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    Post Question remove bloatware replace with Gapps

    Install LineageOS and than run gaps on top of it. One of the devs was trying to thin the stock rom by removing samsung apps, but there are way to many issues.
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    Post Development [ROM][12.1][ENCRYPTION] Official LineageOS 19.1 for A72

    I have it running for weeks now as second device. Only real issue is fingerprint sensor and camera, could not find any gcam mod that would work properly. Apart for it - runs stable.
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    Post Question Galaxy A72 OS support

    We are working on it. So far few open issues, not for daily use. No camera and audio. Simon1511 is porting it from a52. For now you can unlock, root, install TWRP and kakarot kernel.
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    Post Question I bought a Samsung Galaxy A72 4G with 2 finger to swipe bug. Can you help me fix this?

    Download latest firmware from samsung website and reinstall it using Odin.
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    Post Development [ROM][12.1][ENCRYPTION][EOL] LineageOS 19.1 for A52 4G and A72

    I have a spare device A72 4G (SM-A725F/DS) that I can use, as long as there is no risk of irreversible bricking the phone I can test it ;-)
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    Post How To Guide Galaxy A72 - root with Magisk SM-A725F/DS

    If I remember correctly I had to change device date over a month to the future to be able to fully OEM unlock it in dev oprions, after initial OEM unlock was done. It is timed.
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    Post Question GSI

    I am also interested in step-by-step instruction. @Realees56 @map220v did you finally managed to make it run? I am tempted to try it with instructions above and write it down if I can get any support from you guys :) If I will not like it, is it possible to go back to "stock" by flashing all...
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    Post Question Supported devices for Your Phone app

    I am using VYSOR premium (in free quality is limited). It is full integration as you have your phone screen mirrored to the screen of your PC. You can laso try there was tutorial somewhere in internet on how to trick your windows to think you...
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    Post How To Guide Galaxy A72 - root with Magisk SM-A725F/DS

    As written in the original post: Flash with Odin without HOME folder. After you flash it and device starts - run Magisk app, it will need to finalize root. Than run Root checker app to see if it worked. Download Odin, run it - select files and flash. Check some tutorials for it if you are...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 Hidden Mods

    I got my phone rooted wirth Magisk, installed TWRP, and finally kakarot kernel. Is it safe now to add this mod on top?
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    Post Development [Kernel][11][R][ONEUI] KakarotKernel-UNI-A72

    TWRP installed, Kakarot as well :)
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    Post How To Guide Galaxy A72 - root with Magisk SM-A725F/DS

    I just installed TWRP, Kakarot Kernel without bricking my phone :)
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    Post Question Samsung Galaxy A72 Price in KSA

    If it is worth for you, than it is, but A52 4G is same value with bit smaller screen for less money.
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    Post Development [Kernel][11][R][ONEUI] KakarotKernel-UNI-A72

    So, it is not possible right now? There is no support for this device from twrp as I just checked. How did you manage to install it?
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    Post Development [Kernel][11][R][ONEUI] KakarotKernel-UNI-A72

    Thanks! Just tried it and no luck for now.
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    Post Development [Kernel][11][R][ONEUI] KakarotKernel-UNI-A72

    Can you say in short what does all those features mean to guy who is not an expert, in comparison to stock? :D - OneUI and GSI build. - Upstreamed from 4.19.190 to 4.19.191 - Enabled all Native Governers - SElinux enforcing. I read about SElinux enforcing I know it is security feature that I...
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    Thread How To Guide Galaxy A72 - root with Magisk SM-A725F/DS

    I just rooted my device, here is how to do it. 1. OEM unlock (All data will be lost and warranty void.) 2. Download latest firmware 3. Install Magisk APK - Upliad AP file. 4. Run magisk on AP file All data will be lost. Flash with Odin without...
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    Post Question Build Quality

    no squeeks or gaps on my device
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 Hidden Mods

    I rooted it with A52 magisk but screen issue occurred - once it was off - it was off for good. But Root was enabled. Flashed it back with stock ROM.
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    Post General [Dev] Need testers for Energy Ring

    I looked at your app in the store, but the level of permissions to run it - is worrying.
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Gcam camera2API probe report

    This port from A71 looks promissing. Do not take v8 port - it is lacking features for now.
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    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Gcam camera2API probe report And software versions.
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    Thread Question How can I help with ASOP development

    I just got Galaxy A72 6GB/128GB. What Can I do to speed up development of ASOP for this phone? I do not care about warranty, just would not like to brick it :)
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    Post Someone to share their bug hunt process?

