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    Post Question Semi bricked Poco X4 Pro 5g Need help!

    I was able to miflash working by commenting out the anti rollback checks in the batch scripts. I had other issues due to long folder names. I was able to reflash and recover, thanks again to NOSS8 I really regret not backing stuff up before restarting although i should've before loading a...
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    Post Question Semi bricked Poco X4 Pro 5g Need help!

    Thanks for your reply, could you tell me what has gone wrong with the phone and what i need to do? I've followed the link, the flash tool wont install the drivers and crashes (i have created a log folder which seems to be a common issue but doesn't fix). I've attempted to flash but i receive...
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    Thread Question Semi bricked Poco X4 Pro 5g Need help!

    Hi all, So i've previously unlocked my Poco X4 Pro 5g and rooted it. All was fine until yesterday where i'm now stuck in the booting screen. I have installed every OTA update and i'm running global Xiaomi ROM. I noticed the phone was getting buggy and since it hadn't been restarted in some...
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    Post Question Stuck trying to flash Global ROM to Poco X4 Pro 5G

    Thanks, i'm assuming the stock ROM is from the same link? I've tried using flash_all.bat however the command prompt that runs immediately shuts after executing. I assume its again due to the anti roll back checks. How can i stop this and more importantly is there a risk of bricking if messed...
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    Thread Question Stuck trying to flash Global ROM to Poco X4 Pro 5G

    Hi all, I've unlocked my bootloader, installed the EU ROM and found too much missing for my liking. I was unable to load Gapps due to TWRP issues and I'd like to return back to the global ROM but i'm struggling: 1) I'm not 100% sure I've got the global ROM, I've come across 3x separate links...
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    Thread Buttons unresponsive after Generic.kl

    Hi all, Long story short i changed Generic.kl, mtk-kpd.kl and qwerty.kl and now no buttons work including capacitive buttons! please help me, i have restored factory settings, tried many adb chmod 775, 777, 6xx... but nothing works!
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    Post Trying to return to stock, loosing my hair!

    you're correct, i completely missed the auto collapse walkthru, i followed it and it worked! many thanks, phone is back to stock and OTA's work again!. Thanks for your help!
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    Post Trying to return to stock, loosing my hair!

    Thanks alray for your quick response! im sorry its taken me so long to reply, i finally managed to get the .zip to the phone (pc not speaking to phone) however when i try to install from zip file in TWRP, it begins to flash the first file and then reboots immediately every time. I relocked my...
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    Thread Trying to return to stock, loosing my hair!

    Hi all, So ill try to keep this brief as its long... Im trying to sell my phone, so i want to return it to stock ROM, please tell me how, i used an RUU last time but nothing now seems to work. My phone is the HTC one M7 *** TAMPERED *** *** UNLOCKED *** *** SECURITY (something) ***...
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    Post Sending in for repair question.

    Just got my M7 back from repair due to purple camera tint and severe battery issues. They did install the latest firmware, i forgot which, its lollipop i think (i rooted and ROM'd it asap) and it also has latest hboot :/
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    Thread [Q] Xposed cant get root, other apps can...

    Hey all, I apologise as this is a second thread to the same question but my problem has not been resolved and no one really pays attention to long threads. My HTC has returned from repair with the latest firmware installed, therefore it has the latest hboot meaning i cannot s-off. I believe i...
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    Try greenify and see if it helps with all those wake locks Okay folks, to all those who have disastrous battery life like myself i have found the cause. I re flashed the firmware, clean install, and this time i selected NOT to have certain phone unlock settings. Before i had things like...
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    Post [Q] Root, S-on and installation questions

    Thank you for your replys!, the only reason i mention about S-ON is because ive been through this trouble before, i just cant remember what i did to fix it, i think it was due to it being a HTC my friend said, hence why i have a feeling it could be due to S-ON locking me out of certain parts of...
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    Post [Q] Root, S-on and installation questions

    okay, ive downloaded it and its confirming that i have root access, i have a feeling it could be something to do with s-on...
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    Okay thanks for the recommendation of battery checker, here is one log, im not sure where the previous ones are, its has drained completely almost 3x today! please please please can someone tell me is going on?!
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    I absolutely love this ROM! my favourite one out there! I do have one issue though, the battery is terrible! its draining very quickly and the phone gets hot, even when locked. I think its the 3G / data connection causing this as when on wifi the phone is fine and surprisingly very cool. is...
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    Thread [Q] Root, S-on and installation questions

    Hey all, I have a HTC one M7, i had to recently send it off for repair due to battery and camera issues. It has now returned fixed... but updated. It has S-ON and the latest hboot (1.66???) and from what i've read, is not possible to get S-off at this time unless paying for a service online...
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    Post Am I 100% stock if I cant OTA update?

    Ah didn't see that at all. Thanks again
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    Post Am I 100% stock if I cant OTA update?

    Ahh that worked! thanks! How did you know it was this one? I still cant understand which one I needed!
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    Thread Am I 100% stock if I cant OTA update?

    Hey all, My phone is having hardware issues, its ONLY just within warranty and its going to be returned for repair. Therefore it needs to look 100% un-tampered from a software point of view. It WAS rooted, ROM'd and S-off'd but I have followed and guide, now the TAMPERED, UNLOCKED and S-OFF...
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    Thread please delete

    Problem fixed, unsure how to delete post though. thanks
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    Post [Q] Repair advice

    Thank you very much!!
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    Thread [Q] Repair advice

    Hi all, Hey all I really need advice on what to do with my HTC one M7, I've had it now for 23 months and I have two main issues: 1) Overnight without any software or hardware changes at all, the battery went from lasting all day to only 1.5 - 3 hours at very best! it gets red hot 50 degrees C...
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    Thread Titanium backup crashes, busybox too, up a creek!!

    Hey all, I thought i would try to update my HTC one that was on Android revolution HD. I backed up everything using TWRP and titanium backup however when i come to RESTORE ANY app it immediately 'stops working' so i cant restore anything at the moment. i thought i would try to update busybox...
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    Post Google voice broke after root?

    Hmm got it working. It was because it was in English UK rather than English US Thanks and sorry for time wasting
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    Post Google voice broke after root?

    Thank you for your reply. Don't seem to have this option anymore although I do remember having it before any ideas on how to get it back? Regards
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    Thread Google voice broke after root?

    Hey all just got a Google nexus 7 UK and have really enjoyed using it. I have been using Google voice quite a bit but decided to unlock and root it the other day. After reinstalling Swype Google voice no longer responds when I say "Google",I have to push the Mic icon. I'm not sure wether it...