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  1. Jbro129

    Post [APP][TOOL] TeMeFI comprehensive system Administration

    The moment I first saw the error toast I checked to make sure the database files even existed on my device.
  2. Jbro129

    Post [APP][TOOL] TeMeFI comprehensive system Administration

    Thank you for the response. As for your ideas: I selected the 'Use Internal TeMeFI supplied SQLite' and tried again, but now the toast mentioned localappstate.db instead of library.db. I copied both both databases and used the Dynamic DB Query on them. Inside of ownership in library.db I saw...
  3. Jbro129

    Post [APP][TOOL] TeMeFI comprehensive system Administration

    Changed the screenshots to thumbnails. When I say I upgraded recently, I mean I upgraded to Android 12 a few days ago and I've updated a few apps since then. How does TeMeFI use the library.db file? I opened the database in an SQLite editor and saw a whole bunch of info including a lot of...
  4. Jbro129

    Post [APP][TOOL] TeMeFI comprehensive system Administration

    I've encountered a bug. I recently upgraded to Android 12 and I'm trying to detach some apps from the playstore, but TeMeFI is showing a blank app list and gives me an error toast. I've also noticed that Titanium Backup gives me a blank app list as well. That app most likely gets the app list...
  5. Jbro129

    Post [ROM] [R] [ONE UI 3.1] [G988U] [G986U] [G981U]

    Could you add these CSC mods? : - Disable shutter sound menu - AppLock Protection menu - Enable Camera during call - Data usage view on quick panel - Block call number menu <CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu>TRUE</CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu>...
  6. Jbro129

    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.4

    @fOmey have you thought about updating signature spoofing and verification to work with newer android versions by incorporating how does it?
  7. Jbro129

    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.4

    I'd like this too. It would make using Fiddler, Packet Capture, and HttpCanary work without needing to mod the apk. Android 11 support would be great too.
  8. Jbro129

    Post [KERNEL] Semi-Stock Kernel for Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Snapdragon)

    On the download you provided, it said "for the Samsung Galaxy S8(SM-G950F), by Jesse Chan" Will it work on the Galaxy s8 Unlocked (SM-G950U1)?
  9. Jbro129

    Post Current ROOT Progress for G950U/G955U Snapdragon

    I dont know if this means anything but I my device shows this when booting and when i boot to recovery it says upload mode... I said screw it and I flashed a file named "ENG_ROOT_G950U.tar" from a mega link that was mentioned earlier in this thread. Yes I know flashing a random file is dumb, I...
  10. Jbro129

    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Snapdragon)

    Question How do you make TWRP work with a device that cant currently be tested on? An example device would be the SM-G950U Snapdragon, how do you test if you it is not yet possible to install?
  11. Jbro129

    Post Home button problem

    relate Same thing happens to me, home button lags when pressed or it doesn't respond at all.
  12. Jbro129

    Thread [Completed] How to find an android app offsets

    I already found the memory address for an app but I don't know how to find that addresses offsets plz help