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    Thread Flashing SM-J200H rom on SM-J200G.

    Can I flash SM-J200H rom on SM-J200G. If so will there be any LTE problems?
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    Thread Request for change of hosting.

    Most the ROM and kernel hosts are on DevHost.DevHost shows the file is not found.if possible can someone please provide the donwloadable links for the roms and kernels.
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    Thread Cant install stock.

    So one day all of a sudden my device rebooted itself and started going into the download mode. no recovery nor booting only goes into download mode. so I decided to install stock through methods provided by friends here. but shows this error(click the link below) please help this is my main...
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    Thread Help

    I wanf to learn web development.....I searched on web there are variety of languages ...can anyone help me what languages I need to start...and languages to improve and also languages to master.....web development....
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    Thread Why m9

    The upcoming flagahip M9 is already shaking the mobile world....and everyone is going for a M9.people buying m9 or love M9 ,what part of M9 is dragging you to buy a M9.share it with us.... Mines the 3gb ram and ofcourse sense7
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    Thread Jolla sailfish

    not worth....
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    Thread top jokes I found

    I see you getting stressed and pressed in every way..these are jokes from every where I found.if this is anyway abusive..I am sorry.and that goes to the site I got from. this list is from listverse... Jokes 1-10 1. A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, “This is your lucky night. I’ve got a...
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    Thread (SGY)Mx player.

    Good day all......I used many roms like s5,hyperion 8,9,chobits digital,cm11,..but all the roms except Hyperion 9 have same problem.I have to to install mx player and codec to get it the problem is that,if I first install mx player it installs properly..and when go for installing...
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    Thread Pc requirements....

    I am planning for buying a,the first doubt I came up with was what are the components of a computer.please tell me clearly...and what things I require for both animation and android development.
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    Thread Ghost sightings,stories and related stuff........

    Ten years back..there was a women.she burnt herself but couldnt bear the pain she beat the doors.but there were nobody to help her..and she died.her house was left.she had nobody though.she had no relatives.after two months,one day midnigth there was a small sound of banging the doors.but it...
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    Thread Devs..Mota v1.0!

    Good day...mate...our device has less development and no good roms to choose from...,with inspiration and hoping help from you,I am making a small rom i,e.Mota v1.0.its a cm10 improving needs boot animation,Icons,banners,theming,Adding features(if you are willing to add only two or...
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    Thread which is the most customizable rom on XDA?

    I came here all the way from...thinking rooting to be as putting a plant root to my mobile to why didnt its flashing...migth me problem in cache...but was always wondering...which is the most customizable rom on android
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    Thread rom banner request and kind dev are working on a rom...this is a rom which is hybrid version of what rom we take as a,that os an improved one of available base rom....we decided to name it the MOTA Rom.which means elder one or bigger if anyone is interested in making a...
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    Thread [ROM][ALPHA][UNOFFICIAL]Nameless Rom 4.4.4 for Normady

    What is Nameless Rom? Disclamier Installation Bugs Note/# Thanks to;
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    Thread Chainfire 3d

    I have H9....with 1gb:) internal I have tried games like armv7 to armv6 ported games like temple run 2,1 etc...but it requires chainfire how to get chainfire 3d on H9 galaxy y
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    Thread partition

    I have pationed my sd card into 1 gb ext4 patition now I am using it shows only 6gb memory card....and my internal memory ia same...and the remaining 1gb is not found...hp to make that 1gb as my internal....
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    Thread Suggestions.....Anyone

    Hi,I am a owner of Nokia X(RM-980).the only device series from has android open source OS,but ui is nearly to Windows. SPECS Dual Sim(2g,3g) 1Ghz qualcomm snapdragon s4 play dual core 4.1.2OS GPS camera 3MP Unlocked bootloader 512mb RAM. 4GB Internal storage SPECS FOR DEVELOPMENT...
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    Thread PAC problem

    Hi here,My device Nokia X has PAC but only problem is camera works but wrong is a port.........we require it hardly please help how to solve.....
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    Thread cm11 problem

    Hi here,My device Nokia X has cm11 but only problem is camera works but wrong is a port.........we require it hardly please help how to solve.....
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    Thread CM11 problem

    Hi here,My device Nokia X has cm11 but only problem is camera works but wrong is a port.........we require it hardly please help how to solve.....
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    Thread offtopic......Entertainmemt thread.

    post a joke or anything and make people laugh...... post a thing that will let the time to pass....
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    Thread HI

    Hi,I am a Nokia x (RM-980).I have waited a long time for a taste of stable kitkat.I here dont have any stable roms nor good ROMS.our devs are trying hard but no result.if you can make a rom for ME,me and all my users will be thankful to you forever.please dont say you cant work without...
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    Thread I hate it-Thread

    what do you hate the most....?
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    Thread [CM11] Themes and apps

    post your favorite themes or apps that help you in cm11
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    Thread usb drivers

    bricked my phone and just now installed usb drivers but the odin still doesnt recognize the phone
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    Thread lollipop

    is there anyonee working on upgrading nokia x to lollipop......our device has an advantage of qualcom processor because all the lollipop updated mobiles have the same atleast a bootable port would be a stabler then ever anyone interested...I can get the help from many...
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    Thread candy crush saga

    is there a candy crush saga for galaxy would be great for gamers to have a great game for SGY
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    Thread Android lollipop 5.0

