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    Post Question About to buy this phone, any issues?

    I have the ATT variant, A125U. It doesn't seem possible to unlock the bootloader.
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    Post Question Is the SM-A125U different?

    Galaxy firmware has the firmware for this variant. I have the att version and I can't seem to unlock the bootloader. Holding volume up in the download screen does nothing. Any luck?
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    Post Full Emoji Support

    wait, what? disable google voice and re-enable it or what? emoji in gv would be great... :crying:
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    Post [ROM][JB][4.2.2] Vanilla RootBox m7 Sprint *unofficial* [07.21.13]

    Can we upgrade without wiping?
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    Post TP2 good as an internet phone?

    thanks guys, but does anyone have experience with using the built-in SIP/VoiP features in windows mobile? i.e., call someone normally from contacts and it goes through SIP?
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    Thread TP2 good as an internet phone?

    I'm considering getting a TP2 to use as an internet phone, would it be good for me? I plan to use it for (in this order): 1. SIP/VoIP calling over wifi (how convenient is this?) 2. Email (multiple email account support, filters for organization, etc) 3. Media (videos/mp3s/pandora/youtube)...
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    Post !!! HTC TOUCH PRO 2? How much should I pay for it?

    You can get it for $149 from Amazon as well as T-Mobile Business Sales. More info: