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    Post Question Installing Android 13 Beta 3

    Yes, but it will be clean install.
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    Post Question Funtouch: chinese and global??

    You can try but first you need to unlock bootloader.
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    Post How To Guide Vivo x70 Pro+ Bootloader Unlock - HOW TO GUIDE

    Hi, I assume you have X80 Pro CN version. If yes did you try to install FunTouch OS? Regards'
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    Post Question Experience any bugs on the Vivo X80 Pro? Let's share and help each other!

    Yea, I've got the same issue. Just cannot open Samsung account.
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    Post Question X80 pro BootLoader unlock

    Thanks for the information. It would be nice to fully convert CN version to Global.
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    Post Question X80 pro BootLoader unlock

    Hi All, Did someone try to install Global ROM on CN version after unlocked bootloader? Regards'
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    Post Question Change ROM from China to Global

    Yes, none of them work. Regards"
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    Post Question Change ROM from China to Global

    Yea, yea .. first and foremost you have to unlock bootloader and after that you can istall global (India) ROM. You do not root the ROM. The simple problem is how to unlock the bootloader because Vivo does not permit to do it. Regards'
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    Post Question I bought Chinese version of IQOO9 and want to switch to Funtouch OS

    Of course it will work but you have to unlock bootloader first and foremost. So far it is not possible to unlock bootloader for this model (all known fastboot commands simply do not work). Regards'
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    Post Question Watch 4 EU doesn't work with IQOO 9 Pro

    Hi there, I am on the same boat. I cannot log on to Samsung Health on my Iqoo 9 Pro at all. It seems Samsung Health is blacklisted or what. I went through all settings and I coudnot find any additional settings. BTW. Did you resolve the problem? Regards'
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    Post Question I bought Chinese version of IQOO9 and want to switch to Funtouch OS

    If something looks so easy it cannot be true. This metod simply does not work.
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    Post Question I bought Chinese version of IQOO9 and want to switch to Funtouch OS

    Traying to find the correct stock software to the Chinese version of Iqoo 9 Pro I found instead software to F model not A. I didn't know the F model does exist at all. Recently Vivo released this model (9 Pro) to India market but I am not convinced it is V2172F. Possibly this software could be...
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    Post Question Notification not working properly

    Yeah, I had the same problems but after hard reset and follow the German site instruction I have google contacts back. It is strange for me because following Vivo instruction it didn't work for me - I mean log to Google account, download and install gmail from Vivo Apps Store and after that...
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    Post Question Notification not working properly

    It seems only hard reset can bring it back.
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    Post Question Notification not working properly

    I did not have any issues after deleted PEM file (9 Pro). So far so good.
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    Post Question Iqoo 9 pro with malware?

    Starnge, My 9 pro didn't show any malware threads.
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    Post Question I bought Chinese version of IQOO9 and want to switch to Funtouch OS

    Hi there, I've got 9 Pro version and I am interested too. is it possible to unlock bootloader? Developer options are very limited - most of functions are grayed.
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Thanks for your comment on the matter. I completely agree with you. EU market for Oppo is marginal but it doesn't mean they should to ignore it. Any wey this was my last Oppo unit. Chinese's mobile makers have massive local market so the international sell is marginal. The best tech specs is for...
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    They've done theirs job. I mean they made it and they convinced you to buy it. Now it is your problem. Happy New Year !
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    Post Xiaomi mi 11 Pro

    Hi, All information you can find at this forum but first you must unlock bootloader (official unlock through Xiaomi) and it takes 7 days. After that you can choose right for you ROM (Global - hevily based on Google Apps, EEA - less Google Apps, EU Custom - close to original Chinese ROM). I sold...
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Not only in France. I was in beta program for couple of weeks and cancell it. Now there is nothing - since September A24. I am close to decision to sell it and never ever buy Oppo products in the future. Recently there is more and more arogancy from that makers.
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    Post how to root ts8

    Yeah you not the first who did discover it. It seems it is a Chinese version 10 but not normal 10. In my opinion it is mixer.
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    Post Any updates for TS8?

    Hi, how can I download it? Regards'
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Hi there, Did you received this beta version or you still under review? Regards'
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    Post Question Xiaomi Mix 4 root and other questions

    Yes, they do however you need to pay for it and wait another two weeks (roughly). Regards'
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    Post World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch 3 Series

    Hi, Thanks' Regards'
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    Post Question Disable Google home news (left swipe home screen)

    If you do not like the UI change it or get rid of the mobile. For you it is horrible but for most of users not. It is a matter of taste. Good luck with it.
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    Post World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch 3 Series

    Hi All, I cannot force my watch 3 Pro to communicate with my PC. It always returns eror code: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb connect 192.168.XXX.XXX.5555 unable to connect to 192.168.XXX.XXX.5555:5555: cannot resolve host '192.168.XXX.XXX.5555' and port 5555: No such host...
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    A24 to Find x3 Pro with Google Dialer was released too. Just updated couple hours ago. For me it is rudiculous to get the update I had to use VPN metod. Never ever Oppo again .
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    Post Watch faces - Huawei Watch 3 Pro collection - canceled

    I wasn't so sure Apple boy.
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    Thread Question Mix 4 is worth to buy or not?

