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  1. kanttii

    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r184 unified OP5/5T] [OOS 9.* / pie custom ROMs]

    Yay thank you! Glad I could help. I just sideloaded OOS (downloaded after grabbing URL with logcat) with TWRP sideload option and adb sideload, then flashed kernel etc again and it worked great.
  2. kanttii

    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r184 unified OP5/5T] [OOS 9.* / pie custom ROMs]

    European model I assume, bought it in Finland! A5010 in device info. Pulled stuff from 4.7.2, attached, and libs etc here: "ro.boot.rf_version 21" remained the same in this update.
  3. kanttii

    Post OnePlus 5T / dumpling vendor blobs and build.prop

    Updated to OOS 4.7.2
  4. kanttii

    Post Got my OP5T 128GB. Any questions, ask. ^_^

    Same dpi/width changer as everywhere, works well, set mine to 430 so it's native 401 DPI of the screen. Call volume is good, nothing to complain about! Speaker and normal mode both. Navbar color works in Solid Explorer, it can use the selected primary color like default blue! Panel id: Samsung...
  5. kanttii

    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r184 unified OP5/5T] [OOS 9.* / pie custom ROMs]

    Haha yeah, it's apparently too easy to forget. Sure, ver_info.txt attached and the rf version is below! OnePlus5T:/ $ getprop ro.boot.rf_version 21 Great, thanks! Is there anything else that would need to be pulled out?
  6. kanttii

    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r184 unified OP5/5T] [OOS 9.* / pie custom ROMs]

    Oh right! False alarm then, I now flashed it like: 1. Flash blu_spark again 2. Flash magisk again 3. Flash magisk uninstaller 4. Flash magisk again 5. Flash blu_spark 6. Works! The phone feels faster with your kernel, thanks for the tips!
  7. kanttii

    Post Got my OP5T 128GB. Any questions, ask. ^_^

    My 5T has, it's nice and small on the top left corner. Those wondering about the tempered glass screen protector: it makes the screen look very bad because of the rainbow hue noise it makes. I took it off instantly... 21.90 euros for that wasted. Screen is great and I like the colors. Both...
  8. kanttii

    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r184 unified OP5/5T] [OOS 9.* / pie custom ROMs]

    Thank you! I flashed this on my 5T but wifi doesn't seem to work, can't enable it from settings nor did it work in setup. Are some drivers missing? I pulled stuff out of the phone before flashing, link below, would they be of any help until you get your 5T...
  9. kanttii

    Thread OnePlus 5T / dumpling vendor blobs and build.prop

    OnePlus 5T / dumpling blobs no /sbin/dashd adb: error: failed to copy '/sbin/dashd' to 'vendor/oneplus/sbin/dashd': remote open failed: Permission deniedOnePlus 5T / dumpling build.prop...
  10. kanttii

    Post So are you getting it ?

    Yes 8gb&128gb model if they're available, I'll switch from the Xperia XZ Premium. OP5T is far superior to my needs, especially in software & warranty--won't lose it with custom ROMs like with other manufacturers. The camera looks to be much better too even though this XZP is 50% more expensive.
  11. kanttii

    Post [MOD] Change Default Resolution to 4k - No root needed!

    THANK YOU. That prompted me to go check Google's DPI stuff in the app which confirmed this. BUT it also works with 2160x3840 with DPI 720! FIXED IT FOR ME: ---> in settings -> display set dpi to biggest (720) adb shell wm size 2160x3840 wm density 720 --> yes, 720 here too! Now my dialer...
  12. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Did it work?
  13. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Did you try with ? That works for me :) Do you get the same md5sum from the downloaded ISO as in my post? I will this week!
  14. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    New unofficial 64-bit build with kernel 4.9 and Mesa 17.1.5 Here: Bliss-v7.2-android_x86_64-UNOFFICIAL-20171007.iso md5sum: 2a058d2b9089f83ff890a008d98a91f2 Extract the ZIP and flash to USB with Rufus on Windows or Etcher on Linux/Mac and follow the instructions in the first posts of the...
  15. kanttii

    Post [ROM+Kernel][Unofficial][Unified]LineageOS 15.1[8.1.0]

    Great, thanks for the heads-up! I was just going to sync source and build :D Guys oh man how GOOOOOD LDAC sounds with Sony WH-1000XM2! This is pure awesomeness! If you have LDAC-compatible headphones and are on Nougat, I can wholeheartedly recommend this ROM as LDAC alone is worth the little...
  16. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Hi! Try this new bleeding edge build by electrikjesus: It has new fixes that might help with the newest NUCs. I hope you can report back. If this helped, please press the thanks button :)
  17. kanttii

    Thread [HOW-TO] Transfer files to & from Android with Windows 10 via WiFi

    To create a shared folder or drive in Windows (at least 10), refer to these: 1. 2. 3...
  18. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    On Surface Pro 3 Grub goes into touch mode for me without changing anything. All I need to do is 1. disconnect keyboard and reboot 2. Then a touch keyboard button appears on top right 3. Press that button and use its arrows to navigate and press enter But if you see none of that, maybe the grub...
  19. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Software power button / power menu There's a power menu in the taskbar, here's how to use and access it: Directions: 1. Go to desktop 2. Open the menu 3. Click the 3 dots button on the bottom right of the menu 4. Click power menu and choose
  20. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Thank you for this detailed report Phil! Please try the newer releases (kernel 4.11, 4.12, 4.9), they have many fixes for these kinds of issues by @electrikjesus :) Perhaps this build for...
  21. kanttii

    Post My Play Library Widget disappeared after Android Beta Preview 3 OTA update.

