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    Thread HELP Wifi and BT broken

    Hi guys i need help, i cant activate wifi and bt. the wifi stuck when turning on and then the slider back to off, when i check in the Advanced menu, the MAC is missing 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 the same with BT, cant turn it on. i've try flashing a lot of fw cant seem to fix this. Pie to 10 and...
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    Post Question Repair ROG Phone 5 ZS673KS through edl firmware, no need to unlock Bootloader to modify COUNTRY CN to WW

    im trying this but when i do the update EDL it came back with an error the error says UFS ERROR -5 does this means my NAND is bricked?
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    Thread Need help ROG 2 bricked?

    Hi guys, i need help with my ROG Phone II CN ver the other day, i was downloading stuff from PlayStore, just regular app, and suddenly it shuts off. Then i turn in on again and it stuck on the ROG logo forever. I force shutdown and try again, still stuck. Then i boot into fastboot, and try to...