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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    That's weird I still don't see it? Are you nitrogen OS?
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    I don't see it though and I am pretty sure it's not there in this ROM.
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    Ok no probs, also can you add per app thermal config if it's no trouble? Also please don't ever the existing hide notch option. Also thanks for the ROM.
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    Great ROM so far the best imo. Just wondering if you can disable/ remove the corner when using the "Hide Notch" option in Display Cutout setting in the next build? Thanks.[COLOR="Silver"]
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    Post Regarding custom rom and kernels

    I tried the OxygenOS port (dont install another kernel with this)and it is really great for PUBG. But as of now no ROMs are as close to MIUI when it comes to performance of gaming. But Sphinx Kernel with Thermal Config app brings the performance to nearly 95% of what you get in MIUI. I am...
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    Post How to dirty flash a custom rom?

    Depends, but if you are switching from a different ROM then dirty flash will most likely brick your device or cause a lot of errors and it should never be done. But if it is from the same ROM, like going from older PE to new one, then all you do is flash the newer one with the older version...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][IRcam][VoLTE] crDroid v5.10 [14.11.2019]

    There is a bug with the hide notch feature, when enabled, the status bar moves down when locking the screen. Pixel Experience seems to not have this issue(even AOSP extended). Can you please try to fix it if possible or is there a workaround for it? Thanks and great ROM btw, best one imo.
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    Thread Make POCO F1 stable

    Instead of asking Xiaomi or the POCO team for more features, we should ask them to fix the basic issues such as touch issue(now it is only on the edges on my device with 8.12.27 firmware), and fix the notifications and hide notch options before moving onto new features like 60fps videos and...
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    Post Poco F2 expectations??

    Is NFC widely used in the US? This phone was primarily made for India and over here people don't use NFC as much and this was a perfect place for Xiaomi to cut down cost. If they are to implement it in f2, I hope it won't increase the cost by a lot.
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    Post Custom rom

    Ok thanks will check it out!
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    Post Custom rom

    NOS as in Nitrogen OS? I checked the thread for MIUI cam port and seems like there are others with the issue, can you tell me which link you used to download it?
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    Post Custom rom

    These are some option and are also the ones I use. -GCAM -Camera FV-5 Lite -Open Camera -A Better Camera -MIUI Camera Port Although I might switch to MIUI 9.1.X once that comes out as they have a new hide notch feature that fixes the notification issue I had with MIUI. Also note that Pixel...
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    Post Poco F2 expectations??

    -AMOLED display -High End SoC -Stock Android(MIUI is full of sh**, it is full of bugs) or Android One. -a better EIS (OIS if possible to keep under price range) -Best touch screen they can find. -Face unlock like the oneplus if they want that, IR Cam is good, but its useless really and this...
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    Post Custom rom

    Heard crDroid is good but then that depends. As of now every rom has its own issue.
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    Post [ROM]Veneno ROM for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 15/05/2016

    Camera working(rear) but not saving pics camera doesnt save pics ot closes just after snapping the picture. i need rear camera atleast please. Thanks for ROM too its really fast.
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    Post [ROM] [295 MB] [Ultralight] Microkat 4.4.4 and 4.4.2 (based on H6/GenNxt S3 Neo Port)

    Ok i am very late but if u still cant find a fix for vpn here it is. Basically this rom doesnt have an system app called Vpndialog.apk. So here is what i did to make it work. WARNING: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PHONE. THIS METHOD WORKED FOR ME SO I AM SHARING IT. 1) download...