    Dammit Google. I used that for books too, on a 12" tablet, full screen. It was awesome. Why not fix it instead of removing it just like that? There are many of us who liked it a lot. Geez.
  22. kanttii

    Post Specs are out - $479, 16mp+20mp Camera, Bluetooth 5 , 3300mAh, FHD 5.5

    WOW... I wish they did the same here... These prices are ridiculous. Thanks for the idea, I'll shoot them an email :D
  23. kanttii

    Post Specs are out - $479, 16mp+20mp Camera, Bluetooth 5 , 3300mAh, FHD 5.5

    Hey mate I'm not complaining, just stating my opinion and telling about my own use cases :D Samsung Gear VR was not good, sorry Samsung, Google Cardboard & Daydream have a better UX IMHO. Yeah, that's why I'll wait for the Pixels.. but since OnePlus is a good brand and they're very developer...
  24. kanttii

    Post Specs are out - $479, 16mp+20mp Camera, Bluetooth 5 , 3300mAh, FHD 5.5

    Codename taimen (= trout in Finnish), it was rumored last Fall too! It'll be interesting to see what it'll be like. You apparently didn't read my post :) For VR 1080p is not good enough. Other stuff, yes. If they made the phone thicker up to the camera bump, they could fit in a bigger battery...
  25. kanttii

    Post Specs are out - $479, 16mp+20mp Camera, Bluetooth 5 , 3300mAh, FHD 5.5

    Most don't really need it, yes, but I do. Like many others. It's way better for VR use and high resolution content consumption and also better for reading in bed, for example. The difference is *not* minimal, it's incredible in VR and gives a needed bump for text clarity at closer than 30cm...
  26. kanttii

    Post Daydream VR

    It will most probably have the same screen as Oppo R11 which is a 5.5" Full HD AMOLED. I'm so very disappointed. This OP3 screen is horrible in VR -- it's slow, the pixels are huge, there's the glow that shouldn't be there... It has 401 pixels per inch, which a bit lower than HTC Vive & Oculus...
  27. kanttii

    Post Specs are out - $479, 16mp+20mp Camera, Bluetooth 5 , 3300mAh, FHD 5.5

    I'm so very disappointed that they didn't put QHD on it. I guess I'll wait for the new Pixels then, for mobile VR, but I'll still go check it out on June 21st here in Finland to compare it with my OP3 and see whether the screen is better.. Disappointed.
  28. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    What install method did you use? If you have system.sfs or system.img file, you can try with the installer directions from 2nd post and choose system r/w yes when it asks, so that you can actually edit the system partition and remove the root-related stuff...
  29. kanttii

    Post [ROM-x86] Bliss-x86 [oreo 8.x] for PC's

    Hey guys! I found a way to use an external display with this, by disabling the internal display and telling it to use the external one only! Install Bliss-x86 Boot Ubuntu USB stick or any linux that can run the "xrandr" command Do "xrandr" in terminal to find out what display interface...
  30. kanttii

    Post Headphone Jack is very likely, SD Card slot is possible

    Thanks, I hadn't seen those latest ones yet!
  31. kanttii

    Post Headphone Jack is very likely, SD Card slot is possible

    It sounds like the headphone jack will be on the top if it's included. Carl Pei did that poll on twitter and the response was overwhelmingly "WANT WANT WANT" for a headphone jack. In the photos it doesn't seem to be on the bottom so it has to be on the top.. if I remember right, some rumors...
  32. kanttii

    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    I have this exact same issue with the newest Magnum Opus 20170506 version on OnePlus 3. I thought I'd create that folder just to try it out, and it worked, then came here to search if anyone else had had it...and yes. Is there anything that could be done to fix this as it seems it's spread over...
  33. kanttii

    Post Dirty Unicorns ROM discussion

    Has anyone here used both this and GZR Validus? How do they compare? I can't find much difference when comparing GitHub repos so it'd be great if someone could shed a bit of light on the matter. TIA!
  34. kanttii

    Post [ROOT] iOS 14 emoji's (Android,JoyPixels,EmojiDex,FaceBook,Samsung,Twemo j i,Windows)

    If the app supports loading custom TTF, then yes. Download a ZIP, extract it, and point the app to the TTF files you extracted from the downloaded ZIP.
  35. kanttii

