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    Post personalized energy saving

    how can it be set via adb? is there any guide?
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    Post personalized energy saving

    there is no way without root? I don't want to lose the guarantee and all banking app functions
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    Thread personalized energy saving

    Hello everyone, I have an s20 + exynos, and sometimes I struggle to get to 9pm with a full charge, despite having debloat all the useless apps for me and put in advanced suspension the ones I don't use often and without notifications, but that I have need to have on hand. I would like to know...
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    Thread repair package smarthings

    hello, i have a s9 + updated to the latest sw version, i disabled and uninstalled some bloatware app some time ago. now i have a samsung TV and i want to use smarthings. i reset smarthings but it still doesn't work. Can anyone tell me the package list that allows smarthings to work? i dont...
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    Post Which launcher are you using?

    Hi guys, i use One io Launcher, it's Hood Launcher but really consumes too much. I thought about using Nova Launcher and disabling One io Launcher but lost gestures. Do you know any method to use Nova + disable One io Launcher and not lose the gestures? Thx Nova Is the best ??*♂️
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    Post List the Bloatware you'd recommend to get rid off !

    Hi guys, if i disable one ui launcher ( the multitasking or recent app don't work, don't open. If i enable the package, the recent app work again. Exist an option for disable one ui launcher and recent app work? I want disable the one ui because it have a huge...
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    Post List the Bloatware you'd recommend to get rid off !

    Hi guys, any list for s9+ android pie with exynos cpu? I tried to search on this thread and in the web, i found something but i don't want problem with my phone.
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    Thread Battery problem

    Hello everyone, I hope you can help me ... I have this phone with which I am too well, but now the battery lasts very little. Considering that the detachment at 6:30 in the morning and I go home around 3, I find it already at 35% with the energy (not ultra) switched on. in these hours that I...
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Yes, i know, I have already installed Oreo but I returned to nougat stock because I had problems working in games (similar to clash royal) and i can't download Amazon or Netflix from PlayStore ???? Guys, Can post some screenshot of omnirom or RRos?
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    hello guys, because I got tired of being still at Android 7.0, I decided to install a custom rom. Which of these based on android AOSP do you recommend for daily use? which one has the best battery life? (considering that I am at least 8-9 hours away from home for university). Thank you very...
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    Post Problem with Notification (Enter Please!)

    Fantastic support of Huawei ... before the p9 I used a Motorola motog3 and I've never had problems like this and it was a wonder ... Where can I contact the support of Huawei?I have send a feedback in Chrome and Gmail app, but nothing. ??
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    Post Problem with Notification (Enter Please!)

    I do not know but it is very frustrating for those who use the notification center assiduously to see notifications. For pure cryptic, I flash android oreo (using the magnificent Tecalote's guide) and the notification bug is not present. Then I returned to the stock version, with the latest...
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    Post Problem with Notification (Enter Please!)

    I don't know... For the issue with Google Chrome, I tried to use Firefox and it works, and both downloads are managed perfectly. As for Gmail, I do not want to use anothser client. Do you think it's an update before the 347, but which app? Or of the system? I have the latest version of the...
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    Thread Problem with Notification (Enter Please!)

    For some time, I have a problem with Gmail notifications and downloads from Google Chrome. For Gmail, when I get the notification and click on Delete from the notification, the email is deleted from Gmail, but the notification remains in the notification center and I have to do a swipe to...
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    I'm really determined to do the process to update my European p9 to oreo ... But I have some doubts? 1) After updating, in the system info -> model number remains EVA-AL10 instead of EVA-L09? 2) When I receive an update, I have to have the recovery stock installed, but once the update is...
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    Post [Discontinued] [OFFICIAL XDA] Navigation Gestures - Get iPhone X/OnePlus style gesture control

    can this portion of the screen be removed in the Launcher? I disabled the nav bar with the command in adb, everything works fine, but I saw that in the Launcher emui (I have a p9 with Nougat) there is a bar that unsightly and does not need practically nothing. This is even more visible in...
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    Thread Emui 8.0 launcher port

    Hi guys, could someone provide the emui 8.0 launcher apk? The one of the 5.0 emui is nice, but it does not have google now on the left, and I would like to have this feature ... If it is not possible the port, how can be modified the stock launcher of emui 5.0?
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    Post Confirmed Oreo for P9

    but can not we collect signatures or urge Huawei to update the p9 too? it's shameful, Honor 8 yes, p9 no.
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    Post [Discontinued] [OFFICIAL XDA] Navigation Gestures - Get iPhone X/OnePlus style gesture control

    problem or bug with huawei p9 I activated the split bar, even if it is very difficult to use, but that's okay. So, to use it more easily I have activated the immersive mode in "compatibility", ok all right but when I have the keyboard open (gboard), I can not use the swipe. When I activated...
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    Post how to root and what possibility gives me the root?

