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    Post Amazfit GTS rarely succeeds to sync with Zepp

    Hi everyone. I found a solution. Removed all the cache data and also app data in Android app settings for Zepp. Then uninstalled Zepp completely. Then reinstalled Zepp from Google Play. Then reset Amazfit to factory settings. Then paired Amazfit to Zepp. Now it seems to be working again...
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    Thread Looking for a smartwatch that can be adjusted to be usable for a person with low vision

    Hi everyone. Which brand and model has not only custom watch faces, but also the largest menu item texts or the ability to set font size or customize it with development tools? The long story. I have had low vision since birth. It's good enough to work as a programmer when I adjust screen...
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    Thread Amazfit GTS rarely succeeds to sync with Zepp

    In the spring this year there were no problems at all. But now it's very unreliable. Yesterday I pulled down the Zepp view a dozen times and finally it synced my last workout... but without GPS data! I know there was GPS data because I can see it on the watch itself. Today I could not sync my...
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL][m8qlul] AICP 13.1 for HTC One M8s [Official Weeklies]

    Could anyone upload this ROM anywhere? Please? Or any other Android 7+ ROM that supports M8s? I tried Lineage OS 15.1 but it has some serious issues - USB OTG not working, losing Wifi when router reboots, and ADB always hangs in Android Studio when attempting to connect to the phone (although...
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    Thread Where to get the stock recovery for HTC M8s?

    I have seen links to with stock recoveries and RUUs, but the links are dead now. My HTC M8s is fully stock now and I want to try Lineage 15.1 from (unless you can suggest some even more stable ROM with at least Android 7). I found...
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    Post Stock extracted boot and System Image after Marshmallow update

    All the file links are gone... It's a curse of modern tech - as soon as you are ready to play with your old phone (because it's not the main phone anymore), all the links to roms and recoveries are dead.
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    Post Fix install Stock room (when it was impossible) is gone :( Where do we find stock recoveries and roms now?
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    Post Unlockable Bootloader - options?

    I'm in the same boat unfortunately. I bought a used phone that had Vodafone UK. It was marked as SIM-unlocked, and that seems to be true; the service info doesn't show any filled checkmarks nor counters in SIM lock information. However, bootloader seems to be locked forever - flashtool reports...
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    Post How to determine the cause for unexpected phone shutdown?

    Hmm, nobody? Does it mean that everybody else is just ignoring random shutdowns and have never attempted to debug the problem?
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    Thread How to determine the cause for unexpected phone shutdown?

    Hi all. I have Nokia 8.1 for a few months now. Updated to Android 10 immediately and it has been rock stable. Until today. At about 11am I heard an incoming message notification but was busy and decided to look at it later. At 11:55am I picked the phone but could not wake it up - tapping...
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    Thread Safely downgrading Galaxy A3 (2016) SM-A310F from Android 6 to 5

    A friend without any second thought accepted an automatic upgrade for his phone. He is not pleased with it, the phone feels laggy, some apps do not work as they used to. We did data reset, cache wipe, full reflash using Smart Switch - no improvements. So we decided to revert to Android 5. I...
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    Post m8s marshmallow received it!!!

    Yay, finally update check for me comes with update ready to download. I guess, I'll have to backup everything and hope that all the apps will come back good after the update.
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    Post m8s marshmallow received it!!!

    Hmm, no update yet for me. I bought the phone unlocked, here's my current phone info: adb shell "getprop ro.cid" HTC__001 adb shell "getprop" htc/m8qlul_htc_europe/htc_m8qlul:5.0.2/LRX22G/555949.10:user/release-keys What's the deal? Shouldn't unlocked phones be the...
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    Post Choosing developer friendly, reliable smartphone for a person with poor vision

    So, as nobody tried to convince me otherwise, I'm going to order HTC One M8s. I just hope that it won't turn out to be less development friendly than ZenPhone 2.
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    Thread Choosing developer friendly, reliable smartphone for a person with poor vision

