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    Post Screen on time

    Latest T-Mobile version as of 1/4/2020. WiFi: On whole time. WiFi/Bluetooth Scanning: disabled Display Brightness: Auto (handled by Android), hovers between 15% & 40% Display Refresh: 90hz Screen On Time: Estimated (by Accubattery) after 1 week of use to be approximately 9+ hours. We'll see if...
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    Post OnePlus 7T vs Google Pixel 4 XL

    I loved my Pixel 2XL but opted for the 7T over the 4XL. The camera on the Pixels is killer, especially considering it's using a 2016 sensor. Google's choices for hardware is a bit of a enigma lately .. the Nexus line used to be a budget friendly near-flagship phone with features designed to...
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    Post GCam for Oneplus 7T (15Jun2020)

    True, the Pixel 3/4 use the Sony IMX363 (2016). 7t uses the IMX586 (2018). The thing about the IMX586 is that it is ultra-fine pixel pitch and is then supposed to run it through an algorithm to go from 48 to 12mp (going from 0.8µm pitch to 1.6µm effective). That extra step can lead to issues if...
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    Post Is the T-Mobile OP7T (HD1907) screwed because of the locked bootloader?

    Know of any disadvantages to switching to the US Global version of the OS? Seems like those are being updated faster than the T-Mobile versions.
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    Post [GUIDE] How to Root OnePlus 7T without TWRP

    Do you know if the T-Mobile variant is the US Global with the T-Mo apps? I have HD63CB (Tmo), would rather be on the official Oxygen OS branch if possible (I don't like carrier ROMs).
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    Post [KERNEL] Stock Kernel + SafetyNet Patch

    I flashed the latest one you had up on the 5th and it worked fine for me. Flashed with the fastboot flash boot file.img with no issue. SafetyNet is good, no issues with it at all. Just for reference, I'm running a Magisk installed 8.1 stock build with all current security patches.
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock/Flash/Root for the Pixel 2 XL (taimen)

    I had a helluva a time trying to get Magisk to work with TWRP. I don't have TWRP installed, just booting to it with the flashboot command as mentioned in OP. When I did the method to install Magisk via zip, it'd go fine. It'd be installed and show installed, but it would not be able to install...
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    Post Potential great news for Verizon Pixel 2 XL owners regarding bootloader!

    Add another to the YES list. RMA'd via Verizon Chat yesterday, phone arrived this morning. Labeled as Nov 20th, looks brand new with no sim installed. Turned on, logged in, and hit OEM Unlocking. Got a unlocked one. Came from Ft. Worth, Tx.
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    Post Potential great news for Verizon Pixel 2 XL owners regarding bootloader!

    My theory is a mixture of the other theories. That there's likely a database that VZW maintains with the IMEI's of their phones. I'd guess the Fort Worth location is a Google RMA distributor. They're possibly dropshipping the phone on Verizon's behalf and some where along the line, Verizon is...
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    Post Temp Root Bounty for Verizon Variants

    Just to follow up in case other people try this, I so far haven't gotten it to work. I exchanged mine (screen issues) at a Verizon store (within 14day window), removed SIM before powering it on. OEM-unlocking was grayed out (no VZW apps present, so it doesn't appear to have been booted). It does...
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    Post Temp Root Bounty for Verizon Variants

    Did you do the warranty exchange through Google directly or did you go through Verizon to do it?
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    Post Latest batch of Pixel 2 XL's still have screen issues

    I bought one at a Verizon store, received this: Manufacture date: November 24, 2017 Shipped from factory: November 25, 2017 I don't see any screen retention issues ("burn-in"), yet. No graininess. I do have a blue hue at angles that are not severe. If I'm starring at the screen dead-on and give...
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    Post [VERIZON] Pixel 2XL Bootloader unlock discussion

    Same here, if there's anything you need from mine I can provide it. I'm currently still running the 8.0 build. I did read an article earlier about the Pixel 2 grayed-out OEM Unlocking "bug" that affected Google version phones last month. That was fixed remotely (backend) by Google without an...
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    Post Here's how I ROOTED Nougat on my S7 Edge G935T

    I've had the opposite reaction with LSpeeds. Once I got them tweaked correctly, all lag disappeared. But then again, I don't have GovTuner installed. So maybe there's a conflict? I'm running just KA, LSpeeds, Greenify, and Luxe. Performance and battery life has improved tremendously since doing...
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    Post Here's how I ROOTED Nougat on my S7 Edge G935T

