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    Post ROM KDZ f800 S/L/K

    Thanks for that, How I understand it is that 800S is SK Telecom Korea, 800L is U+ Korea, which ROM is 800K?? Cheers
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    Post [Q&A] [RECOVERY][tornado_348] TWRP touch recovery [2015-02-27]

    Hi, So the Tornado 350 is definitely 1GB ram. I can send full specifications if you want. It's also based upon the same chipset (MT6592) as Tornado 348. For rooting, I think the easiest shot is going for Kingo Root or
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    Thread Tornado 348 Kernel Source Code

    I have the Tornado Source Code available through Dropbox. Just PM me with your email and I'll share it with you. :) Thanks Dave
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    Post [Q] someone have some rom for kazam thunder q4.5?

    Let's wait and see, we've just got the first recovery available, I'm sure it'll pick up. //Dave
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    Post [RECOVERY][thunder_q45] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    Great to hear! Thanx!! Will test it asap!
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    Post [REQUEST] Bing Torque Try the above link, hope it works. I've downloaded, but yet to install it.
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    Post [DEV] Kazam Thunder Q4.5 Development Thread {CWM} {SYS-IMG}

    Hi there, This is Dave from Kazam. Let me know if there's anything else you need. I'll gladly share the source code of the Q4.5, just PM me with your email and I'll share my Dropbox link. (I'll upload it here when I get back from my vacation (oh yeah, I'm in Spain :) ). Thanks all Dave
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    Post [ROM][FXP207][CM10] XperiaPremiuM™ v1 - The Xperia Xperiance

    In order to get photosphere working for me, I need to have the build.prop set to Galaxy Nexus. Maybe that's why it's crashing for you now?
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    Post Help! Xperia S vs Xperia Acro S?

    My wife has an Xperia S and I have an Acro S. Apart for a wider ROM selection, most mods work on both phones (such as QuickPanel, the 4.2 sphere camera, Cyber-shot mod etc), Both phones are awesome, but having a 32GB SD card along the 16 GB inbuild storage does bring an edge to the Acro S...
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    Post Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Xperia S

    Novero Rockaway I just purchased a set of Novero Rockaway, RRP 55 GBP. I'll let you know if there's any stutter with these (will test with my Acro S, and my Mrs's Xperia S)
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    Post [ROM Package] [xda-devs] Windows Phone 7 USB Video

    Great great great This is just amazing! Great job! Thank you all involved for your hard work!
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    Post [JB] CM10 Android 4.1.2 for the Defy(+)

    Quarx mentioned on GSM arena Thanx Quarx for your hard work. Little could I imagine that this bad boy would survive two years of hard earned recognition and coming out among the first with a fully working JellyBean build! WOW!
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    Post Xperia S with Moto Lapdock

    BTW, Expansys sells the Lapdock for 59.99 GBP. I think I'll just have to go for it.
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    Post Bicycle mount

    Pictures.. Here they are. So, I was too lazy to put the P920 holder, so the P500 displayed in the pictures. It's the same type of clip attachment as the original P920 adapter... very easy to attach any LG device, as long as you have an original car mount. Displayed on picture 2, is the...
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    Post Bicycle mount

    Hehe, we will see what Bayern can do to induce harm. It'll be hard to exceed Chelsea's upcoming display on May 19th :)
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    Post Bicycle mount

    Will attempt taking some pics tomorrow, but only if the weather permits :) Quite stormy around London at this time.
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    Post Bicycle mount

    Tweak it I haven't tried this on O3D but have successfully used bike mounts on Optimus P500 and Motorola Defy (really good to use for both navigation and sports apps). I did purchase one of those universal bike mounts, and it was TERRIBLE. So instead I got a hold of an original LG car mount...
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    Post 32GB SD which one best for defy?

    Very insteresting, I haven't had any of those issues with my Memorette class 10 32GB card. Tested with a good average speeds of 14MBps. I wanted a class 10 card in order to be future proof (HD recording etc). Currently running the beta stock Orange Ginger (2.3) rom at 1GHz. //Dave
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    Post moto say: unlock the boot loader on year end

    Well I would consider it waterproof if the IP67 rating is mentioned in the manual. (Been swimming and filming with it about 2m below, I was surprised by the quality of both picture and sound under water ;) ). //Dave
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    Post Portable power packs (on the go chargers) solar+USB

    Nokia has released a bike charger. You only have to reach about 10mph in order to reach wall socket charger efficiency (1000mA). I believe they're about to release a micro-USB version of it. However there's an android dude already converting the existing nokia charger...
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    Post Help, can't flash 'fixed' sbf files except for one. Telstra Au MB525.

    Change SBF file name Hey there, I kinda have the same issues as you do, I think... The RDS lite gave me an instant ROM-flash error when trying various SBF's. I simply renamed the file name to an SBF file name that was working, yes it got a little confusing... first I renamed the original...
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    Post YAI (Yet Another Idiot) with "bricked" phone

    If you have a kdz file (there's one available for the O2X in this forum), and get the phone into emergency mode you may probably have an alternative option to consider. Feel free to look at the following thread. The O2X will use the same LG updating software...
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    Post [Q] Considiring to get a O2X

    I'll give it a shot, even though I have a pre-sales sample, the rom is from Dec 14. I've used the phone since early January. 1. I would definitely recommend the phone, lightning fast, HDMI and all that makes a difference for sure (I've been bringing the phone around, so simple to connect and...
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    Thread Screen Capture

    In case you didn't know, I just found out a button combination which lets you take a screen shot at any time. Just press POWER + HOME at the same time. A shutter sound will confirm that you've taken a screen shot. It works on the LG Black as well. //Dave
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    Post Support for Over the air upgrandes???

    There's also an LG updater Application which will check and install updates. So I guess both bases are covered. //Dave
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    Post [Q]How to Hard reset LG optimus 2x

    Well, you could always do it through, Settings - Privacy - Factory Data Reset //Dave
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    Thread 10 Point Multitouch

    Just downloaded Multitouch Tester from the market and I can confirm that it indeed has a 10 point multitouch (see screenshot). I'm not quite sure how usefult it is in real life, but it sure is cool :) //Dave
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    Mmmm, sad about the old one, however I got my second device so I'll unroot my it and then try the SuperOneClick option.. I'll let you know. Once again this is a sample but the rom is dated from 2010-12-14 so it must be quite close to production ROMs. //Dave
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    Post ant+ support?

    I'm also looking for this, there are some indications that the chipset supports this hardware wise, below is a comment quoted from Jollo at the Motorola developer forum: "Maybe you know about the first attempts to ANT+ sensor usage in android phones by HTC (ANT+ could be seen as de-facto...
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    Do you have a temporary root? After z4root locks? I tried with a later rom and got the same issue. However after accessing it with ADB shell it clearly has root "#" is showing and I have permissions I otherwise wouldn't have. However it seems like the root is temporary. Weird thing... I'll...
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    I sure did, thanx anyways. I've used every button available incl, the touch screen corners, tapping on the selection itself. :( //Dave
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    UHOH! I'll take a look at it, I've got an early version of the 2x which I'll try to push the new system dump to. I've rooted it and while using adb shell it looks like I've bricked it! uhoh! Bricking a pre-production version of the best phone on the planet isn't quite what I wanted to do! I'm...
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    Post Can it play 1080p rmvb?

    I've tried a few 1080p trailers etc. and Rockplayer seems to have serious issues when it comes to 1080p playback of any sort, very laggy etc. I've had mixed results with the inbuilt player. Som 1080p material just flows, and it shows true 1080p through the HDMI cable. But some trailers had some...
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    I'm holding the 2x in my hand right now and unrooted it. (didn't try adb on it for confirmation but tried clocksync, which refused access (superuser has disappeared as well). Rerooting at the moment. Once again this is a pre relase rom so I can't guarantee that the final ROM will have the same...
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    Post [Root] Z4Root

    I used Z4root on two samples of the 2X, no issues what so ever. These were however pre-release roms, but I couldn't imagine any differences from the final release. And yes, it's permanent. I had some app testing to do and tried Z4root just for fun and it worked like a charm. //Dave
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    Post [DUMP] LG SU660 Optimus 2X SYSTEM DUMP

    For testing purposes. :)
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    Post [DUMP] LG SU660 Optimus 2X SYSTEM DUMP

    I actually rooted mine with z4root, no issues, straight forward :) //Dave
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    Thread [Q] Copying a ROM from a phone unto another.

    Hi there, if I hypothetically have 2 unreleased superphones at home for testing purposes available (Android 2.2). I don't wanna go public of which model but it's runs on a tegra2 dual core, you do the guess work. Now, I've had one of the phones for quite some time, but this week a new phone...
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    Post motorola voda eu update

    What benefits does the 2.51 have?
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    Post what mode should defy be in for adb to work

    Doesn't really matter as long as you put the phone into USB debugging mode. Settings - Applications - Development - USB-debugging. After you've selected USB-debugging, you'll have a "are you sure" statement. A warning triangle will pop up in the top bar if USB-debugging is successfully...
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    Post What launcher should I pick?

    Wow, thanx for all tips! Will now have to try the Go launcher, have to get ADW EX another go as well as HE Launcher. //Dave
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    Post What launcher should I pick?

    I tried Launcher Pro, LG Home, ADW and of course the standard Motoblur... I'm kinda after something quick and smooth, doesn't have to be 15 homescreens etc. Um, I posted the original thread to see what tips you guys got. //Dave
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    Thread What launcher should I pick?

    Hi I've now tried 4 different launchers and I can't make up my mind. What launcher is generally the best, keeping up the speeds etc? I just can't make up my mind. Any good suggestions?
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    Post am i the only one who likes moto blur?

    I like Motoblur as a whole. The social networking widgets are great, but there's some minor things missing. I'd like to be able to divide the applications into categories such as LG's Optimus phones (I've an Optimus One as well). I tried the LG launcher on the Defy and it works good, however I...
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    Post Defy earpiece begining to fail (T-mobile US)

    Got an exchange I purchased a Defy in mid November through Vodafone UK. The earpiece started to fail occasionally after 2 weeks. I thought it was self caused due to me playing around in water. However everything else seemed to function alright. After pushing slightly on top of the phone, I...
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    Post [Q] (SOLVED!) Overclock the Defy?

    Could anyone of you guys share your benchmark results after running Milestone Overclock? I'm now running on 1.2GHz and it's stable :)
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    Post How good is the camera?

    Well, one thing none of the others can do is H2Oing it. I just filmed in water, definitely better results than any other phone attempting the same :)
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    Post [Q] (SOLVED!) Overclock the Defy?

    Wow! and getting that benchmark score while running on 800MHz is quite impressive. I've got good hopes that a ported Milestone Overclock will unleash the raw power the phone truly possess.
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    Post [Q] (SOLVED!) Overclock the Defy?

    Yepp, thanx a lot. Since the chipset has clear OC potential this will be very interesting. Especially if the Defy has an omap3630 core, we'll see.