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    Thread Android auto unfortunately its not working

    Hello, Xiaomi Redmi K20, ROM Havoc OS 3.2, Android 10, Android auto unfortunately its not working... I don't know how to fix this...
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    Thread ,,Your device has failed verification and may not work properly"

    Hello! I upgraded to 7.0 via HiCare app, and now everytime I open my phone I have this weird error... I think I'm on C432B371, I don't know cause on my phone it says NRD90M test-keys...Any solutions? I have the bootloader locked and no root. Thanks!
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    Thread Phone stucked on C900B161

    Hello! I downgraded my phone from Lineage OS to MM cause it was a battery eater, and now I try to install Resurrrection Remix OS. What can I do? Do you have something for me? Thanks!
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    Thread Can't boot to recovery

    Hello! I have a P9 Lite( VNS-L31C432B336) and I want to boot it to recovery, and I can't do's stucked on device it's booting now... What can I do? Thanks! Also, can't access the ROM..
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    Thread Blackscreen of death

    Hello! I upgraded my ALE-L31 to Nougat, but I had some issues with it because it was the wrong version and I decided to downgrade and then flash again the nougat. Everything worked OK until the upgrade to nougat. I successfully upgraded to Nougat, but, when I hit reboot device the phone it's...
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    Thread Moto 360 no contacts

    Hi! I have a problem with my new Moto 360 1st gen. When I give it a command, for example: ,,call mama", it said that I didn't have contacts on my watch... I tried with an older version of Android Wear like 1.1.1 to install on my phone, but it doesn't work... What should I do? Thanks!