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    Post Question Pixel 6 Pro 5005 mAh vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max 4352 mAh

    I almost went Iphone 13 pro max this gen. Almost. You know why I didn't? No fingerprint sensor. I'm not about to go back to entering my pin every time I want to open my device and masks make face recognition worthless.
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    Post Question So... Who's as excited as I am for this ?

    I have a pro on order but I'm concerned and will be reading reviews carefully. I'm sure to get it the 28 to the 3rd. Google has a bad record hardware wise and s new chip is a big deal. There are likely to be some compromises and the videos we've been have been on the ****ty side. Lots to be...
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    Post Question Are you keeping the Pixel Buds?

    I'll sell or gift mine. I had bought a set at release and was not happy with them. They let it far to much noise from the outside and Google's adaptive sound isn't enough. Ended up getting some Bose QC after trying many types. Wife has apple pros she likes. I really wanted to like the...
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    Post Question Has anybody been able to preorder?

    They sent me an email yesterday to order and I went to the site. White was sold out so I ordered a black pro 128gb. Nov 4 delivery. Going to give the buds to my niece for Christmas If the reviews are mediocre I'll cancel. I'm a little dubious of the new chip until it is proven. I'm also...
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    Post AT&T Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G not getting security updates?

    I'm still on July 2020, check for updates and nothing. I tried wiping cache and that didn't change anything. I'm on the unlocked variant. Samsung needs to fix this ****. I'm on cricket
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    Post Already discounted by $200 at Major retailers.

    Telling me it isn't the same model... SM-N986UZKAXAA vs SM-N986UZNAXAA EDIT: Game him the amazon link SM-N986UZKAXAA Edit 2...
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    Post Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no visual voicemail.

    Sorry. I bought my usa unlocked direct from Samsung. I had called the voicemail once because I had a message. Installed it after the fact, not sure if that did anything. I had a similar error as you with a different file, the one further down on that page I originally quoted worked which...
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    Post Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no visual voicemail.

    This is off my device. Delete any other versions and Remove data on your phone app and reboot your device. Install and I hope it works for you Make sure you're not using any third party phone apps or blockers.
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    Post Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no visual voicemail.

    Did you get it figured out? I can try and post the apk if not
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    Post Unlocked Note 20 Ultra no visual voicemail.

    This worked on my note 20. Visible. Thank you!
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    Post Screen on time

    120hz destroys battery life. I switched today to 60hz my battery life is noticeably better. Very large difference
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    Post Got Canary working, can't update build prop?

    I wasn't able to get /system rw which limited options on enabling tether. Adjusting magisk for systemless hosts worked fine for me but I was never able to get tethering working on q. I went back to 9 until things smooth out a bit.
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    Post How to Mount Filesystem as RW From Terminal in Android Q

    Same issue, have not been able to rectify it.
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    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    One thing I've noticed with the device is the rf performance shows poorly in the signal department compared to other devices. However, a big difference is not just the numbers, say -117dBm vs -110 dBm on my s8+ but how the device performs at those numbers. As an example. My s8+barely gets...
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    Post Background processes killing. Is it problematic for you?

    Turn off adaptive battery and on your apps you absolutely want untouched selectDon't optimize under battery > battery optimizations. After doing that I have what is consider a normal experience.
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    Post OP6T users, what adblock combination do you use? Rooted and non root

    I found adguard heavy on the battery, using 15% or so a charge. I moved to rooted and adaway, no regrets. Moved my adguard license to PC.
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    Post Latest update breaks 5 ghz wifi

    No issues with mine on 9.0.11.
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    Post SM-G955U1 Oreo Update Out

    Can anyone confirm if Hotspot remains functional after the update without carrier involvement. Thanks
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    Post [discussion] moderators being excessive

    This is a forum. Expecting people to discuss things and not go off on tangents is like expecting a fat guy and an all you can eat buffet to only eat one french fry. If you have to constantly close threads and clean them there are two problems: 1. You are not removing trouble posters that...
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    Post Current ROOT Progress for G950U/G955U Snapdragon

    There are other devices (including S8 devices with root), if it is important people have choices. Most of those choices have drawbacks and when you can buy a top of the line device for $600 a few months after release it doesn't make a ton of sense to buy an inferior product for nearly the same...
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    Post Current ROOT Progress for G950U/G955U Snapdragon

    Why, it was a simple question. A legit question no less and his points on the photo were 100% valid. Heaven forbid someone asks something the least bit technical that isn't part of the circle jerk. If we can have an entire page about a 1 on the base band with multiple back and forth including...
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    Post Current ROOT Progress for G950U/G955U Snapdragon

    It's been like this for years now so if root was important to you it was the wrong device to buy. The international version roots, USA version don't expect root. Just how it is. I won't scoff at root, enjoy having the options, but with all the non root ad blockers and non root package disable...
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    Post BOUNTY THREAD: Snapdragon USA Variants of S8 and S8+ (G950U/G955U)

    Bounty threads are useless, little ever materializes from those. There is also no PayPal account listed to actually donate that I could find. So no, it isn't done yet nor will the bounty thread do anything except maybe entice some noob that there is this magical several grand waiting for them...
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    Post BOUNTY THREAD: Snapdragon USA Variants of S8 and S8+ (G950U/G955U)

    Interesting, who ever manages to get root going make sure you guys put up a PayPal account so the regular folks without anytime time or enough knowledge can express their thanks.
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    Post can i root my ATT G955USQU1AQC9 ?

