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    Post FireTV Stick 4K - Write permission on external storage

    ADM still wouldnt let me choose external storage? Is this still possible?
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    Post [APP][FIRETV][NOROOT] Launcher Manager (Change Launcher without Root)

    Is it normal for me to always have to pick "always" upon rebooting my Fire Stick 4K when the boot sequence gets to the point of loading my custom launcher? Or is LM (LMU 1.0.7) supposed to boot straight into my custom launcher? Thank you in advance...
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    Post [APP] Shazam Lite - No region restriction

    Would there be a way to have this app search a recognized song on youtube rather than the shazam website?
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    Post Delete kftv launcher cache? (FS4K)

    So does that adb command delete all of the apps as well? Or just all of the app data? Thank u for the reply btw!
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    Thread Delete kftv launcher cache? (FS4K)

    Is there a way to delete the cache for the default launcher? I dont have root. There is over 900mb of data inside that thing. Thank you in advance, Jason.
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    Thread Is it possible to enable app Accessibility Services?

    FireTV gen 1 rooted on FireOS 5. I need to enable some app accessibility services but haven't been successful in my attempts. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, Jason.
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    Post [Module][3.3.1] QuickSwitch - Quickstep enabler for supported launchers

    I'm confused as to what this does. I'm on a Pixel 3 with Pie and Lawnchair v2. Thanks in advance for clarification.
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    Post [TOOL][PIXEL 3] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is probably a dumb question, but what would be the steps to manually flash the monthly OTA's with this tool and re-root? This tool seems like it may streamline the process... Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Launcher with widget support?

    Any launchers with widget support? Ive got Nova, but since Ive went from FireOS 3 to 5, I can't add new widgets. Im rooted btw. Don't want the Android TV launcher...just a simple launcher with widget support. Thanks in advance!
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    Post [HOWTO] Add /etc/init.d support and enable OTG on boot [ROOT REQUIRED]

    What does this actually do? My FireTV already can read from usb drives.
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) Prerooted Stock Images []

    I've been on rbox's pre-rooted OS5 roms and just updated to have a problem. Is there some new trick to get my unlocked FTV (v1) to boot into Nova launcher and have the home button launch Nova? All I can get from the home button is the stock Amazon launcher. I have xposed and...
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    Post [APP] Exfm - FREE Music Downloader - 320KBPS (SPOTIFY MUSIC QUALITY - 25 June)

    Great app! Can I get the no ads version please? Thank you in advance.
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e Rom For s7

    Yes, selected rw. Phone is rooted, just no SupersSu.
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e Rom For s7

    Can I install SuperSu from the Play Store? Mine is missing. Thanks in advance.
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e Rom For s7

    Supersu is missing for me. Can i just install it from the play store?
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    Thread Help with widgets and wallpaper...?

    I have a rooted FTV1, latest rbox firmware (Fire OS 5), xposed, rbox mods, and Nova Launcher. Ever since upgrading from Fore OS 3, I cannot add widgets from 'HD Widgets' or change wallpaper. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Jason.
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    Post TV Bro: browser for android-based TVs

    I tried it on the Amazon Fire TV. The app loaded and functioned, just couldnt load a webpage with it. After typing in a web address and pressing enter, it would just return to the app homepage. Any suggestions?
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    Post [project] aftv2atv

    Just checking to see if anyone else has this working and anymore progress? I have a rooted FTV1 with Nova. Ive never used the Android TV launcher. Benefits? What works with this setup and what doesnt work? Does the Play store stay usable and autoupdate apps? Do all the settings from the...
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+][Open Source] Fast Search - Instantly search contents of your device!

    Feature Requests: 1. A way to sort results by name or date 2. A way to exclude certain folders from the search Otherwise a great app!!!
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e Rom For s7

    Will Wanam's XtouchWiz module or Firefds Kit work with v2? XTouchWiz - Firefds Kit -
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    Post GUIDE: ROOT, install XPOSED, and UNROOT/returning to stock a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

    Anybody have any idea if the xposed module, Firefds Kit (based off of xtouchwiz) will work on this ROM? Thanks in advance...
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    Post [APP][4.4+] Cast Controller | Watch Webvideos on FireTV/Chromecast (100 FREE COUPONS)

    Same here. I would like to try it. Thank you for your efforts.
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    Post Restart Kodi 'shortcut' and other stuff (solved)

    You can use Terminal Shortcut for that i think. Just create the am kill-all command. You will just open the app and then click the command. Have to be rooted for it to work tho im pretty sure...
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    Thread Restart Kodi 'shortcut' and other stuff (solved)

