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    Thread Difference between settings/Factory reset and bootloader/wipe/factory reset?

    good afternoon, A quick question-is there a difference between the two? Meaning, does the bootloader factory reset wipe the phone more than going in to settings and factory resetting from there?
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    Thread [Q] Virtual Tour port or app?

    The Samsung S5 has an option on the camera to perform a 'virtual tour'-taking a series of pictures, pasting them together and create a video as if one where walking through the location. Does anyone know of an app. that may do the same thing if not a port of that ability for the M8?
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    Post google play problem

    You need to reflash Rom, wipe Calvin and cache.
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    Post Enable HTC Music Channel on M7

    Are you sure you typed it up right and, more importantly, saved the file? Whatever you save must be exactly like this: name="support_music_channel">true</item>
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    Post Enable HTC Music Channel on M7

    good to see that you fixed the button issue
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    Thread Enable HTC Music Channel on M7

    Just got an M8 and noticed the HTC music channel on it--basically allows you to run the visualizations along with lyrics to any song you are listening to--be it through music player or Pandora, for example. Daughter has my old M7 and I was wondering if it had the same option, sadly it didn't...
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    Post [ROM] ViperOne 9.0.0 &#9702; Sense 7 | Tweaks, HUB, Themes, Icons, OTAs &#9702; All variants

    adding theme messes up phone I have installed this Rom several Times and every single time I install a theme through twrp, it causes the phone to freeze at the HTC screen and then states, after a while, that several android files have failed . I then have to restart the phone to bootloader...
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    Post APN settings for Verizon S5 on att

    I flashed the phone with the alliance rom, and copied the same APN settings that worked before. But now it doesn't... .. .settings worked with Kitkat rom, don't work with Alliance. Any clues?
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    Thread [Q] Music player with lyrics and visuals?

    That is one of the things I really loved (and miss) from the M7. Is there an app that is similar to the player that the M7 has? Not only does it have the lyrics displayed, but it highlights the lines and gives beautiful visuals in the background. Anything like that?
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    Post APN settings for Verizon S5 on att

    Looks like this did it. Thank you!
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    Post APN settings for Verizon S5 on att operators is greyed out. Not a choice
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    Post APN settings for Verizon S5 on att

    Thank you, I tried the one provided by s5Freak, sent a test mms (with picture), took 10 minutes to send, but it succeeded. Tried it again and it kept trying all night long- will try yours as well XRange. Thank you!
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    Post APN settings for Verizon S5 on att

    I copied this information from a friend's ATT Galaxy S5. not correct, I presume... .. . No, not on Verizon. I have ATT. The S5 is a Verizon phone and using it on ATT. What should the correct apns be?
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    Thread APN settings for Verizon S5 on att

    Got my wife the verizon version of the s5 TO USE ON ATT. Making phone calls and data are working perfectly, however, she is unable to send picture text messages. What should the corect apn settings be? Even though I copied the below from a friend's ATT Galaxy S5, the Multimedia messaging...
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    Post Sliding case bluetooth keyboard for HTC ONE M7

    My case and point...
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    Post Sliding case bluetooth keyboard for HTC ONE M7

    Seeing that nothing has been updated by OP in almost 2 months, may I suggest that this thread be closed? I was really hoping for something to come up, but the false hopes of this thread being put to the top with wishful requests from Jr.'s is totally distressing. Totally.
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    Post Protecting the camera lens without a case.

    More for than just earwax Daughter has an X+ and she did quite a number on the lens. So much, that all of her pictures taken came out ghostly... I pulled out my handy drill, a cotton swab, some toothpaste mixed with a bit of water, and started polishing that sucker. Did that for about 4...
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    Post [Q] HTC One not showing up in Mac or Windows

    Have you tried a different micro usb cable? I have like 5 different cables running around my house and only one allows my phone to be recognized by adb through my pc. Try that.
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    Post [ROM] [Discontinued] Elegancia™ | 26.5.0 | Sense 5.5 | 4.4.2 | myHUB | OTA | HEQS |

    What does your onscreen keyboard look like? The keyboard that is on my phone is not glossy with blue highlights and 'rounded'. It is simply gray and flat. I had version 24 with the 'raised' keyboard--does anyone have a simple gray board? And if you don't, how did you get it to look glossy...
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    Post {Theme} Blackened v2.0 Android4.4 Sense5.5 12/29/13 *Update*

    I tried flashing on Revolution 31.6, gets halfway, then restarts without completing flash...
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 | High Quality & Performance | 7.19.401.30 | 5.0.2

    41.0 only for international m7? Only option I have in Amora installer
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    Post [ROM] [ICS] LiteROM 0.9.0 - Slim - Smooth - Stable

    sudden restarts Is anyone running into issues where the phone will state that it needs to be recharged and then shuts off? The battery is around 70%, yet gives this message. I have charged to 100% then cleared battery stats, stilll same issue.
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    Post [Q] Help - Glide crashes and restarts

    The horizontal lines on the screen sound as if it is an overheating issue. What were you doing before your phone shut off? Are you using the factory charger?
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    Post [ROM][26.03][Sense 5.0][Android 4.2.2] Project Speed v3.0 STABLE [24.03.14]

    compatibility is this rom compatible with AT&T models?
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 8.0 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 2.18.401.2 | Sense 5 Toolbox 2.5

