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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    You have to flash the recommended firmware and install through adb you can find it on the 1st-2nd post
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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks for the response, I guess I will flash the august one again. I actually installed Xiaomi eu ROM and it was also available so maybe an arrow ROM change. Just as an fyi.... Xiaomi eu is draining my batter way to fast. So today in going back to arrow From this comment "There's no VoLTE or...
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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    Saw that post, but dont want to root my phone... Don't want to go through the hassle of getting the bank apps to work after route. But will check
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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    Im guessing you on the latest build?? Or at least a september build? Im thinking its carrier dependent and gets activated when its available??
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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    Is it activated depending on your carrier? I know mine supports it but it is not on the menu... On previous versions it was available
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    Post Development [ROM] [12.1.0] [alioth/aliothin] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL] [DISCONTINUED]

    First of all thanks for everything love the rom! On the newer arrow updates i cant seem to find VOLTE option, is there a way to enable or check if it is enabled?
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    Post [ROM][12L][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.5 | Omega

    Any reason me too have gotten 2 freezes- reboots. But dont know why
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    Post Note 10 / Note 10 Lite case the same?

    Thank you for the response, I understand the Cámara is different but not the body so thought maybe it would fit doesn't matter if there is space for one more Cámara.
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    Thread Note 10 / Note 10 Lite case the same?

    I have not found an answer yet, does any note 10 case fit the note 10 lite?
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    Post [ROM][9.x][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS v2.8 | [jasmine_sprout/MI A2]

    Have read the forums, latest Havoc March 24. 1. phone only slows charges no fast charge with any of the cables and 3 chargers that i have, anyone with the same problem??? 2. Gcam stock (from play store) doesnt open up, how can i install it?
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    Post Frequency of SD660 stuck in maximum

    I only disabled Chrome and it's been around 5 days with normal frequencies no resets etc.
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    Post Frequency of SD660 stuck in maximum

    I didn't have my fingerprint enable and was still maxing out the CPU and draining battery. It's been 5 days and the CPU now is normal same with battery... All I did was forcestop chrome and, since I can't delete it, i just disabled it. Installed Firefox for now.... Problem solved ;)
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1

    Did someone find out why this happens after flashing the safety net fix it says vendor mismatch , it also happened with the May 15 ROM. Everything works awesome apart from this!!!
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1

    Does any one know how to enable one handed mode witj lineage or know another way to enable. Cant seem to find the option.
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    Post [Solved!] Moto G5 Plus: Hard bricked - recognized as "qhsusb_bulk"

    Rifht, stock ROM can't be installed it has to be de debloated deodexed!
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    Post [ROM][7.0][Stock] Debloated ROM latest with November Patch

    It's working fine with xt1687, no problems at all. I installed Magisk 14 and only the basic verification gets passed but the ctsprofile fails. Any of you had the same problem should I try with Magisk 13.3??? --- fixed with the universal saftey net fix for Magisk 14. Here is the link...
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    Post [Solved!] Moto G5 Plus: Hard bricked - recognized as "qhsusb_bulk"

    Just in case anybody needs this info: I followed the advice to flash blankflash and Addisontopotter and now everything works with the debloated Potter stock ROM. ( The key for blankflash is hold the power+vol, open the file and release quickly... Like everyone says it took me 20 tries until I...
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    Post [Kernel][osprey][merlin] Squid Kernel for Moto G 2015

    Which one do i use for stock MM i read r18 but is that for stock or CM only, I read it works for Marshmallow but no specification..... just installed and just in case r18 worked great and booted on Stock MM 6.0
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    Post [OTA] Moto G 2014 XT1063 v22.21.25 Android Lollipop 5.0.1

    +1 too it cant install even if i dont have twrp recovery and un root,or on stock recovery. id really like the terp recovery file
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    Post [SOLVED] CF ( Chainfire ) Autoroot <waiting for device> problem solved

    inuaqu im on the same page have being getting constant bootloop with this method and i cant get out or get it back to normal. for right now i have just downgraded and installed lolipop but will not root until it is confirmed working
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    Post [REF] Individual CSC Packages [HD VOICE enabled] - CWM flashable for i9300/i9305(T)

    I tpo am looking for the MEXICO IUSACELL CSC if I can help in any way please let me know.
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    Post [CSC] Telcel CSC with/without hd voice working

    Would it be convienient to flash this for a Iusacell network phone. Or would changinf the CSC from another provider like a brazilian one workbetter tan a european CSC. I have yet to find a IUS or UNE CSS file for jb
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    Post [Q] CM9 Continuous home screen scroll??

    ok tahnk you will try those and a friedn also recomended spb shell 3d which changes the interface but can do pretty cool stuff for a price. any way do yyou all know if CM10 for the i9100 has it?
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    Post [Q] CM9 Continuous home screen scroll??

    have searched for it various times and still can find it... apart from launchers any other options?'
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    Thread [Q] CM9 Continuous home screen scroll??

    i installed cm9 a while back for my friend but know she wants the continous or loop home screen scroll that is present on the stock SII rom is there a way to get this without haveing to install anothe rlauncher?? if not is there a way to get a launcher that wont modify so much of the trebuchet...