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    Thread Samsung SM-P907a Shattered screen repair?

    Shattered the screen...everything works.. what would be a solution to repair it ASAP?
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    Post [Q] Is it worth rooting 907A AT&T version?

    Hangouts? After downgrade....does hangouts work for video calling?
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    Post [Q] Can I unroot my Note Pro?

    Reflash with ODIN if you have the At&t version Follow these to get u thru it......
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    Post Post Your Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Homescreens **Be Appropriate**

    As a former Buffalonian....I'm loving the Helmet pic Where can I locate that picture and what icons are u using?
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    Thread [Q] Rooted AT&T SM-P907a - Random reboots are killing me

    These random reboot on wake are getting to me. Any valid solution to this problem?
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    Post [Q] AT&T SM-P907a Root?.

    For those that have deleted the 6 files.... Does this trip the KNOX after deleting those files?
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    Post How many of you use the PRO 12.2 as a phone?

    Several times using great
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    Thread [Q] Towelroot and sm-p907a (At&t)

    Have anyone successfully rooted the At&t version of the Note Pro 12.2 with Towelroot, and if so are you experiencing any issues? I want to know before I dive in. Thank You.
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    Post [Q] Hairy Bean 2.11 missing developers options area?

    worked great.........-- :good:
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    Thread [Q] Hairy Bean 2.11 missing developers options area?

    I can not locate the developers options area on my TF201 running HB 2.11