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    Post Invalid zip format

    No,i only had the zip shown,in the end i left it unzipped and selected it with the ap tab in odin,i then flashed it and it sorted itself out,dont know why it isnt mentioned you can do it that way,phones now working great!.
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    Post Just a couple of questions

    sorted,used su+twrp.
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    Thread Just a couple of questions

    Hi all,i have a sm-g900f,is it possible to make a backup of it with kies or with the stock recovery,also is it mutch work to root,i want to install twrp and keep the phone otherwise stock,its on 6.1,cheers.
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    Post Invalid zip format

    this is what i see when i unzip the file,is it ok as i dont see what to flash with odin!.,there are from what i understnd 4 files i need to flash but i dont see them,can someone explaine why i dont see them?,thanks.
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    Post Invalid zip format

    this is what i see on unzipping the file on my p
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    Post Invalid zip format

    so how do i find these 4 files you mention,and how do i flash them,is there a guide,with most roms i just download a rom zip and install with twrp,why in this case are there invalid zip messages?,thanks.
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    Thread Invalid zip format

    Hi all,i dont know if this is the right place to post but here goes,i downloded a rom(stock) for a uk galaxy s5 sm-g901f,its this rom here every time twrp says in red invalid zip file format,a lot of roms i have tried to flash do the same,any idea of the cause?,thanks...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS for Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE+ (G901F) / LTE-A (G906S/K/L)

    shme the rom is for sammobile premium users only,can we find it anywhere else?.
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    Post [LOLLIPOP Stock ROM] SM-G900F - G900FXXU1BNL2 - Multi Lang European Version

    the link is for premium users only,no longer free,anyone upload it to megga etc?
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    Post [Guide] Revert back to Original Stock Rom With Kies

    will this work on galaxy s5 sm-g901f with knox counter tripped?
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    Post How can we make the XDA forums better?

    Firstly clean up all the dead links for roms etc on here,also at least put the device sections in an alphabetical order,as is they are all over the place,its just a mess!.
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    Thread battery charging issue

    Hi all,i am using a sm-g901f running resurection remix on android 9,im battery management it says plugged in cant charge right now,is that normal?,its running android9 with resurection remix,i want to go back to the stock rom but cant locate a good uk variant,this rr is just way to buggy for...
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    Thread looking for a stock rom

    hi all,i am looking for the stock rom for a galaxy s5 sm-g901f uk model,none i find seem to download ok,sams firmware says server error after an hour or so of downloading,can anyone help here.
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    Post wrong fw flash

    its moved now too 10% and counting,fingers crossed its fixed it?.
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    Post wrong fw flash

    well its finaly in twp recovery,i have formated data after typing yes and am now trying to restore a backup with orig fw,i keep getting the msg E: error on uevent,it seems to be stuck on 2% for a long time,whay is going on,is it normal?.
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    Post wrong fw flash

    can you explain how to do that?,i have the stock rom zip but dont know how to do it with odin,can you please explain how its done?.
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    Thread ***CLOSED*** installing a rom with odin guide

    Hi,i have a s5 901f that wont go into recovery but goes into odin mode ok,i flashed the wrong rom to it by accident,i cant get into twrp via the normal vol up mode but can get into odin mode ok,i have the stock rom and need to flash it to my phone with odin,how can i do that,i need a...
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    Post wrong fw flash

    I got this wrong it was a sm-g901f that i flashed a g900 rom too,now it boots strait into odin mode when i hold vol up key and home+ power,i have flashed twrp ver 2.870 and ver still wont go into recovery but strait to downlode/odin mode,Help.
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    ive done that now odin 3.14.4 is hangng so cant reflash twrp!
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    Post [ROM][11][klte][OFFICIAL] crDroid 7.28 Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8)

    i get error 64 when trying to install gaps,any idears why,im using 11/64 version gapps.
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    Thread wrong fw flash

    hi all,i have a sm-g900 and a sm-g901,i got them mixed up and flasher rr for the 901 onto the 900,now i have reflashed a few different twp versions to it with odin,now the thing is when i hold vol up home and power it flashes recovery in blue for a milli second then goes strait to odin mode and...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    i have an issue with a s5 sm-900f,every time i flash a rom using twrp,it goes to the rom splash screen for a few mins then boots back into twrp recovery,it does this after wiping dalvic+ cash rom too,any idea why?,it does it with every rom i try to flash.
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    thats ok if you have a stock rom,i dont hence the twrp backup!.
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    Post [Rom] [Unofficial] [05.07] MoKee Rom for the Galaxy S5