    Is it an official cable? They'll only heat up when there's serious amperage running through them. Some cheap Chinese USB cables say they're fast charging compliant, but they aren't. I had a lot of issues at first with my TMO. What worked for me was restarting from zero. I flashed a complete...
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    Post Here's how I ROOTED Nougat on my S7 Edge G935T

    Been taking this for a test drive. Still unsure on battery life. I've noticed that "Android System" is right up there with screen, so there appears to be some form of wakelock present. I lost 12% overnight (seems high) and I'm down from 88% to 28% (-60%) in the past 4 hours. About 2.5hrs screen...
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    Post New T-Mobile Firmware Out. --> G930TUVU4PK1

    If anyone else can confirm that? You could then send a message to the PDANet app team and maybe they'll work in a workaround of some sort.
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    Post I believe the last tmobile OTA update broke my 4G/LTE, questions inside.

    This happened to my dad's S7 as well. Was working fine after update and then suddenly nothing except wifi.
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    Post New T-Mobile Firmware Out. --> G930TUVU4APIA

    Anyone know if it is possible to flash this to a Verizon 930VA S7? Do I need to check for a certain bootloader version? I switched carriers. I'm currently on the Echoe multi-carrier ROM.
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    Post Burn-In

    I've had it since day one. Mine goes away, does yours? If it very slowly fades away, then it's not burn-in but more likely image retention. For me, it happens at all brightness levels.
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    Post Gear Fit 2 Easter Egg

    It's for the service menu. You can use a variety of codes and get to the bootloader. There's also a test app that allows you to test all the sensors/screen individually. I have a reply on here somewhere that lists the codes.
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    Post Gear fit 2 software update

    FW: BPG3 There's an outdoor mode, may have been there before (didn't notice it). I didn't read the changelog that popped up. I know they're supposed to push an update that puts in a tweaked Stairs algorithm. Not sure if this one has it or not. I'll test it at the gym shortly and see if they...
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    Post hello Samsung, still none apps for Fit 2, when?

    Yeah, they clearly outsource their CS it seems. Trying to report a bug on the official forums gets you a "read the manual" canned reply and then a "are you sure you're wearing it correctly" canned reply, despite giving them every ounce of testing info to fix the bug, all they have to do is pass...
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    Post Sideloading apps on gear fit 2 ?

    Not sure if it's possible, but if you go into Settings > Gear Info > About Device and tap 5 times on the software version you get a prompt for a PIN code on a blue keyboard - maybe you can enable addition debug features there? I assume this is for entering service codes, haven't tried any known...
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    Post Standby drain

    Any luck with that? My phone has been a bit wonky. Phone Idle has always been a top 2 drainer, even when I'm on it a lot. If I plug the phone into a standard (normal) USB, it'll only charge to 83%-ish overnight. Have to plug into a fast charger to get the full 100%.
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    Post Gear fit 2 review

    Here's my quick and dirty review so far. My prior devices: Fitbit, Polar Loop, Garmin Vivosmart, Garmin VSHR, Microsoft Band 2 Hardware: Very nice design. Well put together (doesn't feel cheap), screen is gorgeous. Band is comfortable and I don't even realize I'm wearing it. Waterproofing is...
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    Post Gear Fit2: incorrect calories calculation

    I take that second part to mean that they are aware of the calorie counting bug? I really wish Samsung would take a page out of Fitbit/Microsoft's book and get a user voice forum. It really helps them get valuable feedback. From what I can tell, there's not even a way to submit a bug report...
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    Post Gear Fit2: incorrect calories calculation

    Yes, the calorie algo seems to be buggered. I used the watch for a 55min skate last night. Usually get 650-750cals during that. It reported an average of 138bpm. Total calories burned, 36. 36. I think the calorie burning algo in general is just messed up. Looking at my logs since I got the...
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    Post Giving up on glass screen protectors for the G5.

    Not the only one, my PET screen protectors don't seem to stay adhered for more than a week. Kinda annoying. Checking Amazon reviews, there seems to be a lot of these issues.
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    Post Root and TWRP achieved

    Don't think you'd lose your JUMP ability. I've done it with rooted phones before and it wasn't an issue.
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    Post Cracked Camera Lens Cover

    Same boat here. I've never ever broken that glass on a phone. I picked up my phone today to see that it was shattered. Mind you, my phone has always been in a case. Seems they're using too thin of glass for this part.
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    Post Screen burn in

    I didn't have this problem with my LG G4 or Samsung S5. It's one of the reasons why I think it might just be a defective screen in my G5. I might try and warranty it to see if there's a difference. I could understand ghosting if I was running it at 100% brightness. But I never go above 43%.
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    Post Screen burn in