    Good news guys your mobile will be getting android update of lollipop 5.0.and your mobile is lodest mobilevto get lollipop.enjoy,
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    Thread device tree?

    what is device tree and where can I get it.please a dev needs the tree for making a rom for us
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    Thread please help.....I beg ya

    I have bricked my SGY.Before I had hyperion 9 with hellfusion kernel.few questions are 1.How to save my mobile from bricked stage to normal 1A.I have hyperion with me now so after clearing data,system,cache.can I flash thesame rom again.only for few days I will keep H9 2.I want to change to cm11...
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    Thread Xperia E

    hi all can anyone suggest me roms avaipable for xperia E.its confusing in one
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    Thread The "I wanna Donate Ma Mobile"

    Hi all the members.let me get this straigth anyone who is here who want to donate a mobile to me I am always ready accept.if any postal charges are to be paid I am ready
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    Thread hi

    anyone here who are interested in working for nokoa x.atleast post a no
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    Thread please anyone port this

    I found the L theme rom for anyone can try it out and port this as we already have a cm11 here
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    Thread Nokia X

    I know we already got a dev accepted for updating nokia x to android L.but only with your lads.will you help me
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    Thread *MOD*PURE AUDIO for Nokia X,XL,X+

    The Realpure Audio Engine for Nokia X by jeeko The PureAudio is a mod,which boosts your mobile audio.this mod brings it to the next level. this amazing mod is made by Jeeko I am sharing this audio because I love this mod Jeeko says The Real Pure Audio Engine is back! After the success of the...
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    Thread Our Nokia X needs a new name

    I have Nokia X but the name is sooooooo like wierd to call it.other mobiles have names like galaxy y=totoro htc desire S=saga nexus 5=hammerhead even our Nokia X needs a codename and it deserves post your ideas what you want your Nokia x to be named so here it goes be the first
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    Thread Lewa OS5v3 without wifi bug

    I have seen all the lewa users saying about the wifi bug that is wifi on=reboot and boot loop so everyone is suffering with a cool ROM so heres the previos lewa stable I am every things fine except screeshot
  39. –NigthFury–

    Thread Help for Nokia X

    Hi to all the thread viewers and who will be posting useful post and if possible who will help . . I am a Nokia X user.its the one and only android mobile from the manufacturer.there are variants like X,XL,XPlus,X.we are lacking android development on on our Nokia x.there will be no longer...
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    Thread who is nokia X,XL,xplus user

    whoever is owning a nokia x variants post a "me" here
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    Thread THE(Nokia X)OT THREAD[strictly off topic]

    Lets start: OT or off topic is a place on xda and also now here on Nokia X,where you post anything that is not related to MOBILES Know something and dont know where to post,post here,OK RULES: dont hurt anyone. No mobile related things. ROCK ON
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    Thread Lollipop 5.0 for Nokia X

    will we get android L to our devices?or atleast will dev make one.or is it possible.atleast a lollipop fully themed rom
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    Thread The NDT(some guides are posted more and more coming up)

    Hi NDT migth be wondering what is this NDT or Nokia X development thread.why it is here when we already have a development forum for Nokia X so open your eyes and read below. . . NDT is a thread which is not for developing only Nokia x but also you and help you become a I...
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    Thread THE Nokia X thread(Related)

    Hi once again.I am –NigthFury-. I come here atleast once a day to look whats happening on the Nokia x thread. But every time I come there is nothing about new, except the talk about the present things. So I decided to make a develop X. . .we lack mods,scripts,ROMS,Kernels,tweaks,and...
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    Thread Which device has the most roms or android development

    see above post below
  46. –NigthFury–

    Thread The most Thread

    This is the thread for everything that has maximum. post here like..... the device with most android devolopment. or who has most hiegth or most awarded or most thanked or anything
  47. –NigthFury–

    Thread NO NEW

    No new roms for nokia x to be seen from many anyone working on new roms.and cant the bug in sensors cant be solved.
  48. –NigthFury–

    Thread Help for nokia fans

    Hi every one.this my first thread on this Nokia X but not to posting and going to everything and getting help to our I have made many requests for devs everywhere on XDA Everyone replied just with answers like "as I dont own the mobile I cant do a thing for it" "even if I make one I cant...
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    Thread Important NOTICE to NOKIA X USERS

    Hi every one.this my first thread on this Nokia X but not to posting and going to everything and getting help to our I have made many requests for devs everywhere on XDA Everyone replied just with answers like "as I dont own the mobile I cant do a thing for it" "even if I make one I cant...
  50. –NigthFury–

    Thread price

    hi all here first here i think. whats the price man cant get to know the rigth one