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  1. turilo

    Post [APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notifications for android!

    Will give this a go on the Z fold 4. Thanks OP
  2. turilo

    Post General Vivo X Fold: tips and tricks

    Ah so it is the issue regarding third party messaging apps. I noticed it does work with the default messaging app but not with Google messaging. Man that sucks! This being my first Vivo device, curious if these can be bootloader unlocked and rooted? I do see the oem unlock option in developer...
  3. turilo

    Post General Vivo X Fold: tips and tricks

    I purchased this device also, so far the build quality and specs are amazing! As for the UI it could be better, or I am just not used to it as this is my first Vivo device. One big issue I am having is I can not send MMS messages, APN is all correct by default even reset the APN and I have...
  4. turilo

    Post Question Questions about Vivo and OriginOS

    Well after reading all these good and more bad concerns with the Vivo X Fold, sounds like a big pass for me here in Canada. I almost grabbed one, close call! Thanks for all the info
  5. turilo

    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    I'll have to try all this out on my useless 4k Firestick. It's the second gen early 2020 I believe. I'm assuming it being on latest updates wouldn't matter
  6. turilo

    Post your device loaded different system please Please help

    I have vendor hw/eu via fastboot i am assuming thats C432? Also my issue is Hisuite itself updated my mate 20 X to something it wasnt supposed to be and have these problems
  7. turilo

    Post Firmware Emui 10/9.1 for L29/AL00 Dload Method

    vendorcountry: hw/eu L29 i am assuming that is C185?
  8. turilo

    Post your device loaded different system please Please help

    I'm having same type of issue that Hisuite has caused. I purchased the Mate 20 X from someone which is supposed to be l29 global. Hisuite told me I had an update, did it and now get your device loaded different OS. I feel I just lost $700 Im not even sure what my vendor is on this as it happen...
  9. turilo

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 & LineageOS 15.1

    I'm getting error 7 flashing latest 14.1 on original nvidia shield using latest twrp Any ideas?
  10. turilo

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 & LineageOS 15.1

    Ok so I purchased an original Nvidia Shield tablet, first gen. One with the stylus 16gb wifi. Not the K1 model. It actually came with CyanogenMod version 13.0 build v5.1 by Temasek. 6.0.1 MM Also has TWRP v3.0.0-0 Ive been out of the scene for a while, can I flash the 14.1 version here overtop...
  11. turilo

    Post [APP][5.0+][FREE]Maki: Facebook, Twitter & more socials in one app

    I paid for Maki plus within the app here from XDA Labs. The payment went thru and then I got a pop-up saying payment cancelled pop-up in red in Maki itself. I see nothing cancelled from my account and still paid and still have ads! Please fix this as I did pay for pro
  12. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    OK well that's good to know if I ever decide to leave. 120 yea those features are also on. 120
  13. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    Everyone updated on AL00 non globalized experience notifications issues while device is asleep?
  14. turilo

    Post Resurrection Remix 7.0

    No focus issues with rr camera but yes it does not save to memory card unfortunately
  15. turilo

    Post [Kirin] Huawei Camera for Android P

    Is it possible to update the camera to latest ai version etc?
  16. turilo

    Post Resurrection Remix 7.0

    Nothing wrong with the camera on RR, just wish it was the updated version with supermacro etc
  17. turilo

    Post Resurrection Remix 7.0

    Updated camera would be best in New build
  18. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    does anyone know if they are on globalized and use emui flasher to update to .129 will they lose twrp and globalized?
  19. turilo

    Post Working: Magisk with Google Pay as of gms 17.1.22 on Pie

    This method still working also on Huawei devices?
  20. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    Are you Globalized on your AL00? When you updated to. 129 with EMUI flasher did it overwrite the globalization mod?
  21. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    When you flashed .129 via emui flasher did you lose globalized?
  22. turilo

    Post New update

    I thought latest AL00 update was .131 i unfortunately will stay on .120 as I dont want to lose write access with TWRP as i need it globalized.
  23. turilo

    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Anyone still experiencing the camera focus bug on Omni rom beta 5?
  24. turilo

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    Anyone rooted on can possibly zip up their HWCamera2 folder in system/priv-app and upload, that would be greatly appreciated please. Thanks!
  25. turilo

