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    Post Question Where to buy the vivo x80 pro, dimensity 9000

    Where to buy Global version on AliExpress, is it out yet? Or should I just try Chinese version? Last China ROM phone I had, I sold it because notificaitons did not work (no matter what settings I did)
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    Post Accessories Case Pr0n

    AliExpress Case Haul: I'm here to answer questions! I like thin, sleek cases: I don't drop my phone much, so I don't look for very protective cases. That's my perspective. I'll link a few of them, but let me know if anyone want's further pictures or my more detailed thoughts. Can't beat...
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    Post Question Post your pics let's see the camera in action

    Great day out. I am IMPRESSED by this camera. Best phone cam ever I think.
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    Post Question Usb pd 3.0 45w

    I think I'm only getting 18W with my USB PD 65W charger. This is very disappointing.
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    Post Question Usb pd 3.0 45w

    Damn so 45W PD support is a lie? What charger are you using? I'm using off brand USB PD 65W PPS charger. I don't know how fast it's working because Ampere app doesn't work on this phone. CAVO thank's for your support on this issue! It's very helpful. I want my 2x 65W PD chargers to charge this...
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    Post Question Usb pd 3.0 45w

    Thanks! I hope this is true: because like OP I have not been able to get 45W PD charging working either. This was the one feature that swayed me to get this phone too! I do have some highly "off brand" aliexpress 65W USB PD PPS chargers, I was wondering if they weren't working right because my...
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    Post Android auto not working, turn off chat bubbles

    I sold the phone, getting a OnePlus 9 pro.
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    Post Android auto not working, turn off chat bubbles

    Right? I'm probably selling for OnePlus 9 pro. It especially sucks that no native Chinese/Global phones get good 4G or 5G in USA due to no support for band carrier aggregation.
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    Thread Many apps no notifications

    I cannot get any notifications for apps like Venmo and Pushbullet after this update. Previously I had those notifications working. I've been coming as deep as I can in the notification settings, yes autostart, no battery management. Horrible. Between this and Android Auto now not working, I...
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    Post Android auto not working, turn off chat bubbles

    No I'm not getting that popup. First time using AA too it asks if I wanted to use this USB device for AA, I press yes, but still doesn't work.
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    Thread Android auto not working, turn off chat bubbles

    On new update Android Auto is not working. Just a black screen. I tried re-installing the app. Android Auto was previously working for me (but would never launch apps like Spotify and TuneIn radio, had to start on my phone screen) How to turn off the chat bubbles? I am using Textra...
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    Post How's everyone's service with T-Mobile?

    Thanks great find. I didn't know that. It's fairly poor, fairly slow service. Oh well.
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    Post 5G network

    T Mobile Band 41 5G does not work on this phone in USA. Disappointing.
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    Post How's everyone's service with T-Mobile?

    Even though this phone has Band 41, and I'm often in supposedly Band 41 areas, I don't get Band 41 speeds which are said to be 200Mbs+. Anyone else? I just did a speed test with my GF's iphone 12 vs my Mi 10 Ultra. iphone got 91Mbps, Mi 10 Ultra 20Mbps. So the band 41 5G clearly is not...
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    Thread Found a cheap 65W charger

    So chargers for this phone MUST have PPS technology. This one fits the bill. Available for $20 w/ USA plug w/o cable. I bought two of these, can confirm I'm getting about 50W+ charge through Ampere app. A good option if you don't want to slam the phone with 120W all the time...
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    Post Where to buy Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Accessories.

    +1 the official Xiaomi cases and worth the extra $$$ over aftermarket cases. the black carbon and orange one are AWESOME. I got some CENMASO cases as well which are OK, but I keep going back to the official Xiaomi cases. Thank you as well to the folks taking pictures of the USB cables they bought.
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    Post Floating windows from notifications not working

    Same need help too. Messaging apps like Textra, KakaoTalk.
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    Post Anyone have WiFi Calling working ?

    it definitely works but call quality was really bad the one time I tried it
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    Post Screen on time

    Does ampere correctly calculate the incoming amperage when charging? Or should we double what Ampere says?
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    Post 65W USB-PD charging not supported?

    Doesn't have PPS. I guess that's the problem. Thank you.
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    Thread 65W USB-PD charging not supported?

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that basically all quickcharge standards are supported on this phone. I bought 2x 65W USB-PD chargers, and new 5A USB cables. I'm only getting about 18W when measured with Ampere. What gives? I have only tried it once, I'll give it another go once I drain the...
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    Post Third party launcher being blocked

    How the heck are you guys typing with 3rd party launcher? Third party launcher seems to force removal of the bottom gesture bar. When this happens, then when typing on the keyboard, the space button for example is directly touching the bottom of the device, and it becomes hard to use the space...
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    Post Mi 10 Ultra SafetyNet?

