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    Post Question for browsers on Surface RT

    The only browser other than IE that anyone's ever gotten to run on the RT is Qupzilla which is not really intended to be a full browser. It lacked touch integration and didn't do a very good job rendering.
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    Post Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile for Surface RT

    The Surface RT is damn near impossible to brick.
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    Post Freedom is coming.

    It is, you have an install.wim on the setup disk the same as the desktop does and those can be tweaked. It's just a lot of work and not really worth it. Also, piracy implications aside, be careful downloading Windows ISOs from the internet. There are countless ways for malware authors to hide...
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    Post What's the real problem about linux on surface rt ?

    This thread is two years old, and no, as soon as a working Linux build exists it will be everywhere.
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    Post Freedom is coming.

    I'm sure the last parts we need will be released as soon as they exist.
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    Post Easiest Windows RT UMCI unlock[jailbreak]

    Yup. manage-bde -protectors %systemdrive% -disable The install script for the policy does that, but you'll want to run it again before setting testsigning.
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    Post [UPDATE] Secure boot unlocked!

    If it were as easy as changing a registry key we would've found that already. It's also very rude to mass-notify a number of users like that.
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    Post [UPDATE] Secure boot unlocked!

    Those flags are simply status flags, they're set by the kernel on boot. The kernel keeps track of SecureBoot internally. You can set those to disabled and change permissions so nothing can overwrite them, doesn't change anything.
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    Post [Beta] Win86emu: Running x86 apps on WinRT devices

    The concept probably could, but not this particular implementation.
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    Post Windows RT Petition

    There is 0% chance they will release the RT source, as it's the same source that Windows uses.
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    Post Desktop apps ported to Windows RT

    It is not going to happen.
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    Post need windows rt tv tuner app for live tv

    It's possible, yea, but nobody is going to put out the effort to do it.
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    Post code integrity / signing policy toggle

    You can get various system utilities to report that SecureBoot is off by mucking with the registry, but it doesn't /actually/ do anything.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 on Surface 2 (RT)

    That's not how it works.
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    Post This is how Microsoft Support is.

    Try going to a MS store next time, if you can. Service there is excellent.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 on Surface 2 (RT)

    No, that only allows the MS kits to run.
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    Post Desktop apps ported to Windows RT

    At the top right of the thread view page there's a 'Search this thread' box. Give that a try.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    It wouldn't run unsigned code, no. It's just an EoP from user to admin, nothing we can't already do.
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    Post Playing with Produtct Policy - My XPS10 just joined AD domain

    I spent quite a while trying to get that back when this first came out for 8.0, never had any luck with RDP. The Windows Help remote assistant works alright, though.
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    Post Themes integrating the Samsung S Health Pedometer?

    I took a cursory glance into how S Health stores it's data. There are 3 SQLite3 databases at '/data/data/', but the ones that have what we want look to be encrypted. The one that's not encrypted looks to be empty. Other than that, I have no idea how we'd...
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    Thread [Q]Refreshing Zooper from SL4A

    I've got a Zooper module that I'm using to control the lights in my apartment. I'm calling SL4A scripts from Zooper that call an API running on a webserver to toggle the lights. I'm using wget with #SEX# in zooper to query the status of the lights off my server. The problem I'm having is that I...
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    Post WinDBG cannot debug desktop program?

    You also can't write to the memory on a process if you attach to it.
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    Post WinCE ARM apps and Surface RT (jailbroken)

    WinCE and Windows are two totally different beasts. You won't ever be able to just run a WinCE app on Windows. It'll require a fair deal of reworking.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 Recovery Environment Jailbreak

    I get what you're saying, misread your other post. I don't have my device in a bootable state right now, but once I get it fixed up I'll make a .bat you can run to dump the PDBs for the other kernels.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 Recovery Environment Jailbreak

    You can't get at the recovery files easily from a full system either.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 Recovery Environment Jailbreak

    There is no Internet in recovery mode. If you can send me aystem32\ntkrnlmp.exe and system32\ci.dll for your recovery I can add them.
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    Thread Windows RT 8.0 Recovery Environment Jailbreak

    This is a version of the 8.0 jailbreak that will run in the recovery environment. This is meant more for developers than end-users. It does not force a two minute wait at the start, but that is still required. As always, it was developed for a Surface RT. Vivo tabs, etc..., your mileage may...
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    Hasn't been any major progress lately, I've been busy. I haven't talked to Myria in a while either.
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    Post Desktop apps ported to Windows RT

    msiexec refused to load the msi, that's all I got to. My guess is they made it require a different version string, but I haven't looked into it. That being said, there's really no reason it shouldn't work in 8.1, it just won't work as packaged.
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    Post Desktop apps ported to Windows RT

    The installer is broken on 8.1, that's as far as I got though.
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    Post [Release] RT Jailbreak Tool

    I'm locking this due to this no longer being maintained. When the 8.1 jailbreak is released there will be a new thread created. Edit: Seriously, guys, it's super not cool to PM me about this after not reading the FAQ at all. Also, whoever is following me around on other sites and messaging me...
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    Post [Release] RT Jailbreak Tool

    There haven't been any reports of that happening to anyone.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    It's very unlikely that the exploit will get patched. For one, I don't think that MS really cares that much anymore, for another thing, it can't be maliciously exploited due to the level of user interaction required to do it.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    OpenVPN uses an older version of NDIS that RD doesn't have. It'd still take a rewrite. Not to mention that the usermode tools take gcc to compile.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    Just got Kernel-mode working.
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    Post Possibility of Outlook on RT8.0? / Outlook appeared in Windows Update

    mkdir c:\mnt dism /mount-image /mountdir:c:\mnt /imagefile:<wim> /index:1 Built into Windows. I've mounted 8.0 WIMs on x86, haven't tried 8.1. I have mounted 8.1 WIMs on an 8.1 install, though, so it should work.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    I found out a way that doesn't rely on patchguard, at least in theory. Haven't had a chance to implement it yet.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion Edit: Did that bounty idea ever take off? :P Edit 2: PuTTY running:
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    Post ui choices compatible with windows rt (desktop)

    Winforms .net code -should- run verbatim on the RT, as long as it's targeting .net 4.5.
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    Post Windows RT 8.0 on Surface 2 (RT)

    Exciting news. Does the recovery/install PE work fine?
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    I seriously doubt we'll be done by the 8th anyways.
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    Post XDA:BOOT

    Please ban me for the timespan it takes for light to travel one Planck length inside a vacuum.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    Myria told me her current method for jailbreaking the tablet, I've gotten the hardest part replicated. I think I see a way to get it automated, at least to an extent, too. It's not going to be as straightforward as the 8.0 exploit, sadly, but it should be persistent.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    That article flat out says it's patched in 8.1...
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    For the record there is a Powershell exploit that allows native code to run under the powershell process. It's not my exploit to disclose, though.
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    Post [RT] Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak Discussion

    I've done everything I could possibly do to the BCDs to enable testsigning/debugging. I believe that there is a whitelist inside the bootlader, or the early stage kernel. There is a registry key, HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SystemStartOptions, that shows the boot flags passed to the...
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    Post 8.1 jailbreak problem and a usability question

    This is a development discussion thread, not a beta testing thread. Keep your begging and beta testing requests to yourself, all of us here have the equipment to test it, and we're all waiting for it. We don't need a bunch of people offering to test it, that's just as bad as asking for a release...
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    Post Android for Surface RT - how difficult?

    Nor are they in the least bit on topic.
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    Post Desktop apps ported to Windows RT

    Then why did you ask?
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    Post App requests?

    It's also been discussed a disgusting amount of times.