    How about save the political BS for some other crap site and not fill up XDA with garbage. No one cares who or why you voted the way you do.
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    Post Nova vs stock

    Going into developer options and cutting the animation speed helps a ton without sieging up the interface
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    Post ?Another s8--s8+ treasure.. Decrease navigation height ?

    Great find thanks for sharing. Works great.
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    Post Bluetooth audio is really bad quality.

    US unlocked, no issues with audio quality over Bluetooth.
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    Post US Unlocked S8 & S8+ Waiting time

    Yeah I walked into best buy and bought one. Then went back 3 days later for the $100 credit from the price drop.
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    Post Did you regret buying the S8+ ?

    I'm not crazy about the waterfall screen but I'm getting used to it. Otherwise I love it. Picked it up for$725 can't go wrong at that price
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    Post 7.1.1

    The curved screen isn't my favorite but it is an obvious thing when buying so before purchasing I made sure I could deal with it. I'm getting used to it but it is a "feature" I probably wouldn't seek out again. Don't stress over a phone. Sell it and get something else if you aren't happy.
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    Post 7.1.1

    Go ahead and grab the pixel. Google has been on a streak with the 6p / 5x / and pixel. So much so class action is getting looked at and people like me were able to return their 6p after 19 months for a full refund. They certainly made it right but I'd prefer a device that works and isn't in...
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    Post free ad blocker app for not rooted?

    DNS66. Just make sure your select all the sources. Works great
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    Post Huge question for owners of the S8+ factory unlocked...

    I've got the USA version, unlocked, no carrier branded and I can activate hotspot without carrier check. I'm on cricket
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    Post update or not to update, that is the question

    If root is important, then skip the updates. Taking them creates risk of not being able to go back. That said, I wouldn't count on the US version getting rooted. If that is important get an international version or stick with the pixel. Thing is, root is getting less and less necessary...
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    Post Who all is buying it?

    Apple is going to sue the balls off them. I'd like to see the front and the price.
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    Post Google Stepped up for me (battery shut off issue)

    Giving me a full refund. Just have to send in both devices. Mod please feel free to merge the two threads I looked on the first page and saw nothing when I posted.
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    Post Google Stepped up for me (battery shut off issue)

    Refurb came in today and what a total POS. Shuts off randomly from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. You can see the battery % getting all crazy from 93% to 73% to 83% then boom off. Going to call google tomorrow to let them know. Stupid thing died half a dozen times between setup and the apps...
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    Post Google Stepped up for me (battery shut off issue)

    Yup, just shuts down. If you try and reboot it is as if you are at 1%. Before shutting down it will show 15% or 30% left on the battery and then boom shutting down.
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    Post Your next phone after the 6p?

    I just got an RMA so I'll likely keep it awhile. Depends on my luck of the draw with the replacement. If it sucks I'll grab the Oneplus 5 or note. I doubt we see removable batteries in any higher end device again. Companies claim design but reality is most of these phones aren't water...
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    Thread Google Stepped up for me (battery shut off issue)

    Had a launch Nexus 6p that I bought from the google store, I never purchase extended warranties and have never needed one since every device I've ever owned since my Treo 650 has lasted well beyond its useful life but was still perfectly functional. Hell, I still have a S3 rocking for my kid...
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    Post [ROM] CortexROM v15.10 [Oct 15, 2017] ► 8.0.0-OPR5-007 ★

    Day in so far, very nice ROM. Thank you for sharing it.
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    Post Nougat battery life

    I'm still getting over an hour and a half more screen time on marshmallow. Glad I reverted back.
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    Post [REBEL] Rebelling from Google's Flagship ( Pixel ).!!!

    I'm passing on pixel and if Google continues to dink around I'll either move to another Android maker or go back to Apple.
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    Post [ROM][Stock+][N4F26O]PixelMod-Debloated-Prerooted-Odex-Busybox-Fast & Stable

    I was able to resolve my wifi issues with a fresh install. Not sure what went wonky on the previous one but good to have wifi seemingly working again properly. When in doubt do a wipe.
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    Post [ROM][Stock+][N4F26O]PixelMod-Debloated-Prerooted-Odex-Busybox-Fast & Stable

    My hotspot works great. My wifi however is terrible. Constantly drops for 20 seconds or so then reconnects.
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    Post [ROM][Stock+][N4F26O]PixelMod-Debloated-Prerooted-Odex-Busybox-Fast & Stable

    Thanks for this. Works great but I'd prefer cookers leave chrome or some browser in the package. It got stuck trying to update play services as I'm out of the country and Google apparently decided that apps will no longer download or update while roaming at all. Regardless of settings or me...