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    Thread App like snote that syncs

    If this should be in questions, I apologize. Is anyone familiar with an app that would be very close to our snote (stylus capability) that would sync with Google. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using xda premium
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    Thread CWM blobs

    I have a bunch of space being taken up by CWM blobs. I can't tell what files are what though. I have my original backup under the backup folder. Is it safe to delete files off the blobs folder? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using xda premium
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    Thread Natively editing video

    I was recording a high school soccer match using the stock video recorder. I mistakenly assumed the fast motion option was recording something like a sporting event. So now the videos are in fast time. Is there a way to edit the speed of recorded videos? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using...
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    Thread Touchwiz ROM

    I searched but didn't see an answer. There are a few ROMs that are stock. I'd like to know which ones are the closest to what you'd get out of the box, has Wi-Fi tethering enabled, and is touch wiz based so I keep the touch wiz apps. All apps enabled to multi window would be awesome. Thanks in...
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    Thread Touch Wiz apk

    Can someone post the touch wiz (seclauncher2) apk for me? I didn't back it up correctly before I modified it using root explorer. So all I get now are force closes. Thanks in advance Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using xda premium
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    Thread Child capable case

    I'm having to replace a second Nexus 7 that my son has dropped and the screen has shattered. I went ahead and am going for a third one but before I give it to him, I want to put a case/bumper/protective something that will help protect the screen. I've looked at quite a few of them but am...
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    Thread Gaming on my TV

    What apps/equipment etc do I need to play games on my Note on my TV and use the PS3 controller as the controller? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Google now

    Does anyone have the updated version. It's showing an updated version it's available on the store. However, it says my phone is incompatible. I'm running black star. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Connect to TV

    I've never ran my phone to my TV. What cord from Radio Shack do I need to go get? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] tibu and previous ID

    After doing a factory reset, I've noticed that titanium backup asks to restore ID or give new one. Are there issues with using the old ID if you happen to restore apps (without data)?
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    Thread Google sync note app stylus function

    Does anyone know of a note/memo taking app that has stylus support and syncs with Google? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Individual app monitor

    Is there an app like cpu spy but that will show which individual apps are eating up battery? Something is causing my media android process to continue nonstop Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Voice to text memo app

    Does anyone know of an app that is not restricted on time that when I speak, it will type it out? I've tried a half dozen different ones but it seems the longest I can keep talking and have it convert to text is around 30 seconds. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Tegra 2 zip

    My Google powers are weak. Does anyone have the Tegra 2 zip so I can get the chainfire app going Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread GPS options

    I've heard about waze, syrgic, etc. What makes them better than Google maps? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Battery level when flashing a new ROM

    I've never really paid attention to how empty or full my battery is when flashing ROMs in the past. Does it matter on battery level when flashing? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Text/spy app

    I'm looking for an app I can install on my two teenage daughters phone that will enable me to view their text messages from my phone. And the app would need to be hidden so that they wouldn't be able to see it. Googling didn't really help aside from links to expensive spying software that's a...
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    Thread Battery usage app

    I'm looking for an app that will tell me exactly which apps are using the most battery. Is there one? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
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    Thread Another bumper question

    I've decided to find a different bumper as I don't really care for the one I have. So I'm looking for suggestions on bumpers that have the cut outs big enough around the mp3 jack and charging port so that the bumper doesn't have to be removed. Thanks in advance Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717...
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    Thread Increasing charging hole on bumper

    So after dropping my phone and cracking the entire screen and then dropping the replacement, I decided to get a bumper with a less slick clear back. The only downside to the bumper is that the cut out where the charging port is isn't wide enough to allow for the charger to fully connect. Maybe...
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    Thread Back to box stock

    I must be looking in the wrong spot. I'm trying to get my Note back to out-of-the-box stock. I've gone through the development threads and found the ones for stock kernel, etc. so not a problem there. But I'd like to avoid reinstalling all the apps one at a time that I've uninstalled...
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    Thread [Q] TiBu and others failing root access?

    I'm running into a problem the last couple of days. I'm having a number of apps that need to gain root access not gaining root access. I went to update the binary and it's a fail on gaining root access. Suggestions?
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    Thread Case with diamond pattern

    I can't find the thread. But someone had posted a case that was clearish in color and had diamondish patterns on it. I'd appreciate the link if someone knows it right off hand. Thanks in advance
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    Thread [Q] s pen with maps

    I can't find a good tutorial on this. I was trying to use the s pen to outline and circle a destination on Google maps and send that through a text message. However, Im doing something wrong and can't figure how to get the s pen to work with Google maps.
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    Thread Polaris Office

    Does anyone use polaris office? I have Docs to go and google docs. Is there any reason to use polaris office that those two don't offer?
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    Thread App for stylus in text

    Are there any apps that will give us the ability to use the stylus to write texts rather than typing them?
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    Thread [Q] TiBu

    Okay, I'm just not inputting something in correctly. Just moved from the Thrill to the Note this morning. Rooted now. When I go to batch and restore missing apps, none are showing up.
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    Thread [Q] App storage

