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    Thread Opening RTSP video in VideoView

    hmm. how do I delete a post?
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    Thread Android UI design patterns for developers

    Hi all! I've been writing a blog about Android UI Design patterns for a while now. My selfish goal for the blog is to help to improve app quality in the Android market to get better apps to my phone. I'm also a developer (been one for a long time) and I understand the difficulty to get app...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia Arc not turning on anymore

    I just received an OTA to my Xperia Arc. The update downloaded fine and it started the update OK. During the update (I had the open box icon an 4 dots on screen) the phone just shut down and now it doesn't turn on anymore... Nothing happens if I press power button (it doesn't matter how long)...
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    Thread Arc phone app non-responsive

    Hey all! I have a serious problem with my Xperia Arc. The phone application is often very slow to start (start time after selecting a number over 30 seconds) or some times doesn't start at all. Often after having this problem it is not solved even by reboot but I have to remove the battery and...
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    Thread SE arc screenshot colors are wrong

    Hi All, I'm having this strange problem with my SE arc. When I take screenshots using the USB cable and ddms colors int he screenshots are wrong. If I simply plug in my N1 or Moto Milestone I don't have this problem. Is my phone broken or is there something I can do in software to fix it...
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    Thread [Q] N1 in USB host mode, use external display to show Android UI

    Hi guys, I've been looking into N1 USB hosted mode by Sven Killig (would post link here but it is not permitted as a new user). In his video he has many different USB devices working with N1 and even an external display. But in the video he shows the phone running X11 with the external display...