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    Post Nethunter Issues

    Lol you 'bricked' it? Well then unbrick it. Fastboot mode is there for a reason. Did you look at any of the other posts before posting this and buying a new phone?
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    Thread Could root be possible if utilizing CVE-2021-4154 It allows privilege escalation on a LOT of linux kernels. There's a new one: that might be even better for this (exploit demo is not currently available). We theoretically could just make a new su file in...
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0_r41]LineageOS 17.1 for Moto E5 (nora) + Recovery [64Bit]

    This worked on a Moto E5 1920DL. Woah this is faster than stock ^_^ Here's where I have found an error: You cannot format any microsd card as internal storage sometimes. some message about null pointers happens and the settings app crashes. This happened 2x before it fixed itself, so maybe it's...
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    Post [RECOVERY]TWRP-3.3.1-x for Moto E5 variants [HANNAH|JAMES|PETTYL|NORA]

    The latest bversion on the twrp website is 3.4.0-0. I have a 1920DL nora and touchscreen works with that build.
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0_r41]LineageOS 17.1 for Moto E5 (nora) + Recovery [64Bit]

    Does this work on the 1920DL, which is also a Nora?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][hannah][10] LineageOS 17.1

    I know that this is probably a dumb question, but can this work on a nora XT1920dl device?
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    Post Sprint slate 8 AQT80 HELP

    Hey I'm glad devs are doing stuff with this device again! Is there any way we can get an unlocked bootloader/spoofed recovery or something to fix the bootlooped devices out there? I figured that more working devices would be a good thing... Also, my device bootlooped as of 2 hours ago. I did...
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    Post Sprint slate 8 AQT80 HELP

    Has anyone had any luck with the oem unlocking option and maybe making a custom twrp for this device?
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    Post xt1955-4 retin. Does it have 5ghz?

    I'm still researching, but I'm hoping that I can swap the wifi chip like on the iPhone 5/6. If anyone has any information on what parts to use and maybe a tutorial, I'm all ears. I'll be doing that when I get a new screen.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v7.0.2

    I installed the update. I then put my phone down. When I came back the notification led scared me lol Stock doesn't support the notification LED Metalheadx you should have flashed the file. I think it's in the instructions.
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    Post xt1955-4 retin. Does it have 5ghz?

    Probably not. I have a 1955-4 Reteu, same ram and storage size. I forced it to be enabled and it returns unknown device errors. I'm also in the USA. I would return it and get the T-Mobile version. It's unlockable and I think has nfc.
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    Thread What hardware upgrades are possible?

    I really want 5ghz on the XT1955-4 Reteu phone. I'll be replacing the screen anyway, so I was thinking about other upgrades I could do. Then it hit me: 5ghz, nfc, and wireless charging; the other models have them ? I'm rather confident in my soldering skills, but have no idea what part to...
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    Post Umidigi A3 Pro - TWRP & Stock Rom

    So uh, this is a non-'N' version... I can put it on mega if you want. You know what? No I'll just link it now.!vFUGyCKS!JCsJGRVZS9RrErecnK5pF4WH7OZ5MiuxUkzvHrdIYWk There. That *should* be the regular 1.4 file as shown in the attached screenshot.
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    Has anyone figured out the weird bootloop issue?
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    Post i know im gonna get my head bit of for asking but figured what do i have to lose.....

