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  1. w41ru5

    Thread Lightsaber sound for Pentastic One UI 2.5

    Maybe Nicelock will include it. Cuz region block GoodLock sucks.
  2. w41ru5

    Thread SailfishOS

    Hoping I'm not disturbing anyone in this section with this thread. Sorry if I do, it's not intentional. I was reading about SailfishOS and found out that it has been managed to be ported/adapted (?) to some classic android phones - Moto G (2014), X2, X Force, X Play, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z2...
  3. w41ru5

    Thread WPS Office

    Dear all, After installing WPS Office app, I tried to find out more about it. So this -> And this -> gave me shivers. So I have installed My...