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  1. Chrack

    Thread How extract the Pit file ?

    Can anybody confirm that the follow strings working on the T805? Use Terminal Emulator and enter follow: This Code is from the Galaxy S5 but i think that the mmcblk0 is the same or i wrong? Here are the partition from the S10.5 and S8.4 Tab Größe Device Name Kommentar Mountpoint...
  2. Chrack

    Thread Psoriasis, that change your life!

    Denise, my wife was a fun loving person but, for 2 years ago she got her psoriasis disease. It has broken out of one on the other day and no one knows why. It has become so bad that they can barely walk. Her hands and fingers are affected. Depending on the load burst onto the finger and foot...
  3. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [20.06.13] Team Union Rom XXLT4 v7 (black/white Edition)

    Special THX to follow Guys: Special THX to follow Guys: - eybee1970 for some help and Mods (we love you ;) ) - grgsiocl for some help and Mods - wanam for some help and Mods - raj_ch2002 for 240DPI modet Apps - PhilZ for his Kernel - ianbbaa for Airview, N8000 Apps - xperiacle for his great...
  4. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [18.11.2012] Team Union Rom 4.1.1 XXBLJ9 DBT v3 [N8000]

    ************************ Info ************************ First there will be no Rom below the name Chrack more. We "Fred1973, Reddy, Darktrooper and I aka Chrack" have joined forces to work together for the N7000 under the name "Team Union Rom". I will keep this name also here in N8000, so don´t...
  5. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [31.10.12] Chrack´s JB 4.1.1 XXLS2 DBT Rom v2

    After a long time ago here is my first JB Rom ;) At the moment my time is very short and can´t working every day on my Rom! But for you Guys i made a Rom from the JB leak. Pics from 240DPI Mod: A special Thanks go to: - _SVA_ for his great 15 toogle mod - bangsti for some help and...
  6. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [22.10.2012] Chrack´s ICS 4.0.4 XXALI3 DBT Rom v1 [N8000 / N8010]

    I present for the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000 and N8010 10.1 my new Rom. Some of you may know me from the Note (GT-N7000) Forum, where I have been "cooked" some Roms ;) And at least a big thx to all the Devs for there great work! - wanam - awesome - grgsiocl - DarkmanRS
  7. Chrack

    Thread Hide App in drawer

    I will hide 2 Apps in the Drawer but i don´t know how :D Read some thing about this, that you can delte the follow valve in "AndroidManifest.xml" <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" /> But it doesn´t work. Ok the App is hide but the App don´t work anymore. Can anybody...
  8. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [12.09] Chrack´s ICS 4.04 XXLRQ DBT Final Rom (18.09 - new Themes online))

    Here is a nice Vid review of my Rom from exploregadgets (Devicecustomizer) Many thanks for this! Many thanks to all donaters. mr.juziu digitaldesire Sascha.Be klickitcom tlissy schraml.e wolfgangre ppml alfredbangerl hans.dampf star-walker blubenow roland.k...
  9. Chrack

    Thread [ROM] [30.03] Chrack´s XXLC1 Multi - FF Beta- Jkay Mod [539MB / 328MB / 224MB]

    Hi, Today i released my modded Apps for the Galaxy Note and now i decided realeasing my Rom too. In my Home Forum i startet with the KL7 Firmware to cook my own Rom. So enjoy my Rom, and sorry for my bad english guys :rolleyes: ### NEW changelog full v18 ### ###...
  10. Chrack

    Thread [Apps Mod] Chracks Modding Apps LA3 / LA1

    Some User ask me, if I can put my modded Apps from my Roms XXLA3 / LA1 and XXKL7 to make it available. So here there are ;) The Apps working with all XXLA1 , XXLA3 and XXLA4 deodexed Roms. - DigitalClock.apk Download: (297.5 KB) -...
  11. Chrack

    Thread [Q] SamsungWidget_WeatherClock - change position of Icons

    Hi, i try to change the position from the weather Icons (SamsungWidget_WeatherClock). Where can i find the Valves, to change the postion of the Icons?
  12. Chrack

    Thread [Q] Notification Bar Color change

    Hi, i changed some things on my Notification Bar, but have a problem with 2 Items. Who can i find the Valve to change the color in the red market on the scrennshot? It´s not in the color.xml from the framework-res.apk.
  13. Chrack

    Thread color and sharpness optimizations

    I hope this comes for the Note: Color, Super AMOLED color and sharpness optimizations Anybody know it´s possible on the Note?
  14. Chrack

    Thread [Q] change the startscreen from Android Contacts

    Hi, i installed the Android Contacts from LeeDrOiD´s Site. When i start the the App (press the Phone button) it show me this Screen: Is there a chance to start the App with this Screen?
  15. Chrack

    Thread [Q] Can i delete the HTC_IME.apk

    Hello, can i delete the HTC_IME.apk from a ROM before i flash it? I will insert in the ROM before i flash it the Gingerbread Android Keyboard. So, can i delete the HTC_IME.apk or is it need for the Gingerbread Android Keyboard? Regards Chrack