    Hi all. I am a developer (mostly web, just occasional mobile) with poor vision since birth and I'm looking for a smartphone which should meet the following criteria: - budget under 350 EUR - has no problems installing custom launchers; I'd like to install Launcher WP8 style . I have used...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    Nokia phone model number postfixes I see that some sellers are using postfixes for Nokia models but I'm not sure what these postfixes mean. For example, there is Nokia Lumia 720 but there is also Nokia Lumia 720.1 and Nokia Lumia 720.2 Here are links to some Internet websites using those...
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    Post My first experience with Neo V

    Thanks for those links. I found in some other threads that now it is possible to root Neo V without unlocking the bootloader, so I guess, I can root and try those two apps without a risk of losing warranty.
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    Post Modded SemcCamera / 100% JPeg compression

    Yes, VM - that most probably is for Android Java (Dalwik) virtual machine, but someone said that form C++ app we should be able to get a heap with maximal available RAM block of the device. Here is that thread on stackoverflow I mentioned earlier...
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    Thread My first experience with Neo V

    Hi all. This is like a mini review about Neo V MT11i. Before I bought it I could not find much info. I know, it is almost the same as Neo, but still there are some issues, so maybe this review will help someone to decide, especially if you are planning an upgrade after a Nokia N7x/N8x series...
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    Post Modded SemcCamera / 100% JPeg compression

    About heap size: I have read, that only Java VMs have limited heap size (it is mostly about 16MB or 32MB, but depends on the phone manufacturer). Native code can exceed this limit ... but I might be wrong, I just found this info on I guess, 32MB would be enough to allocate 8...
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    Post [ROM] Sony Ericsson official ICS alpha ROM arc S, ray, neo V

    I have read many complaints that current Android versions are overcompressing the photos, so the quality is not the best we could get from Arc’s 8MP camera. What about ICS, is it better now? Can someone with the ICS ROM try it out? If ICS photos are not better than Gingerbread, will SE spend...
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    Thread [Q] Change system font size without rooting - is that possible?

    Hi all. I am visually impaired since birth and I am considering buying Android device (Xperia Neo is a good choice for me now, my provider offers it on 2 year contract). I am also a programmer and I am eager to create something for Android platform. But what scares me is that there is no way to...
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    Post Arc died after 2.3.3 update

    What makes me worried about this motherboard replacing thing is the following. Someone in SE management will find out, that there are so much cases where motherboard was replaced under warranty. So investigating further they'll come to the cause: unlocked bootloader. Then they'll calculate how...
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    Post Arc died after 2.3.3 update

    Does replacing the motherboard cost less for SE than reflashing the phone with the same method that is used by the new fix from xda developers? Or maybe SE does not have enough engineers who are qualified to do the software fixes, but SE has enough engineers who can replace the motherboard. :D...
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    Post [Q] Are there Android phones that can be rooted without flashing ROM or bootloader?

    Hm... and what about that S-OFF thing for HTC Desire phones? Doesn't setting S-OFF mean doing something with the bootloader? Also according to SonyEricsson, to flash custom ROMs with root access, it is needed to unlock the bootloader:
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    Post [Q] Are there Android phones that can be rooted without flashing ROM or bootloader?

    Weird ... was it so difficult question? Anyway, I hope some experienced modder will take a look on this question. For now I found only that Samsung Galaxy is pretty simple to root, no obvious bootloader or ROM reflashing, just some mystical But I have no idea - maybe this
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    Thread [Q] Are there Android phones that can be rooted without flashing ROM or bootloader?

    Hi all. I am a programmer and I haven't Android phone yet but I am going to buy it. My goal is get full access to all the phone's resources so I can test and install applications which might need admin rights (and also my self-made applications). I have read many stories and tutorials about...
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    Post [Q] Looking for an Android based modding/developing-friendly phone

    Uhh, never mind, I was a bit confused with formulating the question, so I got everything messed up in one long mess. Actually this thread can be deleted...
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    Thread [Q] Looking for an Android based modding/developing-friendly phone

    Hi all. I am a programmer and I would like to do some Android application developing some day. Now I have a Nokia N79, got it pretty cheap from my operator. Operator has changed his terms and now there is no way to get a cheap phone, so it seems I'll have to buy Android for a full price :(. I...