    If you're like me, Kodi gets hung-up sometimes. If you sideload 'Terminal Shortcut Pro' from the play store, you can create a shortcut icon on the home screen using Nova Launcher (and other launchers I presume) to force-stop Kodi and restart it with one click. You can also use the app to...
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) Prerooted Stock Images []

    Yea, not sure if something is wrong with root, but su works for me (just not the gui), but can't copy/move files to system/priv-app even when changing permissions. Seems something is not exactly right... Sent from my SM-G930V using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [AFTV 1] Got, Got TWRP, Got Xposed. NO GOT Play Store

    I tried the method in the aftvnews guide (and did it step by step just as instructed) and also tried Root Explorer on the go. The Phonesky folder was created, but the Phonesky.apk will not copy to that directory. I even changed the directory to writeable in Root Explorer. Any ideas...?
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) TWRP Recovery

    No, that's what I want to do. Just want to make sure my adb commands are correct.
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) TWRP Recovery

    Can I update twrp like below? adb push C:\bueller-twrp-test8.img /sdcard/ dd if=/data/media/0/bueller-twrp-test8.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery Ive upgraded fo Fire OS5 and fully unlocked, but twrp from the OP is unusable because I have a 720p display.
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) TWRP Recovery

    Just for clarification, how do I flash back to cwm once I've updated to twrp and updated to OS5? I got the blurry screen when I flashed twrp, so I updated to OS5 from twrp using the onscreen ip that I could barely read: adb connect <ip> adb shell su recovery...
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    Post stang5litre Ediition 5.0 OC1 MDK,SS,FF/OC1/OF1

    I'm confused. Do I need to be on an mdk bootloader to flash this rom with flashfire? I'm currently on OF1. Thanks...
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Got the refund and already re-purchased from Amazon. Thanks!
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Any update on the refunds huisinro. I emailed you my Google Play receipt. Will purchase the Amazon version once the refund comes. Thanks.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    The test apk runs out today huisinro. How do those of us who bought it on Google Play continue the use of Youmap?
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    What is the link to the apk if we bought through the playstore? Can we get access to the amazon version so we can get updates like the previous poster said? Thanks.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    How do I get the updated version 1.2. I bought Youmap from the Play Store, which currently has version 2838916, July-31-2015. Amazon has version 1.2 and the trial apk on this thread is version 1.1. Thanks you!
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    Post fire stick kodi smb server without internet connectivity problem.

    I had to add a passwords.xml file to my userdata folder. Create it in Notepad and there doesnt have to be anything inside the file, kodi just needed it there for me for some reason.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Android device cannot find the youmap receiver. Yes, I am rooted.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Ok. I can screen mirror with the official chromecast app from my phone or from chrome on my laptop to my Fire TV's....occasionally. Sometimes it works, but most times it doesn't. But when I disconnect from screen mirroring, so I can use a different app to chromecast to my Fire TV, no...
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    No. Just after a few minutes....but not at exactly the same time.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    My sender does not see youmap, even from the chromecast screen mirroring app.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Yes, Im using my phone as the sender and I lose the ability to connect. It works great when it works, it just stops working after a while until I reboot everything.
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    Post [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    Does the paid version work better than the trial apk? I can cast sometimes to my FireTV, but its flakey. I lose the ability to connect. I have to reboot everything including the router, then it'll work for a little while and then not. Ideas? Thanks in advance
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    Post [App] Cast Receiver app for Android

    I would like a trial also. If it works...will purchase.
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    Post EZ File Explorer over Wired. Is there a way with latest rooted firmware?

    Ok thanks. Yes, I have root and I dont use wifi with FTV. Im not using samba...but that would make sense. Guess we're outa luck with ES and biggie. I like the FTP Server Ultimate setup tho.
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    Post EZ File Explorer over Wired. Is there a way with latest rooted firmware?

    I thought I tried the Lan tab. Will go back and check... In the meantime, I installed 'Ftp Server Ultimate' onto my FTV from the Play Store and set it up to start the ftp server at boot and can connect to extUsb and internal. Works really well. Another note, if u install AndFTP from the Play...
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    Post EZ File Explorer over Wired. Is there a way with latest rooted firmware?

    Same issue. Anyone figured this out yet...?
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    Post [Request] An app to eject flash drive?

    Much easier to have an app that does it than to navigate thru the settings. And better yet, a widget, but couldnt get that to work either.
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    Post [Request] An app to eject flash drive?

    Tried it and couldnt get it to work. Guess I will try it again...
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    Thread [Request] An app to eject flash drive?

    without having to go into Amazon settings and eject it. I've tried a few apps that I had used on my phone, but they don't work on the FTV. Thanks in advance if someone has figured it out, Jason.