    Yes. At&t...does HBoot version matter? This one is on 1.40. I have never had this much trouble with a phone...and I have the HTC One as well and flashed with no issues... Wait.....doesn't work on att....fantastic.
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 8.0 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 2.18.401.2 | Sense 5 Toolbox 2.5

    stuck at 'quietly brilliant" screen Tried, read, searched, read some more, tried, failed.... Have flashed boot.img several different ways (through download way and through adb), installed rom, and keep getting stuck on the white screen. PC recognizes phone, as HTC sync manager starts up, but...
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    Post [FONTS] Full Flashable Zips

    Believe you me, I too am perplexed...
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    Post [FONTS] Full Flashable Zips

    Android evolution 30.0...
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 | High Quality & Performance | 7.19.401.30 | 5.0.2

    Yep...didn't know PureXaudio was the problem...I did indeed refash, but made the mistake of flashing the zip separately... Still cannit get apm to work though...
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 | High Quality & Performance | 7.19.401.30 | 5.0.2

    Cannot disable lockscreen Even though I have set lock screen to 'none', I still have to slide to unlock. Any ideas? *Ha, found 'no lock' suggestion from previous post in Play store... Can't seem to enable extended power menu though...not looking fir a widget, but by pressing and holding...
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    Post [FONTS] Full Flashable Zips

    Fails to install I'm trying to install from TWRP and regardless what font I use, I get a 'failed' message. Running stock 4.3.
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    Post ASUS TF700T unlock and root JB 4.2.1 stock

    It will appear during the Asus logo loading screen.
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    Post ASUS TF700T unlock and root JB 4.2.1 stock

    Are you sure you have not successfully unlocked it? Turn it off, turn it back on, look in the top left corner for some very small white lettering that read "this device is unlocked"...
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    Post ASUS TF700T unlock and root JB 4.2.1 stock

    "thrown hands up in air"...I have rooted and unlocked many ah things in my life... will give up for now, will try later...
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    Post ASUS TF700T unlock and root JB 4.2.1 stock

    Whatever needs to be enabed has been enabled. It seems i have to run the bat file 4-5 times for it to proceed. Once it does detect the tablet, it continues and ends up with the same message. Rebooting tablet, unplugging then plugging, reloading pc drivers oes nothing.
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    Post ASUS TF700T unlock and root JB 4.2.1 stock

    Protocol Failure Keep getting a protocol failure... rooting phone... *daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * *daemon started successfully* /sustem/bin/sh: /data/local/tmp/pwn: not found cleaning up... rm failed for /data/local/tmp/pwn, No usch file or directory rm failed for...
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    Post Can anyone recommend an adapter to use the micro SIM in other phones?

    I just made my own by taking an old sim card and cutting out the micro sim shape out of it. Then, rounding out as needed for the microsim to fit. Easy fix.
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    Post Trick to help reduce chance for phone damage upon fall

    I once had an old Nokia (you know, the one where snake was the only game). Dropped it, stuck my foot out to catch it and I was hospitalized for 2 days due to multiple foot fractures from the impact.
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    Post DELETED

    Clean install and Samsung keyboard keeps force closing not even allowing me to be able to enter anything to be able to find another keyboard to install.
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    Thread [Q] md5 mismatch

    I was running cm10 and decided to try out Pyrana rom. Tried to restore the nandroid backup and i get the MD5 mismatch error. looked online, adb is what they say us the way to go, supposedly, but when I connect the tablet to my pc, usb connection is nit an option on the tablet. Deleting md5...
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    Post [ROM] [JB4.1.2] Paranoid Android 2.+ built from source

    yes. version 3. still no lights nor feedback.
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    Post [ROM] [JB4.1.2] Paranoid Android 2.+ built from source

    don't seem to have keyboard lights working regardless of room light brightness. No feedback on softkeys? So far really good!
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    Post [Q] Phone keeps losing data connection

    different ROM, same issue so i updated my wife's phone to thegreatergood's literom (version .6), and I'm still having issues with the phone sporadically losing it's data connection. my wife is still able to make phone calls, however, all texting and data remains off. I have to restart the...
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    Thread [Q] Phone keeps losing data connection

    My wife is having issues with her data connection on her phone- The phone aspect of the Captivate Glide works fine, but there are times where she is trying to us data (to check emails..etc..) and phone states she does not have a data connection. Also, her 4g icon disappears from the screen...
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    Post [ROM][GT-P51XX][JB][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 official nightly builds

    Having issue with trebuchet not working. Loaded up fine the first time, as soon as i turned off the screen and turned it back on, just kept getting the 'trebuchet stopped working' message
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    Post I927UCLG9 - "Official" Leak - 4.0.4 ICS

    loaded the from on my wife's phone and had no data. tried going in to set apn, but all settings were greyed out. tried restoring apn settings, but got an error message stating that I had no permission...
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    Post [ROM][07/06/12] i927(r)_2.06.07_OsiMood - Light gets Lighter

    no data connection after flashing Running on ATT 4g...but after flash, I get no data connection. I see mentions of tweaking Von network...but what would be the specs for att, and how would I do this?
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    Post [RECOVERY][GT-P51XX] Official ClockworkMod Recovery (Normal + Touch)

    every time i try and run a nand backup, it fails at the point where the external card's memory is completely filled. it filled up 120megs' then 460 megs then 4.59 gigs...i have a 32 gig card' but i've never had issues with other phones or other tablets update: fails backing up /data after...
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    Post [Kernel] MetalliKernel 10.1 CM9-HWA a6 [150-1380mhz] [384mhz GPU] [7/5 -Feature List]

    Clockworkx... .. ..? 800 posts and i hope i don't get grilled by this question... Clockworkx CM9 is the same as Codework's CM9? *Ducks and covers...*
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    Thread a/v cable adapter what really interests me is the a/v cable adapter...would this be compatible with the GT2?