    Post [ROM][9.0] Android Open Source Illusion Project [OFFICIAL]

    Well I flashed this on my Mate 20 X and so far everything seems good, only thing is its asking to format the NM Nano Memory card in the device. There NM Nano Memory card support can be added or?
  26. turilo

    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.7.3.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    Currently on a Huawei Mate 20 X AL00, been using BubbleUpnp since released with paid license. Currently on latest beta that mentions a fix for Huawei devices losing connection when in sleep mode. Seems the issue is still there. I've never had the issue on earlier builds maybe few months back. I...
  27. turilo

    Post [App][Samsung][Android 9.0+] OneUI Tuner

    I'm assuming this is only for Samsung devices?
  28. turilo

    Post [ROM][AL00][5/9/19] Mate 20 X GlobAL00ized 2.2 (EMUI 9.1 fw 120) [Debloated|DeOdex]

    Does anyone have latest stock recovery,erecovery and magisk patched recovery for AL00 9.1? thanks
  29. turilo

    Post [APP][5.0+] AIO Launcher - All you need on single home screen

    Just purchased the full version of your AIO launcher from the Play store. So far I'm quite impressed! I noticed the mail option once allowed permission still does not populate on the launcher? I have Huawei Mate 20 X. Also, is there a way to add or remove some of the selections on the screen...
  30. turilo

    Post Resurrection Remix 7.0

    The default camera is baked in the rom, pictures look just as the would on EMUI.
  31. turilo

    Post Resurrection Remix 7.0

    As one of the testers I can say Resurrection Remix by OldDroid is running fantastic already! Excellent work on it sir :good:
  32. turilo

    Post Help! What wireless earbuds should I buy for this phone?

    Any updates on the buds with the mate 20 X?
  33. turilo

    Post Help! What wireless earbuds should I buy for this phone?

    Has anyone tried the new Galaxy Buds with the Mate 20 X? Heard they're great wireless buds
  34. turilo

    Post Remove PowerGenie to allow background apps to receive push notifications

    Hmm this thread got me curious if this would work on the Mate 20 X. I'll give it a go either way.
  35. turilo

    Post Mate 20 X EVR-AL00 Debloat via Flashable ZIP

    Looks like this didn't get to far because of the 195 update?
  36. turilo

    Post [Guide] Mate 20 X root is here

    What! Wow that's nuts! Me and a few others recieved it within the hour. Code worked fine..
  37. turilo

    Post [Guide] Mate 20 X root is here

    Go here for the 22usd unlock took less than an hour for me to get my AL00 code
  38. turilo

    Post [Guide] Mate 20 X root is here

    All Mate 20 X users can now rejoice with root! Working perfectly here on AL00 20 X. Thank you freeza :good:
  39. turilo

    Post Kangvip ROMs

    Kernel source has already been released yes
  40. turilo

    Post Can we root

    Oh I'm sure it will come, just need a bit more patience :good:
  41. turilo

    Post [TOOL][OP6] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    Any chance of adding support for the Huawei Mate 20 X?
  42. turilo

    Post News ! EVR-L29 coming soon

    antiochasylum it's been quite some time how you been m8? Hopefully we'll see your skills done on the Mate 20 X! Do you have the global or Chinese? Not that it matters since now both have unlocked bootloaders capabilities. Good things coming soon hopefully on these powerful devices
  43. turilo

    Post (Guide) Mate 20 X Chinese version for use outside of China

    Have no issues like this on my Chinese variant. Battery is best I've ever seen and speakers are loud and good base to it. Not sure what is glitching for you but haven't run into anything lagging or glitching
  44. turilo

    Post (Guide) Mate 20 X Chinese version for use outside of China

    Yea I contacted them and they deleted the tweet as their method of rebranding doesn't work. So yea scrap that now...
  45. turilo

    Post (Guide) Mate 20 X Chinese version for use outside of China

    In case anyone interested in possibly rebranding Check out funkyHuawei’s Tweet:
  46. turilo

    Post Kangvip ROMs

    I'm almost positive that may be for the Mate 20 or honor 10. Good thing is kernel source dropped for the Mate 20 X :good: