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  1. doriandiaconu

    Thread Does Bixby Voice work with Internet Beta?

    It points me to install the stable browser. Thanks
  2. doriandiaconu

    Thread Issue with checking for updates on Wi-Fi

    Does anyone have this issue? Checking for updates works OK on data, but on Wi-Fi it gets stuck at "connecting to server". Thanks!
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    Thread Do carriers change anything about the firmware apart the bloatware?

    Any idea if they change/tune stuff like modem for better signal or they just add bloatware to the unlocked firmware?
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    Thread can the POGO dock be used with the official keyboard case on?

    Or should I stick to the wall charger?
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    Thread How to check IMEI of Galaxy Tab S4 T830 (wifi)

    Hi guys, I just got my Galaxy Tab S4, and I'm trying to see if it's officially supported by the Samsung Service. Unfortunately I got only the serial number on the box and not the IMEI. Is there any way I can find it? It's a Galaxy Tab S4 T830 (Wi-Fi only). I also don't have the dialer app...
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    Thread Is there any connection between SIM and firmware?

    In terms of performance or signal? Let's say I'm on T-Mobile and I flash a T-Mobile firmware. Will I get better signal than being on the unlocked one?
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    Thread VoLTE and VoWIFI issues since G960FXXU2CSB9 update?

    Anybody has any issues with this?
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    Thread Flashed Pie from another region. Samsung Pay not available on my phone. Workaround?

    Does anyone know how can I make Samsung Pay work? I got DBT firmware with ROM CSC. The app is not available on my phone. I tried to download it, but when it starts, it checks for update and then says it can't update. Thanks!
  9. doriandiaconu

    Thread Exclamation mark (yellow trinagle) for a second when booting recovery mode

    So I booted in recovery mod and had this image on the display for almost a second and then disappeared. It happens every time I enter in recovery mode. Any idea what's up with this?
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    Thread Glass screen protector recommendation?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a good glass screen protector for my girlflriend's S9, and most of the "viral" one like Whitestone or others have not so good reviews on sites like Amazon. Can anyone recommend me a good one, that doesn't pop out after a while and has no issues with touch sensitivity...
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    Thread Sudden Wi-Fi speed slow down?

    So for almost a week it seems that my Wi-Fi connection to 2 different routers and one SIM hub (home, my home in a different city and my girflriend's place) is getting really slow (like 100KBps), while the laptop is connected to the same points and gets speeds of 5-10MBps. Also, when I was...
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    Thread Camera speed discussion (selfie/rear) - slower than older generations?

    So I got my girflriend a S9 and she claims that the camera is slower than the S7 (both front/rear). Any other opinions on this? Last Sammy phone I owned was S2.
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    Thread Samsung Secure Wi-Fi - Is it worth it?

    Is this thing worth it? (Powered by McAfee) Taking into consideration the integration with the Samsung Ecosystem. Or do you stick to already known providers like NordVPN?
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    Thread Samsung MicroSD Cards...can anybody help me compare them?

    So, as most of you already got the idea, I want to buy a SD card. But I don't understand the difference between EVO+ and PRO+ and, the new one, Pro Endurance. It seems that the 128/256GB version of PRO+ is out of stock and Pro Endurance offers 128GB version, but it's weaker than PRO+. If I'm...
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    Thread Is the "Always sleeping apps" option really working?

    So is the "Always sleeping apps" option from Device Maintenance -> Battery working? I added all my apps there just for a test and it seems I can still get notifications from them. What is the use of this option?
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    Thread Reflashing stock firmware. How safe is SamMobile? Alternatives?

    Hi, This question just crossed my mind a couple of hours ago. Since Kies is more or less deprecated and Smart Switch has the option for reflashing firmware removed (due to a lot of region changing). This leaving us with Odin, the only way to flash stock ROMs. I've had some discussions with...
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    Thread Build G960FXXU2BRG6 has been released! (July security patches + general fixes)

    This build was released today, July 18th, in India. The OTA size is around 250MB. Links for the firmware release can be found here: The build features security patches + fixes related to AR Emoji and...
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    Thread Disabling Google Play Store/Services on a Factory Reseted phone

    So basically I did this by mistake (wanted to remove Google Play Store from desktop page, but accidentally disabled it). Does it affect in any way the caching of info or the normal flow of the processes? I enabled it afterwards and cleaned cache/data for it and Play Services. Apart from this...
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    Thread Exynos 9810 Problems, Samsung Not Wanting To Make A Fix, And What Can We Do To Fight

    I'm bringing this here after seeing all the struggles everyone had with the batter. Basically what everyone can do is message their local Samsung provider. I just sent e-mails to both CEO and Technical department. More info here...
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    Thread [REQ] Firmware for Romania

    So I've been checking Xperifirm for firmwares related to my home country and couldn't find it. Could anyone give me a hand with this?
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    Thread What is the use of the location feature without Internet connection?

    So I've been thinking about this for some time. What is the use of using the location without mobile data/wi-fi?
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    Thread Build G960FXXU1BRE5 has been released! (May security patches + general fixes)

    This build was first released on May 22nd, in Germany, since then being released in many other countries. The OTA size is around 400MB. Links for the firmware release can be found here: The build features security...
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    Thread BL Unlockable S9 (for warranty reasons) - looking for ways to make the most of it

    So, even if my country is in the EU, both Samsung AND the phone shop refuse to keep the S9 under warranty, if I change the software (meaning root, bootloader unlock, flash kernel, recovery, etc). So what are my chances of making the most out of this phone? Battery life is terrible, but I don't...
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    Thread Use of Secure Wi-Fi?

    Can anyone enlighten me on this one? Seems one of the most useless things that could be on the phone (along with the ram/memory cleaners and antiviruses, which basically is the Device Maintenance tool). Thanks!
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    Thread Build G960FXXU1ARD4 has been released! (general fixes)

    I''m pretty late with this one, the build was first released on April 29th, in Spain, since then being released in many other countries. I didn't post about it because I didn't have any info on the update. The OTA size is 112MB. Links for the firmware release can be found here...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 8.1 spotted in benchmarks
  27. doriandiaconu

    Thread Difference between the performance modes? (CPU/GPU)

    Has anyone got info about these? I kept benchmarking the phone yesterday on all these modes and got different values every time.
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    Thread How much amount (opacity) of blue light filter do you use?

    I'm keeping it at half from 19 to 7. Basic screen mode
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    Thread Build G960FXXS1ARD1 has been released! (April security patch)

    It seems a new build has been pushed to Germany, on April the 17th. Other unlocked phones should follow in the next days. The OTA update size is a little over 60MB. Only security patches this time around...
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    Thread Updating individual apps / through software update?

    How do you guys do it? I keep seeing new versions being posted on APK mirror and the Galaxy Apps being lazy.
  31. doriandiaconu

    Thread Any Wireless Charging Amateurs? Need Your Feedback!

    Can someone give me some feedback related to BATTERY LIFE in terms of wired vs wireless charging (fast charging disabled)? I already know that fast charging CAN reduce battery life. Do we have any info on wireless charging? Since it's an inductive charging, some part of it's energy it's...
  32. doriandiaconu

    Thread Is the cleaning app really necessary? [S9]

    Under the Device Maintenance section there is the "storage" optimization option. Since when is cleaning cache often a good thing? Apps build cache to function snappier. I also tend to believe that building cache consumes more battery since it's an operation as well.
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    Thread Is it recommended to use Wireless Charger with tempered glass protection for the phon

    I think the question is self-explanatory. I applied tempered glass on the back on the phone. Is it a problem for wireless charging?
  34. doriandiaconu

    Thread Updating individual apps?

    Is anyone here updating the individual apps from apk mirror? (an example) Or do you just stick with the ones that are provided by the updates? I tried to update them a while ago and after a reboot (20 days or so), the phone wasn't able to start properly and was kind of a bootloop (except it...
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    Thread Camera/Photography thread - tips, apps, advice

    Hi guys, I just purchased the S9 and I was supposed to get it Friday. Due to me working remote, I will get it tomorrow. From my documentation period, I get that the phone has an amazing camera. I tried to stay away from Samsung, even though the camera was top notch due to KNOX and lack of...
  36. doriandiaconu

    Thread Camera/Photography thread - tips, apps, advice

    Hi, guys, I'm coming from an Xperia Z3C, which had a camera that was pretty bad. Even though some bash the XZ1C camera, it's a lot better than what I used. I'm no photographer and I dont' know the apps, so I'd like everyone to share what they know and use. :)
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    Thread Galaxy S7 not detected by PC (Windows 10, latest Creator's Update)

    Hi, My girlfriend has some issues with her W10 PC. She's on the normal builds (not Insider), latest updates. The PC is able to read other USB sticks, so the ports are not broken. The phone is identified by the PC, but it only works as a charger. When the state is changed to MTP, nothing...
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    Thread Battery charging habbits - How to properly charge the phone?

    How do you guys charge your phone? Do you respect the old 40-80 rule? How does battery care play in? Just got the phone and don't want to screw up it's battery. Thanks!
  39. doriandiaconu

    Thread Flashtool available for Xperia XZ Premium and XZ1 devices

    According to XPERIAblog, now we're able to use Flashtool for our device. Source:
  40. doriandiaconu

    Thread Anyone had issues with the phone charger?

    Anyone had issues with the phone charger? My girlfriend is using an S7 and she has a lot of problems with the charger. Phone is not rooted or any custom ROM. Just stock. I replaced the chargers twice until now. The first one took almost a year to break. This one took like 6 months or so.. Has...
  41. doriandiaconu

    Thread Photo-taking hints for the Z3C

    Hi! I know the camera is a bit problematic on the Z3C, but I was wondering if anyone has any hints regarding how can you take better pictures using manual mode and in what conditions. I'm using the stock camera. Thanks!
  42. doriandiaconu

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2][I9105/P] Resurrection Remix 5.8.4 [FINAL BUILD]

    About Resurrection Remix ROM Installation Downloads and useful links About Resurrection Remix ROM Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new...
  43. doriandiaconu

    Thread Longtime support

    Is the longtime support of the X Compact tied to the support of the X/XA/X Performance or the XZ? It would be pretty dull to get the phone in November and get only one year and a half ot support.
  44. doriandiaconu

    Thread [HELP NEEDED] Porting MM Camera related files from the Z5P to the Z2-Z4 range

    So, we all know this very popular thread made by androidexpert35 : Unfortunately no one managed to port the MM libs from the Z5P because everyone was busy with the latest X/XZ...
  45. doriandiaconu

    Thread [ROM][EXPERIMENTAL][7.1.1][Z3C][UNOFFICIAL]CyanogenMod 14.1[2017/01/06]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 7.1 (Nougat), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead...
  46. doriandiaconu

    Thread [Discussion] What do you think about modified stock vs original stock ROMs?

    Hi, I'm an owner of the Sony Xperia Z3C. We all know that even if Sony is the most dev-friendly community, it still has a lot of problems building AOSP/CM ROMs, mainly due to their camera processing algorithm and the DRM partition. This being said, it means that CM/AOSP is not good for a daily...
  47. doriandiaconu

    Thread Thinking about buying the 5x

    So I'm coming from a Sony Z3C and due to the lack of support (no Nougat for us) and development (no proper CM for us) I'm thinking moving to another device. I'm taking into consideration Sony XZ/X as well as the S7, but none of them have development going on due to various reasons. So no...
  48. doriandiaconu

    Thread Z5C vs XC

    I already made this thread in the Z5C section and heard the reviews from there, now I'm willing to listen to the users of the XC. I'm a user of a Z3C (had a Z1C before that). Now that Nougat isn't available anymore for our phone, I was wondering if I should buy a Z5C or a XC. I'm not a stock...
  49. doriandiaconu

    Thread Z5C vs XC

    Hello, friends. I'm a user of a Z3C (had a Z1C before that). Now that Nougat isn't available anymore for our phone, I was wondering if I should buy a Z5C or a XC. I'm not a stock user. I use a lot of mods and custom stuff on my phone. Stock isn't for me. I know that Z5C is more powerful and...
  50. doriandiaconu

    Thread Reverse engineering camera blobs in Android

    So I heard that bacon (OnePlus One) got the camera working on custom ROMs by reverse engineering the camera blobs. I tried reading online, but I didn't have a proper link for this matter. So the problem is the following, I'm owning the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (codename "aries"), which stopped...