    Your head holds grammar. It seems that you stored your head in the system partition. Here is a pre-washed system.img Give your thanks to ggow:
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    Hopefully this guy gets his head out of the microwave soon. Has anyone else confirmed a crash when unlocking their device on the new update? If you do a dirty flash, the system should still boot, but once you try to unlock it it will cause the kernel to panic and restart the device. We need...
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    Hey just a heads up, you should be able to boot from the other slot. Just go to the reboot menu 8n twrp and choose the other slot. Reboot to slot a probably, but you want to choose the opposite of what you have selected by default. Then click reboot to system, and you have the old version back...
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    I dirtyflashed it to slot A., and it boots. However, it crashes after i put in my passcode. If I format it and start fresh, It bootloops. I've attached the log. file. Did you know that one of the people here thought up slots for the nexus 5? They really saved me, as this phone is also my daily...
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    I went back to stock, then followed the guide separately, but with the new zip file. The original September release works. This new one doesn't. I've wiped the data partition, my SD card is portable storage (for backups), and I have XT1955-4 RETEU. I've even tried dirty flashing it. How should I...
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    Just wanted to let you know that your latest 10/01 build bootloops from stock. It dies just before the end of the bootlogo, which logs do you want, and ho do i get them?
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    Says it's for the river variant... Might want to fix that ? Hey has anyone figured out how to enable 5ghz wifi on XT1955-4? It's the international variant... RETEU
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    Hey everyone! So I've found a few fixes for the issues in this thread. 1. Bluetooth (you must be rooted): 1a: delete the audiofx.apk app using the app manager of your choice (I used total commander) 1b. Install `ViPER4Android FX Legacy` from the Magisk Manager Downloads menu. It's interactive...
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    I would think that we should be using the proprietary Bluetooth drivers since the current ones don't work. how would I go about getting Bluetooth fixed? Also VoLTE isn't working. RETEU 1955-4
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    I'm having Bluetooth issues. I'm also having this weird issue with Google assistant/Google but I'm not sure it's a gapps issue.... Basically if you doubletap on the discover tab, no app allows touch input anymore. You can still access the quick menu and the nav bar, but you can't switch apps...
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    Post Update?

    The current lineageOS apparently works really well. I'll let you guys know if it's worth it. XT1955-4 RETEU channel
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    Does VoLTE work? If the camera, Bluetooth, and VoLTE work I'm installing it.
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    Post Update?

    I think I scared them on Twitter, we're getting regular updates for the -4 lads!
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    Post Update? Look I'm doxxing myself lol Edit: We should probably note that the June security update doesn't fix that huge security vuln that was fixed in the July update. Also, maybe we could get them to release compilable source code for the...
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    Post Update?

    Yup I tweeted at Motorola and talked to Google a few days ago. They threatened Motorola about that Android Enterprise Recommend contract they have... There's a new update today ? XT1955-4
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    Post UltraSuccROM - the lightweight joke

    Can you make a GSI build for arm, arm64, a32, and x86 (a/ab), please? My grandpa 'don't want no smart phones'. GSis are much easier to install, and have waaaay more compatibility.
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    Post [PARTNERSHIP] Doogee and XDA

    Without the kernel source code: no. However, provide us with API documentation for the optional attachments, firmware source code, local OTA server config, kernel source code, the original build compile folder, and anything else that could be used to develop the phone, (repair manuals, etc)...
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    Post DOOGEE S70 Lite - Root Method done - Searching for Custom Recovery

    GSIs work and you don't need to unlock the bootloader Hey guys, so apparently you can flash stuff in spflashtool without unlocking the bootloader! Most arm64 a-only GSIs work, thanks to these devices being treble compatible. It will usually fail to boot the 1st time, then ask to factory reset...
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    Post Nook rootable? Seems like it!

    You can 'Disable' apps in the app settings. They take up a lot less space if you do that. Also, when I tried `adb reboot bootloader`, `fastboot oem unlock` and held down the up arrow for 10 seconds, it unlocked! As people complained, the arrows don't work, but it continues and does the factory...
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    Post Ubuntu Touch

    WOOO! I'm so excited to finally see this! I'll DEFINETALLY try your rom!
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    Post Fire phone Experiment... Lollipop

    If you unlocked the bootloader, we need the instructions and resources ASAP. Most of us don't really care if it's a little unstable, as long as the bootloader gets unlocked. It will get more stable as time passes because smart people like ggow work on these things like ants carry leaves! I also...
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    Post Fire phone Experiment... Lollipop

