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    Thread IS There a better rom than OOS nowadays?

    Just wondering if by now there is a rom better than the stock OOS? Thanks!
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    Thread Is there a way to keep Ambient Display but remove Horizon LIghts?

    I dislike the horizon lights as I think it looks tacky so just wondering if theres a way to disable it? Thanks
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    Thread Substratum theme that is a dark gray that matches the nova dark mode theme?

    Anyone know of a theme that matches the nova dark gray theme?
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    Thread Remove tick when inputting lockscreen pin?

    Really annoying feature that I don't know how to disable? Any help appreciated thanks
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    Thread Best way to backup data when flashing new roms?

    Can't find a reliable way to do so... Any help appreciated
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    Thread Snapchat videos are laggy and almost slo-mo?

    Any videos on snapchat play fine for about a second then it goes real laggy and seems almost as if its playing in slo mo? I've tried reinstalling and clearing data/cache... Any ideas? Thanks
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    Thread No Super-macro mode in 10.0.1 update?

    Anyone else not have the option for super macro mode?
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    Thread Camera doesn't have super-macro mode?

    Hey guys I'm running stable 10.0.1 and oneplus camera version 3.8.69 but there is no button for the macro mode? Any help? Thanks
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    Thread Anyway to clean flash Android 10 stable without losing data?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows how to clean flash update to 10 stable from 9 without losing data? I want to try android 10 but don't want to lose all my data and if I use Titanium Backup, it usually messes up notifications when I restore my apps? Any help appreciated !
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    Thread PC doesn't detect phone?

    Hey everyone, all of a sudden my PC no longer detects my phone? It use to detect it with usb debugging with no problems but out of no where just doesn't detect it anymore? It just charges it with no debugging options?
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    Thread Finger print inaccurate?

    Anyone elses finger print scanner sometimes says not recognised and you have to try multiple times?
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    Thread Super macro mode photos very grainy?

    Anyone else having trouble getting clear photos with the super macro mode? I'm rooted with kirisukura kernel and Renovate Ice if that matters. Thank you!
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    Thread "Waiting for Download" after root?

    After rooting my device I've noticed when installing apps from the playstore it takes a lot longer to install apps? It gets stuck on waiting for download for about 10 seconds before actually downloading? Anyone else experience this?
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    Thread Anyone else feel their phone is slower after rooting and having magisk modules?

    I feel as if my phone isn't as snappy as it was before I rooted it. I'm running .11 with Renovate Ice and a few other magisk modules
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    Thread How bad is the green tint on the 81hz mod?

    Just want to see how bad the tint is? Thanks
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    Thread Most stable rom?

    Just wondering if I should flash a custom rom or go with the global miui 10 rom? Thanks
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    Thread What ROM are you guys running?

    Just curious to see what rom you guys are running as im looking to flash a rom onto my k20 pro. Thanks
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    Thread ASB Virtual doesn't work with Magisk?

    Oneplus 5T running CnP Pie rom with Magisk 18 and pass safety net but it keeps my device doesn't support ASB virtual? Any help? Thanks!
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    Thread No OS installed w/o ADB Sideload...?

    Hey XDA, I somehow 'bricked' my OP3. So there is no OS currently but I still have TWRP. I cannot transfer any files to it because when I try an error pops up on my PC saying the device isn't responding. The only other way I know of to transfer files to it is ADB Sideload but when I try that it...
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    Thread Anyone still running Sultans CM13 Rom?

    Wondering if anyone is still running the Marshmallow CM13 rom by sultan? Its so polished and known as one of the best roms but I don't know if its worth it to update to the official OOS roms?
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    Thread OP3 has no lock screen and status bar?

    Hey guys all of a sudden my OP3's lockscreen disappeared and the finger print reader no longer works. It also has no status bar... Any help please?
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    Thread Anyway to swipe on right side of status bar for quick pulldown?

    Hey guys I would love a quick pulldown but unfortunately i cant find it anywhere. Any help is much appreciated! Cheers
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    Thread How to log into snapchat with root?

    Hey guys I'm running stock OOS 4.1.0 with franco kernel and supersu. I can't log into snapchat, it gives me the log in temporarily failed error. I've even tried fully unrooting via the supersu app and it still doesn't allow me to log in... Any work arounds? Would be much appreciated, thanks!
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    Thread OP3 Rom with OTA updates and is stable?

    I'm looking for a rom that allows for OTA updates and is a stable rom. I would also like if I were able to flash a custom kernel such as franco on top. Thanks!
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    Thread Any way to get Google Assistant on OOS without Nova Launcher?

    Hey guys, I really want to run GA but don't like Nova due to not having the left google now side card available. I'll be using a Pixel Launcher zip. Is there any way this is possible with the OP3 on latest OOS? Thanks
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    Thread Dac quality compared to Axon 7?

    Hey guys, the only factor that is making me choose the Axon 7 over the OP3 is the dedicated DAC. I was wondering if you guys would be able to tell me if the sound difference would be a deal breaker over the OP3 whilst using headphones? If the OP3 is almost as good as the Axon 7, might as well go...
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    Thread Can't flash AK kernel with Slimsaber 5.1.1?

    If I try to flash AK Kernel along with Slimsaber my OPO just gets stuck in a bootloop with the AK Kernel logo... Please help?! Flashing Slimsaber on its own works fine but I have to use the slim kernel. I want to use the CAF AK kernel instead. Thanks in advanced! Cheers
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    Thread [Q] When will Paranoid Android be released for Android 4.4.2?

    As the title says. I really want to flash it onto my Nexus 4. Thanks a lot guys.
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    Thread [Q] Cannot use Paranoid Android on Nexus 4 Kitkat?

    So I tried installing Paranoid Android on my Nexus 4 running 4.4.2 but then it reverted me to 4.4 automatically when I flashed it... But I am starting to think this is not Paranoid Android? On my 4.3 Paranoid Android, I had all the features such as hybrid settings and halo, etc. Now, there is...
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    Thread [Q] Help change my wallpapers?

    So a few months ago I somehow managed to have a separate wallpaper on my home screen and my lock screen... I totally forgot how I did it and I did some research and people said cyanogen mod allows you do that and I was running cyanogen mod for a few days before flashing on to franco kernel which...
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    Thread [Q] Good volts and screen settings please?

    I've searched for hours for this topic on google and I've tried a lot of the presets people are using for their N4 but man, it just doesn't work with mine unless mine is different? Whenever I use the presets of other people who claim it to be good, my N4 just stutters or just crashes and...
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    Thread How to UV with PA rom and FK kernel?

    Hi guys, I really want to undervolt my Nexus 4 to slightly improve battery life and reduce heating temperatures but I can't seem to do so. I've tried trickster MOD and system tuner from the appstore but I can't, well I can but after a reboot, it just goes back to stock settings. Maybe the paid...
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    Thread White theme for CM 10.2?

    I really need a theme for CM to make the icons in the status bar not that ugly cyan color... So sick of it and would love a minimal theme to change the status bar icons to white and the whole theme of the phone to white because I hate that cyan color. Please help me find one? I remember seeing...
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    Thread Shakey Kernels?

    So I am very new here and I just managed to get a kernel to work after 2 days of hard effort lol. I am using Fraco Kernel on my Nexus 4. I tried two other kernels which are the Trinity and Matr1x kernels and when I load either of those the screen is "shakey" whenever I swipe through the pages or...
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    Thread [Q] NEXUS 4 BROKEN? Please help!!!

    Hi guys, sorry if this is a "noob" question or that its in the wrong section or whatever, I am new here and this is my first post so please bear with me. So today I was trying to install cyanogen mod which is so hard? And I did something wrong and I went into recovery mode to reset the phone...