    This picture shows the whole story. Any specific questions?
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    Thread Android to NAS photo/video upload alternative to google photos (like PhotoSync)

    Hi, working my way to de-google my life I am happy user of ASOP for years and now I decided to go one step forward and got myself a NAS. looking for google photos alternative I found PhotoSync. Looks like a usefull app but it is paid via google store. I do not mind paying for it - I just do not...
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    Post Okay, folks - Motorola does not care about Moto One Zoom anymore

    Got it also, installing right now. Hope the update will fix my cracked screen :D
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    Post One Zoom TurboPower charging speed.

    I use accubattery pro. But I can also check using meeter next time.
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    Post Google Camera

    Night photo crashes the app, also unable to focus in this mode. Video and regular photos works fine. Not possible to switch between lenses.
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    Post Can someone try a USB-C to HDMI adapter with Motorola One Zoom ?

    I tried usb-c to hdmi (via Microsoft dongle) did not work.
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    Thread One Zoom TurboPower charging speed.

    Just did a check comparing Z2 play and one Zoom. Both at 60% charge, same turbopower charger. Charging at: Zoom: 1.2A, 4.1V Z2 Play: 2A, 4.4V This is not TurboPower speed. Do you have similar results?
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    Post Minimum brightness

    Comparing to Moto Z2 play - Screen of Moto one Zoom can go both brighter and dimmer. Back "Bat logo" light is significant in very dark environment, can be disabled in menu. There is no RGB light - it is white with on/off option.
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    Post Motorola one zoom fingerprint scanner

    Comparing to Moto Z2 Play - Moto one Zoom is slow and not so accurate. Unlocking on Z2 Play I just touch it and it takes a bit to turn on the screen. On Zoom - Screen is on when I pick it up, than it takes under 0.5 sec to scan and unlock. Z2 Play while unlocking I got 10/10 success, Zoom -...
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    Thread Sale offers Motorola One Zoom

    Just found a deal - flash sale on - 20% off. Looks like it is valid for all EU region. Order date : 12.09.2019 Total order value : 343.21 CHF PHN MOTO XT2010-1 DE GRY 4 + 128 DS RTL Replacing my Moto z2 play. Was aiming for Moto z4, but spec wise it looks the same, and you get 3...
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    Post Android Pie Update

    Moto g7 just got the update today. I guess it will come soon
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    Post Charging speed

    I never had better phone in my life. Charging is amazing fast, and Moto turbo power mod is awesome. No need to leave phone for charging, leave Moto mod and put on the phone while done. Usually for me it is a matter if I can disconnect charging before phone battery reaches 80%. After over a year...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [OTA] Oreo for Z2 Play

    Finally reteu in Europe is getting Oreo :)
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    Post Photo quality

    I have the same sony camera as "better photo quality" solution. :)
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    Post Photo quality

    Looks like it has quite good image stabilization. Just did this movie today and I am impressed.
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    Post Is the moto mod supposed to run out before the motorola z2?

    Manually in setting you can enable and disable charging. But you need to enable it manually, otherwise it will keep 80% or fill to 100% depends on setting you choose
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    Post Standby drain

    I can recommend Moto Turbo power battery pack, I use it in efficiency mode - keeps phone battery at 80%. It should reduce phone battery wear, and on top of it - it gives me 2 days of phone use. But in practice I charge power pack at my desk during day also to ~80% so it lasts till next morning.
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    Post Standby drain

    For me it is loosing under 10% during the night. With Moto display on, with 2 Sims active. But it may be that your apps are draining battery, I run Norton mobile security to check the status and it helped, before with some location enabled apps and sleep monitor it was draining up to 25%
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    Post Dual Sim - Any owners that can reply

    I was thinking about OnePlus as well. But the CPU in z2 play is not bad at all, handles all tasks smooth and it is not power hungry. Never had any unwanted reboot nor lags. Anyway, I had some good phones lately because of my work, iPhone 7, X, android 6p, 5x, pixel xl. This is clear winner for...
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    Post Dual Sim - Any owners that can reply

    For me this is perfect phone, amoled screen, 2sims + SD at the same time and most important - 3.5 jack! and I bought Moto turbo power first day, so 6500 mAh battery. Point me to some other device that has it all with better CPU and stock android. Good luck :)
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    Post Cyanogenmod 12.1 for the HTC One M8s (m8ql_ul)

    My previous nexus 4 was able to do it, HTC on stock rom could do it as well. I have not seen a phone that could not connect to multiple BT devices at the same time.
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    Post Cyanogenmod 12.1 for the HTC One M8s (m8ql_ul)

    I found few new problems on rom 19/11: 1. BT - While I am connected to my car, cannot connet to my headset. It is disconnecting car, than connecting to headset. Only one BT device at a time can be used. This is a problem for me, as I use Car BT only for music, and BT headset only for...