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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Just to report back, I wiped my phone clean, loaded the latest ROM for my device, then rooted it. The UBS apps are both functional now for me. Here is what I THINK I did that helped: 1. Universal SafetyNet Fix, latest version 2. MagiskHide Props Config, edit device fingerprint to one of the...
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Is your lsposed installed specifically for bank apps including ubs banking? If yes may I ask which module(s) are you using that helps?
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Tried and no dice. App still detected root even after clearing all data. Thanks anyway. Going to change bank soon....
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Seems "UBS Banking" is once again detecting root, even with latest Magisk and Zygisk hide. "UBS Access" is still doing fine over here. Hoping: 1. There is a way to bypass root detection in "UBS Banking" 2. "UBS Access" will not follow suit on root detection
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    Post Development [Recovery] [13] [BETA] [venus]・ OrangeFox - UNOFFICIAL

    If usb-otg works it would be a dream come true
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    Post Anybody knows how to disable finddevice?

    Reviving this old thread. Do not try this on newer MIUI OS's (e.g. mine is Mi 11 running on MIUI EU 12.5.9). I tried setting up a Magisk module to replace FindDevice with no content inside. The phone went into boot loop. Had to use TWRP to delete my module before my phone can boot up once...
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    Post Development [Recovery] [13] [BETA] [venus]・ OrangeFox - UNOFFICIAL

    Does it recognize and mount USB OTG? So I can do backups to USB storage?
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    Post Question Mi 11 Wifi Stopped Working

    Make sure you take action quick as wifi failure is a precursor to the main motherboard getting fried. Source: personal experience. Just had my Mi 11 motherboard replaced under warranty. Luckily only lost one week's worth of data as I did a backup prior to the whole phone going kaput.
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    Post Question MI 11 Safetynet fails after root

    I did this on my Mi 11 with EEA ROM.. both MIUI 12 and MIUI 13 work for me with the same steps. In other words not much difference from what you have done. The only thing I can...
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    Post Question Motherboard overheating

    I actually want to stress test it as much as possible now so if it breaks down again at least it is still under warranty !
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    Post Question Motherboard overheating

    Yes Already serviced, motherboard replaced. Fingers crossed the new motherboard has a different design / MIUI 13 will be less taxing on the motherboard...
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    Post Android 12 and Nandroid Backup.... ???

    With @xXx yYy 's help I think I am getting somewhere. So essentially a "stop" command in android will stop Zygote (i.e. the mother of all app processes if I am not mistaken). Once you have stopped Zygote, I believe you are then free to make a duplicate of the entire /data environment. So far...
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    Thread Question Enabling "adb root" on MIUI 12 or 13?

    Right now when I enter "adb root", it says "adbd cannot run as root in production builds". I need adb root to be able to copy files in restricted folders to the PC. I found this that supposedly will replace adbd with one that allows for elevated access, but...
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    Post Android 12 and Nandroid Backup.... ???

    Dear Android export @xXx yYy - wow ! This looks really promising !! I just did a quick test by going straight to adb shell, "su", then "stop". My phone screen totally went blank, and I was amazed ! This is awesome !!! "start" and after a while the phone boots up again. I then tried "top"...
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    Post Android 12 and Nandroid Backup.... ???

    Could you elaborate? I can picture this issue - if you do "adb shell" to enter terminal (or plain adb pull?) while your phone is switched on, a lot of files are being locked and/or being modified while the phone OS is running so how can someone just take a snapshot of everything under /data...
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [11] [OFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    .... So, is there any reason for TWRP's existence? On Android 12, TWRP can't do Mi 11 nandroid backup (as it cannot even see or mount the /data partition it seems). And installing Magisk does not require TWRP. Why does anyone still want to have TWRP then?
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    Thread Android 12 and Nandroid Backup.... ???

