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  1. captain_howdy

    Post [MOD][XPOSED][NEW] Grindr Plus

    I just tried this workaround and it seems to not be working for me. When I log into the Grindr app it just brings me to a black screen that says Terms of Service on the top but nothing to click forward from there.
  2. captain_howdy

    Post Question Pixel 7 can't pass safetynet

    I owe you a huge thank you! This solved my problem fully!
  3. captain_howdy

    Thread Question Pixel 7 can't pass safetynet

    Hello, I have an unlocked, rooted Pixel 7, Android 13 panther. My device is rooted, and the bootloader is unlocked. I have Magisk 25.2 installed with Zygisk and enforce denylist active. I cannot seem to get my device to pass SafetyNet. I use YASNAC and am continually getting a CTS profile...
  4. captain_howdy

    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    I didn't see an answer to this anywhere, and I am having a hard time finding the specific answer, but can anyone tell me how I can tell if I have the global, tmobile, or EU version currently on my device? I went through some challenges when initially rooting my Oneplus 9 TMO device, and for...
  5. captain_howdy

    Post General Oneplus 9 and / 9 Pro TWRP

    I was going to try installing TWRP to recovery on my rooted OnePlus 9. I boot to the bootloader first then attempt to boot to my TWRP.img file but I end up with a Qualcomm crash dump. Does anyone know what the cause may be of this?
  6. captain_howdy

    Thread Question Hard Bricked device

    I hard bricked my phone while attempting to convert my device to global. I have never seen a device this dead though, it won't attempt to boot, it gives no vibration when chargers are plugged in, holding the power and volume keys for extended times does absolutely nothing, the device acts like...
  7. captain_howdy

    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    I am trying to convert my (sim and bootloader unlocked, t-mobile variant oneplus 9 to the global variant but I have a question that is giving me pause before moving forward. This guide links to download Global but my phone is currently on Android version 12. I don't see any follow-up...
  8. captain_howdy

    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    Trying to get this to work for my TMob oneplus 9 that is bootloader and sim unlocked. I reboot into bootloader mode and it doesn't appear that this tool connecting. I don't see a device listed on the first line, when I just hit start, nothing happens. I have updated usb, adb, fastboot...
  9. captain_howdy

    Post Question Tmobile oneplus 9 sim unlock

    I have managed to get a T-mobile employee to provide me with a temporary sim unlock code, it works for 30 days and I have to renew it every 30 days. I am wondering, with this code, will I be able to use it to request the unlock code from OnePlus's website, root my phone and maintain root status...
  10. captain_howdy

    Post Development ONE PLUS 9 EU MSM TOOL TESTED

    Would this work on a Oneplus 9 5G LE2117 that has the bootloader unlocked? My device is buggy and I would love to even just switch to a new Mod. I had luck unlocking the bootloader, flashing a non-lockdown version of Oxygen, and rooting the device. It still shows T-Mobile when it boots of...
  11. captain_howdy

    Post Question Oneplus 9 LE2117 root process(T-Mobile)

    I went ahead and used the boot.img for and it looks like it worked.
  12. captain_howdy

    Post Question Oneplus 9 LE2117 root process(T-Mobile)

    Thanks for the response. I believe that's the last step I have to complete to be done, but that is where I seem to be getting lost. I can't find a boot image for the specific model and software numbers I have. From the threads I have read I think I could use the boot image for software version...
  13. captain_howdy

    Post General T-mobile Stock boot.img

    Does anyone have a link to the boot.img for T-Mobile LE54CB ?
  14. captain_howdy

    Thread Question Oneplus 9 LE2117 root process(T-Mobile)

    With the differences between the EU, Global variants, and software versions listed in the threads I've gone through, I am having trouble finding a guide that I am sure would be applicable to root my Oneplus 9 LE2117 (T-Mobile)(US) My device is SIM unlocked, and the bootloader...
  15. captain_howdy

    Post General OnePlus 9 (T-Mobile) MSM Download Tool

    will this work for software version
  16. captain_howdy

    Post [CLOSED][T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Wow. I just bought this Oneplus 9 about 5 days ago and you just got my sim unlocked with no fuss. Mad props.