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    Post Note 9 - Worth Doing A Battery Replacement?

    Interesting - and you have had success with it?
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    Thread Note 9 - Worth Doing A Battery Replacement?

    Hi There, I've had my Note 9 since December 2018 and it has treated me very well. Still does all that I need to do, as fast as I need to do it. One small problem - the battery life is fully shot. Having to charge multiple times a day. I tried a while back to see if Samsung would do this for...
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    Thread [Q] HELP PLEASE!! Unable to install Android 4.4.2

    Hi, thanks in advance. I followed this tutorial, (just google it, since I cannot give a link but it is on the IBtimes website) , to install 4.4.2 on my device, however, I had a problem. When in clock work mode recover, I did all I need to, until I tried to install the operating system, and I...