    Ok, thx, as soon as I have time and I want to try flash. hopefully, from the procedure it seems a bit 'complicated ahahha. Thanks again.
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    Post [ROM][8.1][OpenKirin's RROS Oreo v6.0.0 - For Huawei P9][Update 25/03/2018]

    Someone can write it step by step, even writing the requirements to be able to flash
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    Post how to root and what possibility gives me the root?

    Thank you very much, I come from a Moto g3 on which I flashed the LineageOS, so something root I know. I just needed information, maybe what thread to follow and what can i do with the root or magisk ... O.T. The p9 is fine even with the rom stock, but what is the best custom rom for this phone?
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    Post how to root and what possibility gives me the root?

    and once magisk is installed, what can I do with it? what chance opens me?
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    Thread how to root and what possibility gives me the root?

    hello raga, I have a huawei p9 and as you probably will not see the update at oreo, I decided to root my phone. I would like to know how to do it, if it is better to do it through supersu, if through magisk (what is the difference between the two?). Also, once I've done the root what can I do...
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    Post [Discontinued] [OFFICIAL XDA] Navigation Gestures - Get iPhone X/OnePlus style gesture control

    Thanks much. In huawei p9 (stock rom, 7.0) when i see a video on youtube in fullscreen, the "stick" it is not hidden. it remains always visible. You can not have it like on iphone x, which automatically disappears and appears by making a swipe from above? in fullscreen games such as clash...
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Italy: updated 503 with in-proxy method with FF. Guys, what change from emui 5.0 to 5.03? I didn't see difference
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    I know the security patches is very important ahahahah
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Yes, yesterday, i download it via OTA and installed. What change? Only security patches?
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    Post Unlock bootloader

    Hey guys, i want the unlock code. I do everything, but when I arrive to enter the model number, serial number, product id and the imei, he says I'm wrong to insert some data. I checked 5 times, reinserting all the data, but still saying that I'm wrong. What do you advise me to do? EDIT: I...
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    Thread which is the best custom rom for huawei p9 and other questions

    What's the best custom rom for huawei p9? I tried to see in the index but it is not complete ... Moreover, custom rom can not be created without huawei releases the kernel sources? Is there any guide to using ADB to change or tweak the phone?
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Thx much, I have a bit of experience in android, I come from an acer liquid mini and a motog 2015 with lineage, so I have a bit of skill. The fact is that I do not want to lose important chats, although I know that through backup at the end you lose little and nothing but it is a hassle the same...
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    doing this I lose everything? If I do not, will I receive a next update?
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    I had to force the update to the b398 via firmware finder. I installed the b398 in February ... :( Via OTA nothing is coming.
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Which is the last update for L09c432 ?? i have installed b398
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    Post Lock Screen Album Art on third party Apps

    Guys i have b398 (c432) stock, but when i play music by spotify or third party apps, in my lockscreen i see only box where is play/pause and skip. Any method for control like stock music player with spotify?
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Hey guys, I saw that in FF the b397 for my imei was approved and I'm downloading it with dns. Can I download the b398 even if it has not been approved for my Imei? EDIT: the installation fail to check with imei (or anything like this)
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Thx, but i don't want root my p9 :(
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    Post EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    i'm stuck in b395. Any method for force-update?
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    Post how to change the size of the screen like in Nougat on Huawei p9.

    Yes, I was wrong to write, I said how to change the DPI of the screen. I set 409 to not have pro mode on the depth shutter and have the most condensed screen. How does huawei not put it in the settings accessible to everyone (in the display to understand)?
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    Thread how to change the size of the screen like in Nougat on Huawei p9.

    I have a p9 updated to nougat and I find no option in the settings----> display to change the screen size. I saw that in the developer settings there is the "minimum width" and I set it as 420 (for having a very condensed screen) but some camera elements have glitches. How can you have the...
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    Post How to flash MM stock rom from LineageOS

    do I need to install the stock recovery?
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    Thread How to flash MM stock rom from LineageOS

    Hi, i want restore my moto g 2015 to srock rom MM from LineageOS. How can i restore? Thx advance
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    Post [MOD][v2.0.0 - 2016 05 09] MixerMod *Stereo Speakers + Audio Adjustments*

    How to install on Lineage Os 14.1 for osprey?
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    Post Official LineageOS 14.1 Q&A thread

    Why, when I start a song, with any player, for 1 second the sound is heard without equlisation, after this second it feels equalized? This happens with any player, and any third party equalizer (audioFX, bass booster or other) ... Sometimes when I want to see a instagram-stories, the instagram...
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    Post Lawnchair - Customizable Pixel Launcher

    Lawnchair can bè flashed to become system app?
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    Post Lawnchair - Customizable Pixel Launcher

    How do you get that Google Now screen? ??
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    Post [ROM][osprey] Official LineageOS 14.1

    It's useful, use gravitybox, using this rom? Sorry if it was done in the Q & A section.
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    Post Lawnchair - Customizable Pixel Launcher

    If xposed is not difficult to install and above all it can be eliminated if it does not satisfy me, I try this thing ... (however, in Nova Launcher, even with only one notification, then only one message, comes out the dots on the WhatsApp icon. I think that in this Launcher does not come out...