    If he really unlocked the bootloader, he should compile and install Ubuntu Touch, and then post the complete instructions on how to unlock the bootloader and install Ubuntu Touch as 2 separate posts. Then he should add it to the community ports page on the Ubuntu Development website. This...
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    Post Amazon XT1625 flashed to non-AMZ MPJ24.139-48 requesting OTA

    You have to flash a blank but valid oem.img to block updates. fastboot flash oem oem.img I'm sure that the rootjunky website has it somewhere...
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    Post [REQUEST] Compile for any phone script

    Haha, look! Ubuntu just made one of these! It only works for their phones, though.
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    Thread [REQUEST] Compile for any phone script

    I propose a single script that generates images for any android compatible phone. It will (maybe?) require a bootloader unlock, the kernel source, and a cached '' or internet connection, but not much else. Essentially, all you will need to do is plug in your phone and run the script...
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    Post *** Port Request and Speculation Thread ***

    I have 2 phones. One is a Moto G4 XT1625, and the other is a fire phone. When the fire phone bootloader unlock is released in a century (I hope I'm wrong), I would like to make it my desktop. When I want to make a phone call from my Flambuntu, I want to plug in my Moto G phone to the dock which...
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    Post apps to sd card

    I have that same as card, and when I tried again, it just worked. A suggestion: move only the apps you don't use often on the SD card. I did that, and there hasn't been a problem except a 2-3 extra seconds for the card to be recognized and mounted after boot. I moved all of my 'reading and...
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    Post Moto G4 Overheating Issue?

    My Moto G4 gets really hot and starts to slow down... And then I realize that I haven't closed a single application or window in the past 6 hours and I have 25-30% battery left! In case any new phone buyers are considering this phone, that statement I made above has probably caused some...
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    Post Moto G4 Model XT1625 Not Eligible for Bootloader Unlock

    It's really sad that they stopped unlocking them... I unlocked it 10 minutes after I opened the prime day delivery :D They never saw that coming! My Motorola Moto G? XT1625 actually seems faster than my Nexus 5 ever was! (The poor Nexus is unusable with a disintegrated and broken screen)...
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    Post BOUNTY/PLEDGE to unlock Fire Phone bootloader

    Did you know that $60 ebay fire phones come with a $35 case and a $30 screen protector, along with some junk chargers an a really long usb cable? I think that is an incredibly good deal! Someone should see if they can haggle down the phone price. Like: 'Hey, can you send me the accessories along...
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    Post [NEWS] Bootloader Unlock and Fire Phone Developer Version

    I noticed that there are some really new mods to the lk bootloader kernel on codearouras website for this device chipset... Hoping for the best!
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    Post [NEWS] Bootloader Unlock and Fire Phone Developer Version

    You're right! Sorry for the commotion. In other news, I researched a little and found that it is heavily based on Code Aurora's LittleKernel. (fastboot -i 0x1949 getvar kernel returns 'lk') There's a bunch of other variables you can read out like that. The version is 0.5 as well. ----------...
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    Post [GUIDE]Newbie Resource Thread[TWRP][ROOT][Restore to Stock]

    Sorry for taking so long. I have an XT1625 32GB moto G?. It's the amazon edition. ( The box says 'Model: 01018NAAZN' BTW, what is the software channel for? At the moment, it is 'amz'. Could there be an automatic firmware update at some point? Hope I helped!
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    Post [GUIDE]Newbie Resource Thread[TWRP][ROOT][Restore to Stock]

    I found a firmware that doesn't have any amazon stuff on it. It won't even autodownload any of it! You have to actually browse through folders to get to the zip file. Here is the site: Also, it works perfectly with your instructions! Hope I helped!
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    Post [NEWS] Bootloader Unlock and Fire Phone Developer Version

    I noticed that you can run the command adb reboot-bootloader and the fire will reboot an amazon bootloader screen. It looks like there might be some sort of fastboot already. It says '[ fastboot ]' on the middle of the screen but it doesn't work. However, I had an idea on that! When I ran lsusb...