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    Post General Firmware update thread

    Thanks for the update. I decided to bite the bullet based on your experience and am sitting at the Oppo service center right now, waiting for them to bring back my phone. I prepped by getting a new eSim QR code in case the flash wipes out the previous one. Will update the outcome on this thread...
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    That sounds promising, thank you for sharing. I'll generate another QR code for my overseas esim and then make a trip to the service centre for an update. If OTAs are coming through, that makes it far less troublesome.
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    Post General Firmware update thread

    I had long conversations with Oppo and the service provider (Telstra, as mine is a Telstra branded Find X3 Pro) and even made a visit to Macquarie Park Oppo service center. Reading through the below might save someone a trip/ mailing in the handset to Oppo. if someone is trying to figure out how...
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    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    I found a rather odd problem with my GS2 while visiting Delhi last week. I was out for a wedding and the temperature was really low (about 4 degrees).. As soon as I plugged in my charger, the touch screen went haywire and stopped responding to any touch inputs. As soon a I pulled out the...
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    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    Not really sure of what to recommend.. However, if the setting youre saying is switched on ( i.e. Use call fail options) under 'video call settings'.. That has nothing to do with the opions showing up in a normal call. I can just add a note that while my PDA is KI8, I've kept the PHONE at KI3...
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    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    I'm on KI8 with siyah kernel and can confirm that I get the options for failed/ended calls. Mine is a cooked ROM from the rom kitchen. Sent from my GT-I9100 using XDA App
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    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on the ROM that has worked out the best for me. I've been on almost every official ROM starting from KF3 to KI4 along with few weeks on litening and cyanogen mod. I finally used the ROM kitchen to download a ROM with PDA KI8, Phone KI3 and the Indian CSC KE2...
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    Post [CHANGE LOG] XWKI8 / XXKI3 (2.3.5) - Full list

    Phew - thanks for that.. I thought I was the only one and was starting to suspect some hardware problem. I'm not using Set CPU and apart from this issue, I'm really happy with this firmware - things work really fast and the battery lasts me one whole day of reasonably heavy use (1.5 hours...
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    Post Wow, so XXKI3 is the 2.3.5 for the i9100.

    Issues when answering calls Ever since I got on the KI3 firmware (using the non-wipe version provided by Intratech), I am facing an issue when trying to pick up an incoming call. When the call appears on the screen, I am unable to swipe across the screen to answer the phone. I have to press one...
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    Post [CHANGE LOG] XWKI8 / XXKI3 (2.3.5) - Full list

    Dont know if this is device specific, I've had an odd problem (feature? :-) ) ever since I upgraded to KI3, I am having trouble accepting incoming calls... The touch screen doesnt respond immediately and I have to press one of the physical keys on the phone to 'wake' it and then swipe across the...
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    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    No Gtalk - No Battery Issues Just thought I'll share my battery life battle findings here - there's no science behind it, just my personal experience. I have found that my battery life improves significantly (lasts almost 30-40% longer) in a day of usage when I sign out of G Talk. I am always...
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    Post XXKG3 2.3.4 is out, any feedbacks?

    Noise Cancellation Couldn't find this noted earlier, but I went from KF3 to KG3 and now get the Noise Cancellation icon in the in-call view - if you choose the menu key, you can turn the noise cancellation on or off. The phone seems to run much better now in terms of battery, I'm half way...
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    Post KF3 Firmware out on KIES

    Here is a screen shot of the new firmware. hxxp:// Note: replace xx with tt to view the link. Sent from my GT-I9100 using XDA App
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    Post KF3 now online

    I updated to KF3 today morning (India time) and I too can confirm that battery is worse - still haven't used it enough to observe any improvements. Battery gone from 100% to 28% in about 7.5 hours (WiFi on for 1.5 hours and Sync on for e-mails all the time) - used to be able to get about 16...
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    Post [Q] CDC driver installation problem.

    I've been facing the exact same problem on my system (Win 7) as well (Thankfully I updated my phone firmware while I was on older version of Kies so Phone is up to date <I'm using the Indian version of the Galaxy S II. PHONE: I9100DDKE4>, however the CDC Serial driver issue started as soon as I...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S2 dual core @ 1.2Ghz processor & Super Amoled Plus launched.

    I've updated my i9100 to the new firmware that showed up when I connected to Kies. Haven't been able to figure out what has changed :-( Does anyone know where we can find a changelog? hxxp:// hxxp:// (Replace 'x'...