
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    Post [ROM][13.0_r20][raphael][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [01/25/23]

    Flashed it today on my K20 Pro(Indian) using Orange Fox. Finally I get to use A13, thanks a ton. Noticed that one of my Sim cards is not being detected. It works with other phones and stock A11(Indian) on K20 pro. Is it because the band is not supported?
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    Post Microphone Not Working

    Has anyone found a fix for this, I recently started having issues. Stock cam video does not have sound. WhatsApp cam video does not have sound. Signal app cam video has sound. Calls, call records, voice messages have sound. Google assistant is working. I am running IN11DA. All issues...
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    Post Immersive mode in all apps Android 11 (disable status bar)

    Thanks. I've used that for the keyboard. It's the status bar that bugs me. It's just there aaaaaall the time.
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    Thread Resolution toggle Quick tiles

    Hi, I have created quick setting tiles for switching between Refresh rates (60/120)(working) as well as resolution (FHD+/QHD+) using tasker. The issue I am facing is with resolution (FHD+/QHD+). I run the shell command wm density 600 && wm size 1440x3168 for changing the resolution and size...
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    Post Immersive mode in all apps Android 11 (disable status bar)

    Hey guys, anyone know regarding this?
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    Post Post your Oneplus 8 Pro Homescreens

    B/W theme. Nova + KLWP + Lines Icon pack.
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    Post Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    Yes, I saw that thread. I wish it came out earlier. I'll probably downgrade only if I brick again. Right now I am used to not having immersive mode. Everything is perfect except for that one little thing.
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    Post Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    Sadly no official thread yet. I have been watching a couple of other threads that have talks of the same. I'll update here if anything comes out. I downgraded because I wanted immersive but center clock was not available in A10. That's why I started this thread. But then I figured it was a...
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    Post Cannot unbrick [cannot enter EDL mode]

    I have had to flash stock 4 times because I land in crash dump mode and it has always been a tricky situation to get into edl. What worked for me 100% of the time was following the steps in the youtube guide below. From 2:30 onwards Hope it helps
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    Post Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    Yes I have, it's a bit off center. I think it's because I'm using the Notchkiller. I haven't done padding yet. Figured I'll get everything sorted once a status bar hiding mod comes along.
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    Post Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    Thanks. But I upgraded to 11. Everything works fine now. Waiting patiently for immersive mode though.
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    Post Keyboard- What are you using?

    I've been using SwiftKey for years now and it's kind of grown onto me. You can resize the keyboard to get the curves right. I feel the predictions are better than g-board and it's much easier to use.
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    Thread Immersive mode in all apps Android 11 (disable status bar)

    Was wondering if there is a way to disable the status bar and use the complete screen in all apps. It seems to be possible in Home screen with Nova launcher. I have G visuals installed but it doesn't force immersive mode. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Post Help. Center clock magisk module for A10

    Hi, yes I guess it's time to update. Is it possible to upgrade to A11 with bootloader unlocked and preserving app data??? I got a guide for the update but since A11 is on magisk canary will I have to install canary before the update and after restoring stock boot.img?
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    Thread Help. Center clock magisk module for A10

    Hi, I am using A10 on stock OxygenOS. I would like the clock to be in the center of the status bar. After a week of searching around, there does not seem to be any mods that does that. If anyone can help explain the process of creating the module in magisk, I am more than willing to make a...
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    Post Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    This mod doesn't work on A10 unfortunately.
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    Thread Center clock on rooted android 10(stock rom)

    Does anyone know of any working mod(magisk, substratum etc.) for OxygenOS 10.5.12 (A10) that can set the clock to the center. I know it exists for A11 but I had to downgrade because some of the apps I use on the daily were not working properly after rooting.
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    Post [Fix with adb] Disable black bar on 10.0.1 keyboard

    QUOTE="yjamal01, post: 83678139, member: 7751281"] doesnt work anymore on android 11 =(
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    Post working viper audio mod for android 11

    Hi everyone I'd like to add on my experience with trying to get v4a to work. Background : OnePlus 8 pro currently running OxygenOS IN11DA rooted using patched boot.img with magisk canary. I had cyberpunk boot animation and systemless hosts modules installed before flashing v4a...
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    Post working viper audio mod for android 11

    HI, could you please give rough steps to install on Android 11 OP8 pro. I am having the same sim issues.
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    Do I flash it with twrp? Because as of now, I'm not able to go into twrp.. I used the mantis exploit to load twrp but when I run the file it shows stock recovery. ---------- Post added at 08:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:59 PM ---------- Do I flash it with twrp...
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    Post Unbrick Fire TV Stick 4K. Help!

    Hi, I am facing the same issue, did you manage to get it fixed??
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    How to unbrick? So i had rooted and installed AFTV on my firestick 4k a couple of weeks ago. Everything was going fine until last week when some sort of glitching noise started to come from the sound as well as display. It is not an HDMI problem because the TWRP runs smoothly. I tried to...
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    Post Any way to disable the proximity sensor?

    Solution Hi, Hope you managed to solve the issue. If you haven't then 1. Install sensor disable from xposed repo. It's an old app so there are a few bugs when you try to remove the sensor as such. 2. Buy the Pro version or use lucky patcher to disable in app purchases for Sensor Disabler. 3...