    Hi all, I wonder weather the model is worth to buy? Looking at 11 Pro and 11 Ultra specs this one is significantly overpriced. Am I right? Regards
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    Post Xiaomi mi 11 Pro

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro can be very easily converted from Chinese Version to Global or EEA.
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    Post General Testing ColorOS 12, any questions?

    Interestingly. Is it for global or Chinese version of mobile?
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    Post General OPPO Find X3 Pro Stock ROMs

    Me too but this is reality. Possibly it was Telstra requirements. I have EU version with 2 SIM (physically) and eSIM as an option. If I want to activate eSIM, the physical SIM2 is automatically deactivated. Regards
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Yes, I did and there is no any updates for me. I've asked Oppo Support and I wander if they answer for me at all. Thanks any way. Oppo team surprisingly quickly has answered for me. I had to reset (factory) my mobile and now it is updated straights away to A22. It was, It was full OTA file (big...
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    What the fu.. is going on? I am on A17 so far it seems it is not going to change. My version is EU but I live in AU. What I supposed to do to get the updates? Regards
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Me too, I had Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro (really awesome mobile).
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    Post How To Guide [TWRP] MI 11 (Pro/Ultra) (mars/star)

    Hi there, I am assuming you are on EU Version. It means it is custom ROM and you do not have OTA updates. I was on the same boat. Recently I upgraded my Mi 11 Pro to EEU version (official version from Xiaomi) and OTA works. The only difference is the mobile must be stay unlocked. Regards
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    Post Question Global Version Vs Chinese Flased with global

    Do not write stupid things if you do not know for sure. Identical hardware does not mean you can transfer CN version to Global. How do you think the global version is much more expensive than CN one? The problem is you can install Global Version of ROM to CN version but you DO NOT change Bands...
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    Post Question Help with oppo find x3 pro PEEM00 & Android Auto

    I had exactly same situation with my Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and the only solution is to change ROM to Global I am afraid. On CN ROM you can use Google Apps very limited. I think it is related to Region. Regards
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    Post General OPPO Find X3 Pro Stock ROMs

    It is significant difference. E.g. Aussie model is single SIM physically. If you want to use eSIM you have to be certified by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc. Regards
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    Post Question Flag 12.5 EU rom to global mi 11 ultra

    Of course you can especially by fastboot. You can flash EU custom ROM or EEA The only problem is you will have Chinese Bands no matter what ROM you install. Regards
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    Post General Mi 11 Ultra EU 12.5.3 very happy

    Hi there, Unlock Bootloader and go to EEA 12.5.3 or higher. 12.0.XX is a pretty basic Android 11 ROM but many people like it. EEA visually looks better and so far no issues. I had for a moment Android 12 Beta 1 installed but has returned to 12.5.3 because camera apps was missing. Regards
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    Post Question Swap to EEA from Global and OTA updates

    Hi there, You have normal OTA update. I am on this ROM now (Chinese Version of Mi 11Pro). Regards
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    Post Question VOLTE / WIFI CALLING

    Hi All, I am wonder if someone have checked WiFi and VoLTE calling in Australia (Telstra, Optus)? Regards
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    Post [Guide] VoLTE + VoWiFi working for German carriers

    More readings more question marks. I am trying to activate VoWiFi and VoLTE but so far no success (Oneplus 8 Pro 2023 and Telstra). I tested most of mbns files and none of them works. I am just wonder how to add mbn file using PDC software and activate it, of course - could someone light me up?
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    Post Problems after updating to

    I have no problems after updated to the newest version (IN2023). There is one problem but it is not related to the particular version - the mobile very easily overheat and I am thinking to get rid of it.
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    Post Heat

    Hi, Thanks for replay. I am on latest Android 11 (Oxygen OS and for me there is no any improvements. For me it is frustrating because I need often use it as hotspot. Regards
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    Post Heat

    Yeah, I've got same issues. Left couple of times in UTE and every single time it switched off due to high temperature. I did not have issues with another brands. Top dollar useless phone.
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    Post 8pro in2020 Chinese variant

    Yes, that is the problem. You can install global ROM but LTE Bands stay the same like original model.