    Post ⚡ LIGHT PATCH ⚡

    Actually, never mind.
  36. kanttii

    Post [ROM] [Testing] Tab-Pi | AOSP/Android TV for Raspberry Pi 3 android-7.1.2_r17

    Awesome, thank you so much! Can't wait to try it out hopefully this weekend. Great stuff...
  37. kanttii

    Post [ROM] [Testing] Tab-Pi | AOSP/Android TV for Raspberry Pi 3 android-7.1.2_r17

    Nice! Is there anything else different from android-rpi which you forked (& copied commits) from, than these below: - using TV gapps - Open DNS - 1GB system partition vs 512MB I'm wondering if I can just put this oon top of android-rpi source and start a clean build haha..
  38. kanttii

    Post [EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS 3.3 [8.0][OOS][5.0.1][STABLE][SAFETYNET ✓]

    Have you followed the magisk instructions to enable magisk hide and systemless hosts from magisk settings? Is it a clean flash? 1. Check what apps use battery. They're the biggest culprit because the ROM after a clean flash is very battery friendly, the same as official OOS. This is based on...
  39. kanttii

    Post OP3/3T 10.0 Validus || GZOSP || Moving to new thread

    I have the same issue with dual SIM, unfortunately. After reboot calls are put to the first SIM and I have to change it back from settings :D One SIM is unlimited prepaid 100mbps data on the first slot, because on second slot the 4G didn't work (connected only to 3G), and the other SIM on the...
  40. kanttii

    Post [UNOFFICIAL Unified-Builds] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [7.1.2] - Be Delighted

    Hahaha this! When I saw it in the changelogs some time back I got a good laugh, it's such an awesome feature! Guys, let's show proper respect and support to the developers of ROMs, apps, themes and so on by paying for those that have a price :) ..and now to install today's build! Thank you!
  41. kanttii

    Post OP3/3T 10.0 Validus || GZOSP || Moving to new thread

    Hahaha thank you! I JUST flashed the previous build, but didn't reboot yet before checking the thread again after downloading the older version :D you guys rock.
  42. kanttii

    Post OP3/3T 10.0 Validus || GZOSP || Moving to new thread

    ROM: Tesla, clean install Hey guys, I put selinux to enforcing mode and noticed Snapchat started crashing every time someone starts typing while I'm in the chat. As soon as I turned it back to permissive Snapchat started working again. What in the name of Android are they DOING :D geez. I'll...
  43. kanttii

    Post [ROM][OMS7][Experimental]LineageOS 14.1 with extra open commits

    No wonder since Facebook loves following us around, checking when we use the phone and when not (sensors), and so much more. I used to use their mobile site until they slowly crippled it in the past 2 years and disabled messaging, too. Now I rarely use it at all. Usually when battery life is...
  44. kanttii

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][8.0.0] ExperienceOS R46.0 + Extensions [OOS 5.0.5 + OB39 Based]

    You're using the Apple San Francisco font in this, right? At least it looks like that from the screenshots ;)
  45. kanttii

    Post [EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS CE 3.3 [8.0][OOS][BETA-29/20][SAFETYNET ✓]

    I'm using F2FS on data and cache partitions. It seems to work well with the stock kernel! It feels nearly twice as fast as with ext4 which is incredible.. Apps open faster, everything related to I/O is faster! SuperSU: The only thing I kind of miss is not having SuperSU. I don't want to flash...
  46. kanttii

    Post [EOL][ROM][3&3T][AROMA] FreedomOS CE 3.3 [8.0][OOS][BETA-29/20][SAFETYNET ✓]

    It kills wifi for me and causes some other issues, I guess it's because OnePlus hasn't released 3.5.x kernel sources for flar2 to add to EX... They just released 3.2.8 stuff on GitHub though. Viper4android should be installed this way if you're doing a clean install: 1. Install normally WITHOUT...
  47. kanttii

    Post [ROM] OxygenOS Open Beta 9 (Nougat) Update and Installation!!

    Not until OnePlus releases the kernel sources. If/when they do, flar2 can update his great kernel :)
  48. kanttii

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][NOUGAT][NIGHTLY] Official Mokee Open Source Project

    I do it manually this way and the apps that need root disabled start working: 0. If SuperSU is present use that to unroot (SuperSU -> Settings-> Fully remove root) 1. Open Terminal emulator 2. Do the command: which su 3. Then it'll tell what su binary it uses. Write the path(s) down, for example...
  49. kanttii

    Post [ROM][6.0.1|7.1][UNIFIED][OnePlus3 & 3T][OFFICIAL] Android Open Kang Project (AOKP)

    Maybe the install script wipes the system partition.. And well it's not technically allowed to include gapps in the ROM itself, so every time you flash a ROM that doesn't have them you also need to flash the gapps. Flashing a new system image usually wipes out the old one so that's why any...