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    Post [KERNEL] CleanSlate 🚀 R 2.6.9 |KCal|Dimmer|AdBlock|SafetyNet|FlashLight|Dtap [8 April]

    Im not sure if you can install this beast on A12, but if you install it on A11 and than update to A12 it's working alright. The only prob that I have it for a while now, and not sure what's stock and what's not... 😅
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    Thread Question Change region of SM-A5260/DS

    I bought a A52 5G mobile, but unfortunately it appears to be China version - SM-A5260/DS. As i live in UK, It would be convinient to switch it to European, preferably UK region. The problem is that there is no "Euro" firmware for SM-A5260. Could I flash UK firmware of SM-A526B? The phone is...
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    Post [KB2003] Stock & Magisk patched boot.img (latest KB2003_11.C.33)

    KB2003 stock: patched:
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    Post [Guide] How to ROOT OnePlus8T (CN/IN/EU/International) KB2000,KB2001,KB2003,KB2005

    KB2003 stock: patched: