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  1. robgee789

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.0-0 for POCO M3 [citrus]

    is this a permenat twrp or do you have to flash it every time you use it?
  2. robgee789

    Post Question Samsung Galaxy A53 performance after update

    feels the same for me too mate
  3. robgee789

    Post General No sound in calls In MIUI 13.0.02 Global

    im getting terrible call quality since updating to miui 13 its completely useless any idea whats causing this?
  4. robgee789

    Post Question Does anyone know why my Redmi Note 10 5G do this?

    this will be my last redmi phone i ever buy or recommend
  5. robgee789

    Post Question Does anyone know why my Redmi Note 10 5G do this?

    My phone has started doing this too, did you find a solution?
  6. robgee789

    Post Question how to get rid of Dm-VERITY corruption on boot

    i had this problem even though i never unlocked my bootloader so i couldnt flash anything to fix it. but when i got the miui 13 update it fixed it for me
  7. robgee789

    Post General [Camellia/Camellian/Any other MTK devices] Bootloader Unlock Exploit Tool

    Do you just flash the vbmeta.img from the first post to do that mate?
  8. robgee789


    Hey guys once I install a gsi rom will I still be able to my banking apps and Google pay?
  9. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    Will that wipe data mate?
  10. robgee789

    Thread Question locked bootloader and corrupt dm-verity

    hey guys ive got ther corrupt dm-verity warning when i reboot my phone and tried to flash the verit.img file in flashboot but it wont because my bootloader is locked, is there a a way around this and if not will i still be able to unlock my bootloader?
  11. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    How do I do this mate?
  12. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    I tried the top 2 ones first and they booted to fastboot then the third one rebooted and said my dm verity was corrupt
  13. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    Ahh ok my bootloader is still locked lol, can I unlock the bootloader with a corrupt dm verity?
  14. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    It keeps booting to fastboot mate now its giving me dm verity corrupt
  15. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    If I do that does my phone still keep miui installed and I can swith between the 2 sets of firmware?
  16. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    I'll try that in the morning. Thanks mate your a star
  17. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    What's the easiest way to do that mate?
  18. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    It happens with my amazfit and zepp app too mate, and no out of ram messages it just closes the app down, I've locked in the security app and disabled miui optimization too
  19. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    If I open a game or chrome or snapchat it shuts down my zepp app and disconnects my watch, it does this with my galaxy watch too using the galaxy wearable app
  20. robgee789

    Post Question miui 13

    Does miui 13 help with the terrible ram management?
  21. robgee789

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][A12.1][E.O.L] PIXEL EXTENDED 4.9 for POCO M3 / Redmi 9T / Redmi 9 Power / Redmi Note 9 4G [juice/chime]

    Hey guys is there a way to install the original stock miui camera on this rom or is there a camera app that let's you use all the lenses?
  22. robgee789

    Post Question Galaxy Watch keeps disconnecting

    Come on guys someone has to know something to try
  23. robgee789

    Post Question Galaxy Watch keeps disconnecting

    any one got any ideas i could try to fix this
  24. robgee789

    Thread Question Galaxy Watch keeps disconnecting

    Hey guys I've got the note 10 5g and a galaxy watch but the watch keeps disconnecting from the phone and I can't seem to find aaay to stop it has anyone else had this issue or know of a way to stop it happening?
  25. robgee789

    Post poco m3 not turning on

    i have tried to flash a couple but every time i try it fails with error 7 and tried the normal fix but it doesnt help. then anything i do in twrp makes the system unmount and then it cant mount again. the only eay to get to get it to boot again is to take the back off and disconnect the battery...
  26. robgee789

    Thread poco m3 not turning on

    ok guys i know there are loads of threads about thois but ive got a slightly differen situation. my daughter had this phone and then it suddenly tured off and wouldn't turn back on, i managed to get it to boot by disconnecting the battery and plugging it while holding the power down and...
  27. robgee789

    Post [Help Thread][Fire HD 8 and HD 10](7th Gen/2017) Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    hey guys i have the fire hd 10 9th gen, whats the best format to use for the sd card as portable storage?
  28. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    hey guys should we redo the mods after a while as the toolbox gets updated or is it not worth it?
  29. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    hey guys i used v10 of this awesome tool to make my fire hd10 more stock, is it worth updating the toolbox and redoing everthing?
  30. robgee789

    Thread ADB working but Fastboot is not

    hey guys its been a while since i messed arounfd with my mi a1 and it running the pixel experience rom (android 9) but im trying to update to a new rom but i cant get fastboot working on my new laptop, adb works perfect but nothing i do can get fastboot to even recognise the device. any ideas...
  31. robgee789

    Post Ads not working

    Hey guys anyone got any ideas how to fix this please?
  32. robgee789

    Post Ads not working

    Yes mate I installed the play store then I used the toolbox to remove the amazon stuff, should I use the toolbox to install the Google stuff?
  33. robgee789

    Thread Ads not working

    Hey guys, I know this might seem that i actually want ads but hear me out lol. my son has a fire hd 8+ and i used the toolbox to make it more stock android, but he is playing games like sushi roll 3d and he cant get any ads to load so he can unlock things in the game, is there a way to fix this?
  34. robgee789

    Post Low volume

    cheers mate but i have done that but the problem was the seris i was watching had really low volume, it was ok with wired headphones though but everything else seems fine
  35. robgee789

    Thread Low volume

    Hey guys is there a way to boost the volume when using Bluetooth headphones and speakers? The volume is fine with the tablets speakers and wired headphones bug Bluetooth is really quiet.
  36. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    Again mate your a legend 👍👍
  37. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    Does anyone know how to install prime video after amazon stuff is removed?
  38. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    Just used this too on my fire hd 10 and in 5 min stock android this tool couldn't get any easier, awesome job mate
  39. robgee789

    Post [ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS for ZE520KL / ZE552KL

    You need to flash twrp fist mate then use that to flash the rom
  40. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    Do you still receive updates on your tablet after using this tool or will the updates cause any issues?
  41. robgee789

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V30.2

    Hey guys once this tool is just to make the fire tablet a normal android tab will it still receive updates from amazon?
  42. robgee789

    Post Firmware recall Android 10 samsung A70

    yeah its worse lol and not sure how much hassle it is t roll back
  43. robgee789

    Post Firmware recall Android 10 samsung A70

    no but its just rubbish ive tried to re add my fingerprint loads of time and its finally working ok, not great but ok
  44. robgee789

    Thread bluetooth volume

    hey guys i updated to android 10 and now the volume on all my bluetooth devices is very low i went into devloper settings and checked the absolute volume and then rebooted and that worked yesterday but now its quiet again, any ideas on a fix?
  45. robgee789

    Post Firmware recall Android 10 samsung A70

    Ffs I downloaded it but mi e isn't too bad just rubbish finger print reader
  46. robgee789

    Post [GCam mods] [6, 7] [A70] || Config Files || Night Sight || October 8, 2019

    Hey guys has anyone tested which is best after the android 10 update?