    Using a Xiaomi Mi11 (rooted). Recently upgraded to MIUI 13 which is based on Android 12. Was going to do my usual TWRP backup before bringing the phone in to fix some minor problems with sticky volume keys, when I realized (!) my TWRP cannot even mount the /data partition, let alone decrypting...
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [11] [OFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    With MIUI 13 (EEA) this twrp seems pretty useless... What I did was simply fastboot flash the MIUI EEA ROM, wiping data clean in the process, then rebooted, and as soon as the MIUI welcome screen appears, I turned off the phone. Then I booted into TWRP. Just did the above and nothing else...
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    Post Question Changes to the way Android 12 (or MIUI 13) handles system fonts AND EMOJIS, and where can I get a copy of SF Pro VARIABLE font .ttf?

    Emoji broke too. This explains why: Quick solution - if you can find your emoji file under /data/fonts/files/<whatever>, do your replacement there. It will get sucked into /system/fonts/
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    Post [ROOT] iOS 16.4 emojis (Google,JoyPixels,EmojiDex,FaceBook,Samsung,Twemoji,Windows)

    Hi @RickyBush_ ! Just to report, it works on my Mi 11 running MIUI 13 based on Android 12. I used the Beta App for Android 12, but I had to tweak things a little before it works. When I generated the magisk module then tried to flash it, for my phone anyway the "Android 12" portion of file...
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    Thread Question For MIUI 13, where is the folder that stores the video wallpapers

    Back when I was still using a Mi 9 phone, I figured out a way to quickly populate a list of video wallpapers that I can use: The method worked also for Mi 11.... until MIUI 13. Now it seems the Themes app no longer...
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    Thread Question Changes to the way Android 12 (or MIUI 13) handles system fonts AND EMOJIS, and where can I get a copy of SF Pro VARIABLE font .ttf?

    Have some info followed by a question - geared more towards people with rooted Mi 11's: Back when I was still using MIUI 10, then 11, then 12, they all had the same mechanism for picking the system font to be displayed. You use the font files of your choice, rename them as Roboto<whatever>.ttf...
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    Post Question Google Pay bypasses Lockscreen?!

    THe article says tap Connected devices Connection preferences NFC Require device unlock for NFC to force unlock even for small amounts. Found the option only when I search for it in settings, but when I tap on the search result shown, it does not bring me to the option. Using MIUI EEA latest.
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    Thread Question Any way to mount USB OTG in TWRP?

    It gets really difficult to do backup otherwise. And I also do 'tar' in TWRP sometimes, to archive specific folders. How do I let TWRP see the USB, so I can specify an external USB OTG as the tar destination folder? As it is now, I have to specify internal memory, and someday there will not...
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    Post Question -12 hours before bootloader unlock, what next?

    I am using 12.5.9 EEA. Came from phone with Global ROM, so I did exactly what you did - unlocked bootloader, then used miflash to do the EEA flash. I can tell you it is normal to see the error at end of flash when you pick the "erase but don't lock" option. If you look at the .bat file for...
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [11] [OFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    Download your magisk-v24.1.apk (or whatever version / canary), rename it to, then in TWRP install it. .....Tried this but still can't install?
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    Post Question How do you feel about your Mi 11, after all this time since it's release?

    My phone is back with me now, with a new motherboard.. I wonder if they changed any h/w design internally, if not I am not sure how long it will be before this new motherboard goes kaput also !
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    Post Question How do you feel about your Mi 11, after all this time since it's release?

    Bought mine last August, and as of yesterday it is in a Xiaomi service center waiting for the fried motherboard to be replaced. I backed up my phone back in January, still this would mean one month worth of data gone. Better than having to set it up again from scratch I guess. Since it has...
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    Post Working: Magisk with Google Pay as of gms 17.1.22 on Pie

    Just wanted to report back quickly. Was using Google Pay no problem, with @73sydney 's SQLite fix. Updated to the latest canary Magisk, and did some setting up before GPay is once again usable. Note: chances are not all the things below are necessary, but I am not going to make changes as...
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [11] [OFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    My previous experience on TWRP was on a Mi 9 with TWRP flashed directly to recovery partition, and installing Magisk had nothing to do with TWRP as I patch the boot image directly in boot partition. I have been using Mi 11 with Magisk and without TWRP. MIUI EEA ROM. Because I want to backup...
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    Post General [MIUI Updates Tracker] Mi 11 (venus)

    ... seems the EEA 12.5.8 Fastboot ROM has been available since Nov 26 but not picked up and shown by this post...?
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    Post Question Adaway List?

