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    Post Question Camera quality

    I went to A13 and tried a shedload of gcam ports and configs over two weeks on my MI11 Pro. I ended up going back to an A12 ROM, for the MIUI Camera (EvolutionX by FlowerSea) - much better, more flexible and easy to use with the multiple camera modules. Also, as it seems to be the quickest...
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 13][MI 11 Pro] Evolution X 7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    Hi all - I want to go back to the A12 rom, as it seemed better for me with camera and google pay etc.(on Mars) What do I need to flash to go back to A12? Just the boot.img and ROM, or is there more to do? Sorry for what is probably a basic question! *nevermind - I found a full A12fastboot ROM...
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 13][MI 11 Pro] Evolution X 7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    AWESOME!!!!!! Downloading now. That's brilliant news. :D Finally a MI11 Pro with no major issues! (wireless Android Auto, banking apps, overly aggressive MIUI power management etc all solved if the camera works well in this!) *edit* and it does, thanks so much Flower Sea, fantastic job. :)
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 13][MI 11 Pro] Evolution X 7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    Thanks for putting this ROM together! It's great, almost perfect for me (mars). If the MIUI camera was baked in already it would be spot-on. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I have GPay/banking app issues, despite hiding apps in Magisk, renaming, freezing with SD Maid etc. Does anyone know...
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    Post Make your Ticwatch smoother than ever disabling TicSystem via ADB!

    You need to specify the device in the command. Stick "ADB shell multiple devices connected" into Google and you will have your answer. ;)
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    Post Battery replacement for Mi 8

    erm.... that's not how I understand it. Can you explain how that works to me? as far as I knew, it just relates to the polymer bag the parts are in. It's a Li-on in a polymer bag. watch this vid:-
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    Post I love my MI 8, do you?

    For the last 6 months - No, I really didn't, it has been a constant disapointment and frustration..... until last Friday that is. The latest ROM from solved the last piece of the puzzle for me (google hotword detection) so now my car stereo running android auto finally works properly...
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    Post MIUI update UK model

    I can confirm that MIUI 10 based on Pie is WAY better. Just the "OK Google" hotword detection to fix and it'll be pretty much perfect. I'm in the UK, use mine with both my work and personal SIM in - I'm running the latest ROM from (MIUI 10.2 - Weekly 8.11.23). It's great. Also have...
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    Post Mi8 faulty AMOLED Display

    mine's a bit different Yep, my screen is experiencing pixel death at an ever increasing rate from the bottom right hand corner. Gutted. :(
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    Post Xiaomi Mi 8 official global ROM

    For those that have done this:- is the reason that the bootloader can't be re-locked after flashing global stable over china stable, a DM-Verity issue? what does it tell you when you run "fastboot oem device-info" ?
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    Post Xiaomi Mi 8 official global ROM

    Has anyone tried to re-lock after flashing the Global Stable on the MI 8? Does it show as a Google certified device now? Does Google Pay work for in-store NFC payments? I am still waiting for my Chinese version to arrive (Fedex appear to have lost it - apparently it's been signed for, by...
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    Post Nubia Z11 mini NX529J

    I did the same with my Nubia Z9 Mini and Z9 Max. The info you need is on this site:- You will need to root thew phone, then use another recovery (TWRP - details also on this page) to flash the google apps, which...
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    Post [ROM][Official][Nightly][5.1.1][Z9 Max][NX510J]CyanogenMod 12.1 for ZTE Nubia Z9 Max

    quick charge issue was down to a duff cable, but I still can't get the magnetic hall-sensor to work. Any pointers in getting that working much appreciated! :)
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    Post [ROM][Official][Nightly][5.1.1][Z9 Max][NX510J]CyanogenMod 12.1 for ZTE Nubia Z9 Max

    Hi there, installed this ROM thismorning - it works quite well! Good job! The things I have noticed that don't seem to work (hardware wise) are:- Quick Charge - the phone now seems to take a long time to charge, which makes me think the Qualcom QuickCharge feature isn't enabled Magnetic...
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    Post [New] MXIII-G REVIEW

    I would re-flash the box, putting the ROM on a microSD card and shoving a toothpick in the AV jack port. There are quite a few guides about to help you through it (I would type it in here, but a bit short of time today I'm afraid!)
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    Post Ugoos presented own launcher soon

    looks really good! When it is released I will try it - currently I'm using SquareHome on my TV boxes, which is OK, but a bit of a pain to setup initially
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    Post Roms for Amlogic S812

    some other ROMs are compatible - most S812 devices based on Netxeon boards will work. I think there is a Finless ROM plus others built by the community at freaktab. I have both S812 and S802 devices and use the S812 ROMs on all of them. No advantage with lolipop on these, the later KitKat...
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    Post MXV S805

    There is info on ---------- Post added at 01:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 PM ---------- Also there is a lot of information regarding AMLogic based TV boxes
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    Post [Q] Installing Gapps or something on ZTE Z9 MINI???

    Well, all of her google contacts are syncing and appearing in the default call and messaging apps - as far as I can see, everything is working - GMail, Maps, Keep, Messaging, Hangouts, Youtube, Chrome etc etc.
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    Post [Q] Installing Gapps or something on ZTE Z9 MINI???

    Used Chrome, so google translate did the hard part. I downloaded MoboRobo, so the laptop picked up the phone and installed the correct drivers TWRP:- won't let me post the link - I've not made enough posts apparently Once the phone is seen by the computer (thanks to moborobo), extract the zip...
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    Post [Q] Installing Gapps or something on ZTE Z9 MINI???

    OK, I have done it, it's about as simple as it gets. Install TWRP Flash the root package/SuperSU from TWRP (even though it's in Chinese, the buttons are in the same place as if it were in english, so easy to work out where "Install" is! Flash Reboot Add your google...
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    Post [Q] Installing Gapps or something on ZTE Z9 MINI???

    Z9 Mini just got delivered Has anyone managed to get Google services/Play Store etc installed and running yet?
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    Post Nexus Player

    hobbled by locked bootloaders etc Devices like the Fire TV, Nexus player, Xiaomi TV Box Pro are all great in concept, but locking things down so badly hobbles the device. I sold the Fire Tv I imported. This is why devices like the Tronsmart S89H, Beelink M8 and MX III (2gb version) are all...
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    Post Finally Ipad smoothness : Onda V975M Quad Core 2.0GHz 9.7 Inch Retina Screen

    Onda V975M is desperately in need of a good ROM dev! Yes, he has done a fabulous job with developing and refining ROMs for the AMLogic 8726 dual-core based tablets. If Onda were aware of him and had any sense, they'd gift him a couple of units to play with! Thier current ROM releases are utter...