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  1. Shuvops

    Post [ROM][OneUI 2.1][A50] SyneXOS v2.0.1 Updated 31|05|2020

    Don't working for me. I am getting bootloop every time. I have tried to reboot manually but it is still stuck in bootlogo. I am using A505f.
  2. Shuvops

    Post [ROM][A12.1][A505FN][UNOFFICIAL] CrDroid 8.9

    Can I flash it on my Samsung A505f device?
  3. Shuvops

    Post SM-A015F/DS warning on boot when having a custom rom installed

    Could you tell me which custom Rom you are using on SM A015F?
  4. Shuvops

    Post galaxy A01 (A015F) custom rom?

    I got the solution. Its for boot unlock!
  5. Shuvops

    Post galaxy A01 (A015F) custom rom?

    Hi there! Bro I have downloaded your clean stock ROM from included link. But I can't flash this .tar file via odin in AP mode. Could you give me some hints about how can i flash this Stock rom in Samsung A015f 2gb 16gb? Thanks in advance!