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    Post Question Answer Viber video call from external screen

    I've been trying with different apps and nothing works so far still looking for a solution though cover screen is kinda works but just sound
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    Post Question How do I use 2 different carriers on the z flip 4?

    I've had issues with us cellular using an esim too because they want the physical sim to be the main sim card which I think is rediculous, and Verizon just keep giving me road blocks to getting the number ported
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    Post Question dual USIM Support

    I've been trying for a while since I got mine to use us cellular and Verizon (Verizon being the esim) to work but unfortunately I've run into nothing but being told it can't be done, esim in theory sounds great but since carries aren't playing nice it's pretty much a joke
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    Post Question Dex on z Flip 4

    I kinda really wanted dex on mine so I could game with the 8 gen+ 1 on my monitor but sadly it doesn't support it in any way even wirelessly, but I still love it none the less, but if dex did come to the next iterations I'd immediately swap
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    Thread Question How do I use 2 different carriers on the z flip 4?

    I currently have a z flip 4 with us cellular and a pixel 6 pro on Verizon, I want to use my Verizon and us cellular number on the z flip 4, kinda like dual sim but the Verizon one as my eim but I keep running into roadblocks, Verizon says it can't be done without closing off my account and us...
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    Post Photo quality

    Had it for about a week now and i love the videos though at full 10x zoom you definitely need a steady hand, but in all other things details were amazing low light got a little grainy but better than stock and for once snapchat actually looked amazing with it
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    Post Upcoming SLR Mod by Carl Zeiss

    Any details on the specs so far? ---------- Post added at 08:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:07 AM ---------- Aside from what was already written like battery pack ois/eis laser auto focus infrared light ect
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    Post Moto Mod Keyboard on IndieGoGo

    Honestly this mod was the one thing i was hoping for more than anything else, and albiet the second gen mods are nice they're generally not worth the upgrade, but this keyboard mod will be the cou de gras for buying the moto z2
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    Post Upcoming SLR Mod by Carl Zeiss

    Id love this its be great to test against the hasselblad mod
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    Post Photo quality

    Has anyone tried it with Snapchat or Instagram and how is video recording it video chat
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    Post Unlocked Factory Image for Carrier locked STV100-1

    Can you provide more detailed instructions please
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    Post [ROM][MM 6.0.1] [ KatKiss - KatshMallow #034 ] [MultiWindow]

    super glad someones still keeping up with development thank you so much
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    Post No signal or WiFi

    im having wifi issues but still get service
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    Post Increase battery life/performance by lowering screen resolution to 1080p

    I did screens shots after going to 1080 and going back to 1440, now when i first went to 1080 after boot i got alot of looping on the home screen but then after a few seconds it stabilized, and i had to do two geekbench test after going back to 1440 because i thought the numbers where...
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    Post cant unlock bootloader

    I forgot to do that the first time but then did it the second time and nothing
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    Post cant unlock bootloader

    yes i used the tutorial, and the same thing keeps happening it flashes to black for a split second and then straight back to fastboot mode with a locked boot loader
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    Thread cant unlock bootloader

    i just bought a moto x pure edition from bestbuy and i tried using the windroid tool kit and even tried manually with a command prompt to unlock my bootloader. once in fastboot mode and i try to do anything the command doesnt change from the fastboot screen any help?