    Thank you !!!
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    Post Question Network Issue - unable to register to 2g/3g

    Haven't studied this in detail so not even sure if it is even an issue. But I heard china 5G or 4G etc networks and phones use certain radio bands that are different than in US or Europe or other continents. Perhaps this is why your phone has no 5G reception...?
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    Thread Question Ways to reach the Xiaomi support or development team?

    My OpenWrt based home network seems to have compatibility issues with my Xiaomi M11, resulting in fast roaming (802.11r) and BSS Management (802.11v) to perform really badly. I debloated my phone so I don't have the feedback app anymore (frankly I am hesitant to use it too even if it was...
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    Post Question Adaway List?

    Karma firewall seems to be an app that acts like a VPN to achieve blocking traffic on a per app basis. For that you have AFWall+ which does a better job and it doesn't occupy VPN. Need root though for it. My question stands - does anyone know of another Xiaomi server URL list that I can add...
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    Thread Question Adaway List?

    I want to block traffic to Xiaomi servers. So far I have been using this list in my adaway: . But this list may have been abandoned as it has not been updated for a while. I wonder if there are any other lists similar to this...
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    Post Question Google Pay bypasses Lockscreen?!

    It asks for my fingerprint if I pay while my Mi 11 is locked I think. EEA ROM latest version
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Just so you know, I literally shared how I solved the problem once and for all just a couple of responses above yours - Basically involves riru and momohider.
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    Post How To Guide Enable Call Recording on Xiaomi MIUI EEA roms

    I root my phone (for other purposes) and re-enable call recording on my Google Dialer. So no need to switch. Admittedly Xiaomi's own call recorder is easier to use, but I am sticking with Google Dialer since it works.
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    Post Question Mi 11 battery...

    I am on EEA ROM, and the latest 12.5.7 seems to be doing something to improve battery life. This is the first day that I still have about 25% at end of day. Usually by this time I would have to recharge already.
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    Post Question Mi 11 EEA Stable V12.5.5.0 RKBEUXM

    You adaway probably doesn't contain the list that blocks calls to Xiaomi servers. It is a matter of preference, of course, but I try (and I want to believe I have achieved a certain level of success) to stop my phone from reaching out to Xiaomi servers. If OTA works for you, great !
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    Post Accessories A good tempered glass for Mi11

    I bought a UV screen protector at a local store. Very expensive relatively speaking, but they help you do the installation too. Seems like they shine a UV light on it for several minutes. The whole process took a long time but it was well worth it. I couldn't be happier with the result, edge...
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    Thread Google Dialer App - synchronizing Whatsapp's contact pictures to it?

    As titled - I am curious to know if there is any way to automatically transfer the contact photos from Whatsapp to the Google Dialer phone app?
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    Post [FREE] [OPEN SOURCE] Keyboard/Button Mapper [NO ADS] [4.4+]

    Hello @sds100 , Thanks for this app first of all. I just got a new phone and decided to use this app instead of "button mapper" that I was using for my Xiaomi Mi 9. Because this app has the "vol up + vol down" combo. Basically with my Mi 11, what I want to do is to press vol up + vol down...
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Not using your app, but for some of my banking apps, I just need to use adb to "pm disable <insert the scrambled name of magisk manager>", then reboot and the banking app is good for use. Easier than uninstalling Magisk (Manager). As you can re-enable it with relative ease. (I assume you are...
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    Post Banks app detects root after update v18.0 (with Magisk Hide and hidden Manager)

    Finally cracked it. The module to use is MomoHider. That post talks about other bank apps, but I tried and it works for UBS Access too (need to enable all configs for MomoHider).
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    Post [Solved] vvb2060's MagiskDetector beats Magisk Hide?

    Using Hong Kong's SC Mobile (v6.8.4). This latest version forced me to search for ways to bypass root detection. Then found this. Quick note - MOMOHider works for it too, but I need to "pm disable <your hidden magisk manager's module>" to REALLY hide Magisk Manager, on top of using MOMOHider...