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    Post [ROM][13.0][MIATOLL] Project Elixir [OFFICIAL] [BETA][AOSP]

    Dunno what im doing wrong. Coming from another a12 custom rom. Steps as follows: formatted data by typing yes, flashed latest firmware via OrangeFox fbev2, flashed latest rom. Getting stuck on project elixir boot screen. I am currently going through different MIUI firmwares to see if thats the...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][mido][10] LineageOS 17.0
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Treble][8.1.0_r43] dotOS 2.5[DUI][OMS][mido][14/09/2018]

    Great ROM. I've got it paired with stormguard kernel as well. For some strange reason exkm won't open for me. It gets stuck on checking licence but it really isn't a big deal. Maybe a suggestion for op to include 'format data' in the install instructions section as I see a lot of ppl having...
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    Post [Kernel][Xenial][Mido][08/02/19]

    Hi. Great kernel btw I really like the underclocking on this kernel. I find blu_active to have the best battery consumption. It locks into the 268mhz frequency when cpu loads are minimal or at idle. I found interactive to stay at 422mhz frequency when small loads or idle. If i could make a...
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    Post [Tweak] Interactive Governor Tunables for Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon variant

    has anyone tried the wingoku profile. doesnt say anything that its device specific or i may be reading it wrong. Im using francokernel atm with hawktail profile that comes with FKUpdater. Will report back for SOT and what not
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    Post [ROM][5x][7.1.1] WETA 3.0 [NMF26F][AudioPhile][21st.Dec]

    Anyone else having their camera app crash? Seems to be a common problem but haven't found a solution for it :( otherwise great rom I love the viper cooked into the rom very smooth
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    Post [Guide, Aroma, Magisk] Thermal throttle tweaking

    I'm still having the same dramas with the magisk install with the latest installer. I have grabbed the aroma log but didn't grab the recovery log. Next time I attempt it I'll post the recovery log
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    Atm in using nova prime, GEL and dodol launcher. I've also installed lucky patched and deodexed all my system apps to free up space. I hardly ever use touchwiz anymore I like the fact that I can customize things. I like GEL cause a swipe to the left n u have Google now, but atm I'm using dodol...
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    Does anybody know if u can get replacement tips for the s pen or if the original s pen tips fit our s pens. I don't think the original s pens fit our devices. I think my tip on my s pen is causing a few problems. I use tp calibration to fix the issue but I really do believe it's the tip that is...
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    thanks mate I will give this a try still gotta load cwm on the fone. is there anyway we can load cwm through the rom manager app??
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    thanks bro I will give this a try n yeah will do a nandroid. backuo
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    I will try this out. If there is a way to somehow partition the whole space as internal n phone storage as sd cars that would be awesome. I used lucky patched to odex all system apps n that has helped out a bit but most of my apps I've downloaded I've moved to phone storage. If we can get the sd...
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    Post [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

    different n9006 Hi guys, I got the note 3 clone from Ibaby888 same link as in the op. But with my firmware its unusual. Instead of it saying sm-n9006 in the settings and upon boot up, it says instead sm-n900. So I think the ROM that came with it is for the sm-n900 variant ported for the n9006...