    I'm not seeing Netflix. I see Amazon and Hulu. Just got the phone tonight.
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    Post Are You Getting the "Ultra" or Planning to Buy? Pre-Order?

    Just ordered 8GB 256GB Transparent from Liaow (I am in USA). I asked and he also sold me 2x official genuine cases for $22 each (separate paypal transaction). I haven't gotten a new phone since Mate 20X in January 2020, I am very excited.
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    Post Camera comparison Oneplus 8 Pro vs. Huawei P30 Pro

    Thank you for this. I'm impressed! Some reviewers are not getting good photos, but you proved that OP8 is doing very well!!
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 X (EVR-L29) EMUI 9.1

    Doesn't work. Stuck on .207
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 X (EVR-L29) EMUI 9.1

    Does anyone know why updates are shut down in geographic USA, unless you have a "International" SIM card? WTF is up with this ****? What is cheapest SIM Card on ebay I can use, please someone link me
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 X (EVR-L29) EMUI 9.1

    This is a joke, stuck on .207 in USA like the rest of you. Do we really think the phone will get EMUI 10, when we can't even get 9.1? This is my last Huawei phone, update situation is pathetic.
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    Post Wifi unable to turn on after wake up from deepsleep.

    This is the issue! If you switch the setting to "always on", there is no problem. So yeah I am having the same problem, very annoying. "wifi only on when plugged in" is broken, and then wifi settings keep crashing!
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    Post Very happy with my Mi Max 2

    Same with me, I think the phone can only read FAT32 or whatever, SD card works fine but only after phone re-formats.
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    Post Lost 3g!

    Never mind, it was the area I was spending the weekend, must be having some trouble there because it's back on H+. Mods please close!
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    Thread Lost 3g!

    Hello! I have been using this phone for a few weeks now on Metro PCS in the PA/NJ area, solid enough H and H+ data for my needs. But now all of a sudden I am stuck on 2g! (EDGE). I have tried all day with APN settings, and what not, but it cannot see the MetroPCS 3G network, only the 2G...
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    Post [BOUNTY] Verizon Note 4 Root. - Who's in

    Pledge posted, thank you
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    Post [BOUNTY] Verizon Note 4 Root. - Who's in

    How do I pay, I think I pledged way back when?? Thanks!
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    Post Phone idle draining battery.

    I am getting big time phone drain and I don't even have a SIM card in yet. Battery graph says the phone is awake the whole time. I had black screen gestures enabled but I'm gonna try to disable those.
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    Post Android 5.1.1 is here (according to website)

    Can't believe how much faster general use is, opening apps, switching between apps, etc. Cannot believe what 5.0 did to this phone. And 5.0 was supposed to have "project volta" for battery live, new filesystem for speed, wtf happened?
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    Post Android 5.1.1 is here (according to website)

    Love how the screen turns on from wake up! Nice smooth animation.
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    Post Official Battery Life Thread

    Battery life, reception, and phone speed (lag) has all gotten MUCH worse since upgrading to lollipop. Reception is so so bad, worse than any other phone I have every had. I barely every get LTE anymore.
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    Post FINALLY!!! Lollipop is here!!!

    Not that I can see.
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    Post FINALLY!!! Lollipop is here!!!

    Terrible battery so far. With light usage, I'm losing 20% in 4 hours, it took me 12 hours with light usage previously to lose 20%. Very unhappy.
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    Post Tri state area...dropping to 3g today?

    Nothing out of the ordinary for me near Trenton NJ. You back to normal OP?
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    Post Why can't Samsung make Touchwiz smooth?

    I do have to say though, there are 3 key improvements with "lag" compares to my Note 2 (always had custom roms/kernels). Faster wake from pressing home button/power button Faster Home button response (both disabling double tap for S Voice Much better response pulling down the notification...
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    Post [BOUNTY] Verizon Note 4 Root. - Who's in

    I'm in for $20. Paypal ready.
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    Post Let's Talk Root!

    Thank you for the work being done to achieve root on our device. There are literally thousands of us wanting and hoping. We know the time and effort it takes. Thank you again.
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    Thread Compression in MMS too high for screenshots?

    I like using the "screen write" feature to seen screenshots with notes/scribbles on them to friends. MMS does strange compression on them though, and the quality is quite poor when sending them. Anyone found any workarounds?
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    Post Why can't Samsung make Touchwiz smooth?

    How do we get Samsung to care about this? I took their survey from the email I got. I focused on speed and performance. How else can we alert Samsung? That people who care about speed and performance should have a voice?
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    Post [BOUNTY] Verizon Note 4 Root. - Who's in

    Well this sucks. I've been rusting custom roms since the OG Droid. I'm sad
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    Post Let's see your Galaxy note 4 Home screens!

    Forgot the most important thing (or did I miss it???) whats the icon pack??