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    Post why so less development in our device Oneplus 7t.

    Flashing procedure is well very complicated with no twrp. So almost no one bothered.
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    Post Internal Storage seems gone

    or you could just reflash stock rom from msmdownload tool to lessen the hassle lol.
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    Post [UNIFIED] [CAF 10.0] [4.9.196] [CLANG 10 / LTO] Neutrino Kernel (sagitta)

    ofc it wouldn't work. stock has no support for f2fs. but on arter's kernel it works.
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    Post [UNIFIED] [CAF 10.0] [4.9.196] [CLANG 10 / LTO] Neutrino Kernel (sagitta)

    after changing file system to f2fs and flashing this kernel internal storage is not showing up to pc.
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    Post [UNIFIED] [CAF 10.0] [4.9.196] [CLANG 10 / LTO] Neutrino Kernel (sagitta)

    I don't think it would work as oneplus is yet to release the source code for that.
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    Post [UNIFIED] [CAF 10.0] [4.9.196] [CLANG 10 / LTO] Neutrino Kernel (sagitta)

    I've been tracking this kernel for quite a while now lmao. One of the best for sure. :)
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r146 OP6/T] [OOS 10 / CUSTOM A10]

    This kernel is a beast on light usage at 10%/hr but when gaming it becomes a toaster.
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r146 OP6/T] [OOS 10 / CUSTOM A10]

    That is the correct way to do it tho unless you are using custom rom/decrypted oos.
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    Post Tutorial : Decrypt And Flash Any ROM [ Working on Android 10 ][No data loss]

    You clearly forgot to format data and reboot recovery before flashing anything.
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    Post [r21] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 6

    Yes it will. I personally preferred starting from scratch to avoid some hiccups along the way.
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    Post [r21] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 6

    What i did. Flash arter kernel Reboot to arter twrp Change /data to f2fs Flash That's it. Keep in mind that you have to flash fstab zip every rom update or system format.
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    Post [r21] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 6

    Latest kernel is very smooth. It fixed the stutters in my pubg mobile which is present on any other kernel. But battery life takes a hit.
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    Post [r21] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 6

    Can I use this kernel on ext4 partition? I don't really want to format data.
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    Post [Kernel] RenderZenith OP6 [OOS-P-EAS-V1.5.0][10/21]

    Excellent kernel. Battery life and performance are as expected.
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    Post i accidentally flashed a custom rom over oxygenos lol help (really though help)

    I was in the same boat as you the other day. I flashed different versions of twrp until i managed to boot one because some twrp isn't compatible with pie.
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    Post Heating issue while playing pubg

    Ofc it would get hot pubg is the most resource hungry game i can think of. Turn down the graphics see if it helps. I play pubg mobile and my device get really hot and the SOT is just about 3 hours. Smooth and extreme settings.
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 (Android 10) for the OnePlus 6

    Latest update sounds on bluetooth speaker is like the bass are cranked all the way up. Sounds garbage. EDIT: It seems kernel related issue.
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r146 OP6/T] [OOS 10 / CUSTOM A10]

    I just got 7hours sot with this kernel. No UI lags and scrolling has been greatly improved from last version. Best kernel for me. Very nice work dev.
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    Post [KERNEL][OP6] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r22 - 25th Aug - Stock & custom roms

    Alot of dropped frames while playing games. Had to crank all cpu and gpu to performance to keep 60fps on pubg.
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r146 OP6/T] [OOS 10 / CUSTOM A10]

    Is it possible to add support for decrypted data so i wont have to install no verity on top of a kernel?
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    Post [MAGISK][MOD][EOL] [v8]Stereo Speaker Mod For Oneplus 6 *AML COMPATIBLE*

    Sound distortion and crackling sound on games such as ML and PUBGM are very audible.
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    Post [ROM][8.1][TREBLE][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid v4.7.1 [21.11.2018]

    Do the flashing again without wiping anything. I think the vendor partition needs to be created first in order to boot.
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    Post [ROM] theOne5TOS [OxygenOS][AROMA]**Open Beta 3-A10**Stable 9.0.11-PIE**[05/19/20]

    This is oxygenOS with few extra options installing. You should ask OnePlus for that.
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    Post [KERNEL][OP5T] FrancoKernel ?- r49 - 27th Aug · Pie & custom roms

    That happened to me when i was flashing a wrong kernel. Try redownloading the one meant for Oxygen OS.
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    Post [ROM] theOne5TOS [OxygenOS][AROMA]**Open Beta 3-A10**Stable 9.0.11-PIE**[05/19/20]

    One question sir. As i am new to this encryption and decryption thing i didn't tick the force encryption disabler while installing with aroma. I came from ob16. Am i missing out on something besides the TWRP asking password everytime?
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    Post [ROM][8.1]LiquidRemix[v9.1.4][OFFICIAL][08/10/18] For Whyred

    I like this rom. Its good looking with alot of customization and very stable paired with derp kernel :D thanks dev.
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    Post This phone seems to be too good to be true. What are the bad things about it?

    Wow mine was like that too and its freaking annoying. I thought it was a hardware issue.
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    would be nice if qs tile would also be affected by accent colors.
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    Post Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Al ARB

    Just flash 8.7.5 below or 9.5.17 below miui and u wont have to worry about arb.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [AOSP] [WEEKLY] Arrow OS [Pie] [9.0] | Whyred

    This rom is throwing an Error 7. I use latest TWRP and 8.7.5 firmware. The only rom i cant seem to flash :D
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    Post Charging speed

    I just bought a tronsmart qc 3.0 charger and now i go from 15%-85% in 45mins. compared to stuck which took 1 and a half hour.
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    Post redmi note 5 pro is die please any help?

    Antirollback. Izza BRICK!!! :D
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    Post Anti-Rollback but flash TWRP & LineageOS /

    No bro. You still have to wait 360hours before being able to unlock even from an authorized account. That's some luck. Lmao
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    Post I'm DONE with XIAOMI PHONES!!!

    Flash lineage and lower rgb using live display. Problem solved.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    My LED light works tho. I can even change its color to per app basis. :D
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    I dont experience any of that bruh. Try clean flashing latest experimental build.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    Happened to me too. After restart didn't happen again. Maybe a very minor bug.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    Well im not really knowledgable about kernels anyway. :laugh: But flashing a custom kernel had it going. 0516 build work just fine so i guess no update for me today. :laugh: Credits to the dev for the updates anyway. :)
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    Bro you can flash custom kernel and 0524 build will work but that defeats the purpose of the update. I guess its a display driver issue for ebbg displays. Already experienced this before.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    Bro i experience the same too. Every mdroid compiled by Hikari seems to have this behavior. I remember from sometime he was the one who compiled and it bootloops. i just cant remember when was that but i skipped that OTA.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL] MiracleDROID 1.0 | MAGICAL WORLD [mido]

    Props to Lakku. Best rom for mido. Better than any rom. And yes i tried them all. ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1] OmniRom [STABLE] [24/06/2018] [NON-TREBLE] [DISCONTINUED]

    I just read the omni gerrit and they added lockscreen torch. Probably would be implemented next build.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r52][AOSP][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.8 [Treble][DUI][20/03/2019]

    If ur twrp doesnt have support for treble builds then yea you need to.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r52][AOSP][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.8 [Treble][DUI][20/03/2019]

    Use custom magisk for treble provided in lineage 15.1 thread.
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    Post KudKernel r45 - mido - AOSP 9

    R11 no longer supports goodix touch panel.
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    Thread Touch Lag on all oreo roms

    I have this weird touch lagging issues especially when multi touching is done on the screen. It wont stabilized and keep moving all around the screen this is persistent on all oreo roms i tried. I am on RR nougat for now but I really like oreo roms. This issue doesnt persist on my other redmi...