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  1. LLStarks

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Enabling Vo5G/VoNR on T-Mobile (plus VoLTE, VoWiFI, video calling for everyone else?)

    Update: Android 13 Beta 2 includes Vo5G for T-Mobile, Metro, and Assurance. The file you want to edit will look similar to this: /data/user_de/0/ Your carrier will likely have a different xml file name...
  2. S

    Thread Question Does T-Mobile allow the bootloader to be unlocked on Pixels?

    I'm trying to decide between Factory Unlocked vs TM subsidized. In general, does TM allow the BL to be unlocked? I know in the past they allowed my OnePlus 7 to be unlocked.
  3. S

    Thread Question Not able to tether via Hotspot?

    I'm upgrading from an old Pixel to the 6 on Sprint (now T-Mobile. On my previous phone, rooted with Magisk I used: settings put global tether_dun_required=0 net.tethering.noprovisioning=true use the hotspot with no problems. Now, I still have the old grandfathered Sprint plan, but I'm on...
  4. U

    Thread Question anyone have issues with T-mobile data?

    Despite me having bars per Android, almost max, I am getting horrible internet/data connection. Can't even browse a website. I tried switching between 5g/LTE and makes no difference unfortunately. Anyone else?
  5. 94b20gsr

    Thread Question Will T-Mobile carry the new Pixels?

    Hoping they do, and there are decent trade-in values as well. This OnePlus 9Pro should cover a majority of a P6P 256gb model to make the transition easy. First time Pixel buyer trying to get off the OnePlus train after 4 models.
  6. R

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Can the T-Mobile Pixel 6 Pro be rooted?

    ...version. The U.S. version of the phone sold in U.S. retailers is the G8VOU version. My question is, is the G8VOU version that comes from T-Mobile able to be unlocked/rooted? Is there that stupid "40 day wait" rule, or is it able to be tinkered with as soon as it's yours in your hands? Thank...
  7. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Google Pixel 6 5G is about to get faster than ever on T-Mobile
  8. J

    Thread Question I hate T-Mobile

    I heard that on XDA someone would be able to make my phone carrier unlocked. Can someone please elaborate?
  9. O

    Thread Question Android Police article news about 5G on T-Mobile At the bottom of the short article it points to a second article about good Feature Drops... Hmm, that service is me and that's good ! Ya !