    I'm really confused after reading through a post. The poster stated that there was only around 1.75mb available for app storage. Is this phone really handicapped down to under 2 gigs for app storage? If so, that's sad. It'll be returned before I even open the box. Two large size games and...
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    Thread [Q] Weight

    I'm pondering on ordering one since the pre-release order is open right now. However, I'm curious as to the heaviness of this phone. It seems Samsung has gotten really good at makign super light phones. However, I don't really care for the weightlessness of the SGSII. I prefer a bit of a...
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    Thread wallpapers, gimp, multipicturelivewallpaper

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place. But I figured this would be the best place since we have a lot of themers that use photoshop and Gimp. I decided to start creating my own wallpapers with Gimp. I'm setting my image to a 960x800. However, when I try and set with multipicture live...
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    Thread CM7 for Thrill Found this at . I apologize if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it in the development secion. This makes getting on GB a snap. Is working great! The first few minutes, download...
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    Thread Bookmarks app w/Google sync and widget

    I need a bookmarks app that syncs with my google bookmarks and has a nice looking widget. Any suggestions? I'd like to avoid installing and uninstalling a bunch of apps.
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    Thread [Q] Duplicate file finder

    Does anyone use one of these? I have 115 duplicate files that could free up some resources but I'm afraid to delete and have deleted something I needed. Although I suppose since I have titanium backed up, it's a moot point. Opinions?
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    Thread [Q] No longer charging

    So I had my Thrill charging by being connected to one of the USB ports. And suddenly it stopped charging and the phone will not charge at all despite being plugged into a wall unit or a laptop. Any suggestions short of replacing the phone?
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    Thread Adventures of Rin tin

    Can someone head over to the Market and see if they have the option to buy/install The Adventures of Rin Tin? It's saying that it's not available in my country. But ummm...I'm in the US.
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    Thread [Q] Camera app

    So after having gone through 5 different camera apps that won't use the front facing camera and also switch to video mode, it's getting frustrating install and uninstalling. The stock camera works but is sloooooow. What camera apps have y'all installled from the market that you like and works...
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    Thread [Q] ooVoo, Tango, Skype

    I've been using Tango but noticed that skype and ooVoo are available in the market now (for our phone). Has anyone tried skype or ooVoo with this phone?
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    Thread [Q] ROM manager

    If we can't do CWM recov through ROM manager, do I even need this app installed?
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    Thread [Q] no baseband, no hardware

    Hang up on Odin and Odin quit at the modem.bin The phone is showing baseband unknown and hardware unknown. What exactly aside from a modem needs to be flashed to get the phone fully functioning again and preferably back to stock. Thanks for any and all replies.
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    Thread [Q] Converting .jar file

    I found some pretty cool looking games for android that aren't on the market. They're in a .jar format. I couldn't find much through google on getting them to an .apk file so I can fun them. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thread Launchers

    So I've been using Go launcher ex, and like it. I've used in the past LP+, and liked it. I was pondering on purchasing SPB shell 3D launcher after the couple of highly regarded reviews. So I started looking at some videos of other launchers. I found Nemus launcher and Claystone launcher to...
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    Thread [Q] Need gradebook/spreadsheet app

    No responses when it was first posted in the general android section and got swallowed up quickly by the other threads. Does anyone know if there is an app that would act like a gradebook/spreadsheet function? I'm a school teacher, and have been using a gradebook to mark completed tasks. For...
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    Thread [Q] hdmi to laptop

    My laptop has a hdmi input. I was going to see how Earth and legend looked on a larger screen than a 4.3" screen. When I connect from the thrill to the laptop, nothing happens. Is it not possible to connect to the laptop or am I needing to click something? I googled and youtubed but couldn't...
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    Thread [Q] Gradebook like app

    I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something to replace my gradebook during class. I teach phys ed and when we do laps I typically mark down the students when they pass by. However, I'd like to know if other than creating a spreadsheet through docs, is there...
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    Thread tango update

    Not sure if anyone noticed this but Tango is updated in the market and works right with the front camera
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    Thread Ballistic Case

    I purchased the black and white ballistic case at the AT&T store. They only had the ballistic cases. At first I wasn't too hip on them as they're pretty bulky, and I really wanted something with a clip on it. The downsides to this case is that it's not quite as easy to hit some of the side...
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    Thread [Q] Phone memory, system memory, and what did I do?

    I've suddenly become confused. I have phone memory. I have system memory. I have 643 mb available of system memory I have 23.91 mb available phone memory. Here's where I'm getting confused. As I'm trying to free up the phone memory and moving apps to SD or using TB to delete some bloat apps...
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    Thread [Q] To get even faster

    I assumed this would be in the right place since this would take some tweaking of the guts. Aside from throwing on a custom rom (since we have none yet) what can I do to make this phone run even faster?
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    Thread [Q] launcher pro not changing options

    Decided to use Launcher Pro again. However, changes will not take effect. I can't change the rows or columns, I can't remove the app icon labels, etc. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Nothing is working.
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    Thread [Q] ROM battery life

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I've flashed a few ROMs, and I haven't been impressed with battery life yet. Some are obviously better than others but I have yet to see these day long battery life days even after calibrating battery and clearing battery stats and anything that's...