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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Now as Samsung pay is available in Germany for smartphones you think it can work through CSC change on the galaxy watch?
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    Post Can't install WF from galaxy store!

    Now we do have Samsung pay in Germany for smartphones. Do you think it can work on a Galaxy watch by changing CSC?
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Very sad
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Do you think it will work also in Germany ---------- Post added at 03:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:46 PM ---------- Because actually in Germany Samsung is saying it won't work...
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    Post Can't install Samsung pay on Galaxy watch

    Me Germany it can't work
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    Post All-in-One Watch Face

    I wanted to download it but my smartphone...but it doesn't work..mommy in conjunction with an app like PDF or so Could you pls help
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    Thread Bluetooth connection car

    I tried everything but there's no connection to my car system only s Media Player my Galaxy watch has been detected I did a reset changed and erased everything etc. Normally my car detects every smartphone but the watch is still a problem maybe there is a workaround Thank you for all your help
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    Post Edit stock watchfaces

    Interested too
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    Post Samsung pay Germany

    No one here?
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    Post Galaxy Fold Skins

    Any new experiences with foils for the outer display
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    Post UAG Monarch case for fold

    Why do you think the latter one is the better one in terms of the crash
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    Post Overall love

    I expected that Samsung will show the foldable version plus spen...but in unfortunately they didn't
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    I'm in Germany and changed via csc the region of my watch. My phone Tarif is German. I think you are right. I tried to combine several cards with sp but without success. So I assume that curve will work either.
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    So curve will not work? ---------- Post added at 08:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:22 AM ---------- You can definitely change the region on your watch but if the watch will accept curve ?
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    Post [Release][APP][0.9.3 - 2019.07.12] - Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

    How can I change the language into german
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    Post [Release][APP][0.9.3 - 2019.07.12] - Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

    Hi guys - I wanted to use the goggle cloud plattform but there I`ve been asked for credit card details - is this the only way to get started ??? ---------- Post added at 08:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:25 AM ---------- Hi - I only can say yes to thr trial ---------- Post added...
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Thanks for your help i am almost Finished but I'm getting the answer despite my card is confirmed by the bank from Samsung pay App confirm your card
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Great now I switched from Germany to Swiss BUT they do not accept german cards ..................... Any other country which will accept german cards ????
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    Post Changing Region on Samsung Gear Sport R600 to make Samsung Pay work

    Please help me - what is the csc code for Switzerland and T Mobile - actually my csc code is DTM
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    BUT how about my carrier T Mobile ...will he still work ...because now my phone is saying we are no longer in Germany no now we are in for example Switzerland
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    Post Samsung pay Germany

    Does someone know by experience
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    Post Samsung pay Germany

    And do you think that you can use the watch despite There is a Different Nation code with tmobile
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    Thread Samsung pay Germany

    When I change my CSC from Germany to Switzerland. 2 questions Can I still use it via T Mobile Germany Can I use a German credit card to use Samsung pay Thanks a lot in advance for your kind answers or estimations
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    Post SM-R805F: CSC Change Howto, eSIM RSP v2.x Support

    So it doesn`t work ? ! or ?
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    Post [Guide] How to change Gear S3 R760 CSC whitout flashing a rom.

    Please help: I`m using a galaxy watch LTE esim When I execute the command > sdb shell I get specify the tarfet When execute the command > launch_app wrong written or not found
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    Post SM-R805F: CSC Change Howto, eSIM RSP v2.x Support

    Please help: However, when I run "launch_app" I get the response "/system/bin/sh: launch_app: not found"
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Ok - now I`m a step further...I`m connected launch_app - when I say enter I will get "either wrong written or could not befound"
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    Hi thanks - on my PC is no tizen folder ? Tizen studio ? I uderstand I have to install it on my PC ? Which version - any link?
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    Post Enabling Samsung Pay

    I tried to follow your procedure but I`m getting always a "failed to connect" message between PC and watch
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    Post Can I change Region

    Hi There: Is this procedure still possible - I`m from Germany and we over here can`t use Samsung pay - will it be possible to use S pay after changing the region ??? AND what will happen with the sim card - will it still be in Germany - silly question...
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    Post ✪ Customise Your Always On Display [NO-ROOT] [NOUGAT] Final

    Silly question - I installed the apk and made a reboot but no change ? where can I start the app ?
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    Post Battery dead or not

    Here is the result
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    Thread Battery dead or not

    Please see my battery consumption enclosed...without using it....almost 50 % in 3 hours ....
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    Post google fit and huawei fitness app

    Is it possible to stopay Google fit
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    Post [ROOT] and TWRP with squashfs 3.1.1 for Lg urbane 2nd

    Did anyone succeed ?
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    Thread Storm warning

    I often get a storm warning and where can I stop these alarms....tHanks
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    Thread Battery... GPS & music

    Hi there my former LG urbane 2nd Edition watches lost in almost one hour jogging tracking and listening to music more than 40 % battery... Can someone confirm this or did this behavior change in the meantime... Thank you
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    Post [RECOVERY]+[sawshark(4G)+sawfish(BT)]Unofficial TWRP 3.1.1-0-[29-3-18]

    Will it be possible after rooting in my sw to get direct access via USB?
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    Thread Connection via usb

    Until Now I didn't find a solution to use the sw 2 via USB... Can someone help... Thanks
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    Post [App][4.1] Recordr - Professional sound recorder (v2.0)

    After recording on the sw I can not listen to It on the sw which I could previous
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    Thread WiFi Hotspot

    Is it possible to setup the SmartWatch 2 LTE as a WiFi Hotspot if yes please describe how... Thanks in advance
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    Post Navigate with Google maps

    Even better you can speak the address and it will guide you to the place... I am using the lte sw
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    Post Navigate with Google maps

    It works fine with me....
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    Thread Google Services

    Can it be that we will save battery power by stopping Google services But how can I stop it on the sw ? Thanks
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    Post Battery not true

    Can you confirm this test?
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    Thread Battery not true

    I tested several watches sw2 from Huawei and the result is ...with GPS on and listening to music plus mobile phone connection the watch will run for 3-4 hours
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    Thread Radio

    Is there an app for wear 2.o which makes it possible to listen radio standalone ? Thanks for your help
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    Post Whatsap

    I speak send whatsap and the name ....and I get the answer to whom......
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    Post Whatsap

    Please can someone Test it and give a Feedback
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    Post Currently the Best

    How can i test Android Pay... At home? ---------- Post added at 08:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:03 AM ---------- What do you mean with Ambiente Mode and how do I get it