    about darn time all the busted links were sorted out on this site,its a total cowboy mess of a ****ed up site!
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    its to backup my phone before i flash a rom,so i can go back to stock if needed.
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    so does it have to be installed with odin?
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    Post [Q] Samsung Galaxy s5 SM-G900F Sim Unlock

    good Point,funny how none of the experts here either cant or wont answer the same question!.
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    theres dozens of versions,what do i need,as in version,i see no way to find out!.
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    Well after trawling thru 11 pages here i see no working link for twrp recovery download for a s5 sm-900f,can someone post one please?.
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    Post [RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    why all the dead links,cant they be checked and removed if non working?.
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    Post what gapps to use

    so do i need arm or arm 64,my phone is a galaxy s5 sm-901f.
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    Post what gapps to use

    yes it was wiped,would a low battery cause a bootloop?,as it was at 8%.
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    Post what gapps to use

    its a chicken and egg thing as i have no playstore without gaps,i would think the 901f should be a standard chipset etc,so should be known without having to install stuff to find out!
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    Post what gapps to use

    i tried first gapps arm-9 64 micro,gave error 64,then tried gapps arm 9 and that caused bootloops.
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    Thread [CLOSED] What gapps to use

    Hi all i just flashed my s5 galaxy SM-G901 with e-0.23-p rom,what gapps do i need?
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    Thread what gapps to use

    Hi all,i just flashed eo.23-p to my galaxy s5 SM-901F,what version of gapps do i need,i tried arm64 for android 9 but get a twrp error 64 ,any ideas?,thanks in advance.
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    Post dead links everywhere in development section.

    ok so can you point me to a working rom android 5 or higher that works with a s5 901-f that installs with twrp?,thanks.
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    Thread dead links everywhere in development section.

    It seems as most folks come here looking for a rom,i imagine if like me people spend a lot of time reading these rom posts only to find the download links give 404 errors,can this be fixed or at least delete the usless threads that lead to this and save everyone wasting there time on this crud.
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    Post [ROM][SM-G901F][6.0.1][CPI4][09.10.16] ByczekOS

    404 d 404 dead download link!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][CLOSED] Resurrection Remix for S5 LTE+ (G901F) / LTE-A (G906S/K/L)

    i used this for a while but buggy,hotspot turned off at random,had to get rid.
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    Post [Help Thread] Ask any question, you will get an answer.

    lets see if this works,i am looking for a stock or near stock rom android 5 or higher for a galaxy s5 sm-901f,it is running resurection remix but its total ****,where can i find a suitable rom as most threads here seem to lead to deleted rom files and dead links.
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    Post galaxy s5 SM-G901F rom issues

    seem to be wasting my time here,most links seem non working.
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][G901F][NOTE S7 EDGE PORT V4 UX][Deodex]🌟Noble Rom

    **** as the rom isnt there now!,dead link.
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    Post [ROM] 6.0.1 [CPE1] Material7 V1.3 / Material7 Full V1.0 - 26/05/2016 - [G901F]

    this is no good as the mega download has an empty folder,where are the files?? are we going to get a working download link for this?
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    Post Galaxy S5 plus SM-G901F user thread. And Repository :)

    file has been deleted!
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    Post galaxy s5 SM-G901F rom issues

    where to get it from? link?
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    Thread galaxy s5 SM-G901F rom issues

    Hi all,i have a uk galaxy s5 SM-G901F,its currently running resurection remix rom,basicaly its rubbish,keeps rebbooting at random and droping the wifi hotspot,i need a reliable rom that must be at least android 5,any suggestions where to find a reliable android 5+ rom that will work with this...
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    Thread hotspot turns off at random

    Hi all i have the gsf 900 s5 galaxy,its rooted and running ressurection remix rom,the issue is wifi hotspot turns off at random,even tho the wifi hotspot advanced turn off when not connected option is not toggled,any idias,its not a big issue just irritating,thanks in advance.