    Yes, it's image retention, as you can clear it. But it's annoying, as mine only has to be on for a few minutes before it starts ghosting the white portions. For example, if I'm browsing Chrome for about 10 minutes, I'll get the Chrome address bar ghost-retained over everything.
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    Post Screen burn in

    I'm getting bad burn in now on my G5 as well, didn't exhibit this behavior for the first week - both navbar and notification bar. I'm thinking we may have faulty screens, as all my prior phones took at least a year to get to a point where they exhibit this behavior. I don't leave my device...
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    Post LG G5 Battery and Cradle Bundle Promotion

    Figured I'd follow up with this: Submitted CAM and Batteries on 4/7/2016, as of 4/18/2016 - I am still in "check back soon" (comments) with pending status. Looks like it may take 2-3 weeks for them to approve these.
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    Post Battery life

    So I'm not the only one with really high "phone idle". Haven't been able to track that one down. I even disabled the Always-On screen just in case it was related. I also get significant (like half the battery in 7hrs) drain from Google Maps. I left my phone unplugged over night and it ate...
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    Post Genisys Rom 4.9 & Genisys Theme 4.3 [TM H811] [V20R MM] [12.March.2017]

    Might give this a spin. Can anyone confirm that switching the DPI doesn't mess with word/PDF viewers? On my current ROM, I can't read PDF's because they are zoomed into the corner and can't be in zoomed/panned horizontally. But I also can't stand the default LG G4 DPI (640? I think).
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    Post [ROM] G4 H811 20q xTreme ROM v4.2 1/11/2017

    Yeah, I did that with quite a few sound files (about 10 that looked like they could be even related to the camera). I renamed the entire UI directory so there was no UI sounds and I still get the shutter sound. My guess is they've taken an extra step to move this sound file somewhere. I also...
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    Post [ROM] G4 H811 20q xTreme ROM v4.2 1/11/2017

    Searched, but couldn't find an answer. Anyone know how to disable the shutter sound? I tried renaming the sound files but that didn't do it.
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    Post Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Wifi Issues

    Have you tried to reflash the latest modem? I've seen these issues before with a bad modem driver. Otherwise it might be hardware. What modem and Android build do you currently have?
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    Post [ROM] G4 H811 20q xTreme ROM v4.2 1/11/2017

    Yeah, I went into T-Mo because of if and they told me the same thing. I flashed this ROM on Thursday and started experiencing that behavior. So at first I thought it was the ROM until I swung by TMo just to check. There was still an outage as of last night. So that's three days for me here in...
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    I can report that I have the camera issue on 9.6, it showed up awhile after the initial flash. Haven't put 9.7 on yet, so when I do I'll report back to say if it fixed the issue or not.
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    Quick follow up now that I'm a few days in. So far so good, no slow downs or hardlocks. Snappy as ever. Getting great battery life with WiFi & Bluetooth always on. Currently have 70% left with 12hrs of usage so far (98minutes of screen on / internet browsing). I do have the LSpeed WiFi fix and...
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    Just a quick 9.6 feedback review. I came from v9 ( I don't like reconfiguring my apps ) and did a fresh install. So far it's definitely a lot quicker. I haven't had the pause issues (where I had to pull battery because it bogged down so much) and it feels snappy. Haven't had any issues with the...
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    For those with battery issues, make sure you're doing a clean install. I've had issues with dirty flashes in the past causing excessive battery drain. Additionally, besides the LSpeed tweak, you could try Amplify. It was originally designed as a fix for the stupid Play Store Location drain...
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow | [12/27/2015]+Nightlies

    Out of curiosity, does CM13 have the bluetooth audio issues of CM12? The bug(s) that would cause bluetooth audio streams to skip / cut-out.
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    That's an annoying Android feature. I ended up using AutomateIT to script a max volume fix for when my bluetooth devices connect.
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    Was the RAM fix the build.prop one suggested earlier in this thread or different?
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    Post Area 51 v1 MM (Uploaded)

    If you can, I'd suggest throwing a link in the OP to the tool's thread/post.
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    Post [ROM] [Official & Nightlies] [BlissPop 6.01] 6/8 - [KLTE-SPR-DV-USC]

    Been using this as a daily driver for a week now. Smoothest ROM I've had in a long time. Only issues I've had are what others have mentioned. + Android Keyboard randomly FC's (once a day or so) + Chrome blank screen issue. + Occasionally the AOSP keyboard gets goofy where it'll start doing auto...