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    Thread WiFi calling on S7 Edge 8.0 Official

    I flashed Official UK 8.0 firmware today using odin, I'm currently with the network provider Three and I'm wondering if anyone has WiFi calling on their device running Official UK 8.0 firmware. If anyone has a solution please let me know thanks!
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    Thread OnePlus 3 camera is very poor quality

    Has anyone recently noticed the OnePlus 3 camera has very poor quality and doesn't focus well if anyone has a solution to this could you please let me know. Thanks
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    Thread ROM suggestion

    Can someone please kindly suggest me a ROM with good battery life? Thanks
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    Thread Wakelocks on OB13

    Has anyone else got too many wakelocks on Open Beta 13? I have Franco Kernel flashed.
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    Thread WiFi issue on Oxygen 4.1.0

    WiFi keeps disconnecting on my OP3 running Oxygen 4.1.0, changed WiFi frequency band to 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz and also tried Automatic no difference. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix? Thanks
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    Thread Karnel suggestion for Oxygen 4.1.0 Android 7.1.1

    Can someone suggest me a karnel?
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    Thread How to use banking apps on Rooted Devices

    Anyone know a solution to use banking apps on Rooted Android N since Xposed is not yet available?
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    Thread Karnel suggestion?

    Anyone know of a good karnel which is battery life friendly?
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    Thread Assistance

    Can you flash Official OOS 4.0.1 N as OTA (I just flashed OTA official 4.0.1 N, did not install) on Beta 10 4.0 N without wipping system on TWRP or do you need Official TWRP and clean install?
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    Thread Snapchat layout fix?

    Anyone know how to fix the layout for Snapchat without disabling on screen button, screenshot below
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    Thread WI-FI cut out on Community build beta 8 Android N 7.0

    Anyone experiencing WiFi cut outs on community build beta 8 and know how to fix this problem?
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    Thread Xposed for Nought 7.0 Community build oxygen os 4.0

    Anyone know when xposed will be available for this version?
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    Thread Bootloop after flashing SuperSU 2.78-SR5 on beta 8

    I flashed SuperSU 2.78-SR5 after flashing Beta 8 as it says on Installation thread but end up with bootloop every time. anyone have any solutions?
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    Thread Call noise

    Anyone else having a problem when you call someone with earphones and have music playing it makes a fuzzy noise and doesn't stop until you unplug earphones and replug them?
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    Thread Installing Community Build on OP3

    When I flash Community Build over TWRP do I have to wipe anything or do I just flash over current ROM? I tried flashing community build once and I wiped everything but got a flash error message. can someone let me know?
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    Thread Instagram direct message lag

    Is anyone experiencing a lag on Instagram direct message when sending messages and receiving? I'm currently running stock rom with xposed installer installed.
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    Thread Front camera quality

    Is the Oneplus 3's camera selfie friendly? does it take decent quality selfies? when rooting the OP3 is there any quality downgrade in the camera like on Sony Xperia devices can someone let me know?
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    Thread New type c cable

    Anyone know where I can get the new type C cable as it is suppose to charge the OP2 faster? Is it the one on their official OnePlus website?
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    Thread Should I root OP2?

    Should I root my Oneplus 2 are there any disadvantages? E.g. Camera quality downgrade like on Sony Xperia device's?