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    Post Help rooting note 10+ N975F/DS please

    It's not nice to hijack someone else thread.
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    Post Help rooting note 10+ N975F/DS please

    which instructions did you follow?
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    Post [ROM] [GSI][29.04.2020] crDroid 6.5 N970F, N975, N976

    no do some reading about snapdragon and exynos
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    Post ROMs for Galaxy Note 10 with Exynos pocessor

    No. Wait a little, a custom ROM is on the way.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [tbelteskt][tre3calteskt][trelteskt][treltexx]

    Thanks. Got it also like this, individual apps work with spen.
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    It's too long. Take out the battery, reboot to TWRP and start again w/o the fonts. Edit: I saw you managed. Well done.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [tbelteskt][tre3calteskt][trelteskt][treltexx]

    Please share setup for how the SPen works. Thanks
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    Post Does this work?
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    thanks, but I'm no wizard to know everything some things are not working like the official, because we do not have access to closed source software, so the developers can't do too much
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    I encourage you to SEARCH and READ about this issue in the thread. Spoiler alert - there's no fix yet, because...
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 10/19/2019

    for your data you can use titanium backup for backup, and after os update use titanium backup to restore the backed up apps data
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    Post Root and rom for Note 4.

    Which version of note 4 you have. SM-N910F or S or C or W or U or which ?
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    Post Sailfish OS for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910C) - (treltexx)

    please take a full backup before error 7 - delete the assert line in the updater script I am not responsible for what you do with your phone please search a bit on before asking - this issue fix is literally the first result on a search listing
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    Post Root and rom for Note 4.

    you want help, but you don't even bother to mention what your version is :rolleyes:
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    no problem the rom is an Note 8 port which has an 3000 mAh battery no worry
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    try bodhisattva by envy - it's a lovely dark theme
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL][3.4.0-x] TWRP for Galaxy Note 10/+/5G Exynos

    Well done Corsi, thanks for your constant passionate work!
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 10/19/2019

    He's working on it. And he has several projects plus private life. Be patient guys.
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    Post [Guide & Links] Install Android 11 OneUI 3 Βeta 3 to your N975F

    Use Odin to flash the latest TJ4 android 10 firmware.
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    Post New galaxy note 4 prevent emmc issue

    It might help to lower the CPU speed, but you need access to root and an app to tweak the values. Avoid gaming which is very demanding on GPU and avoid gaming for long periods of time. Search also in the Snapdragon forum a good kernel. Also turn off the fast charging, this can heat too much the...
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    Post [ROM][7.0][TW][Exynos][Stable]Refined Nougat N7FE Port 6.0

    Take full backup of your present ROM on an SD card. Then flash the 7.1 ROM. As I remember the kernel is included. ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 AM ---------- Take full backup of your present ROM on an SD card. Take backup of apps with titanium...
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    Post Sm-N975f back from custom rom ? Or ?

    Use Odin to flash original firmware (android 10 for the moment). Download the latest stock firmware, put the phone in download mode and flash with Odin. Stock with root is possible, you need Magisk to patch the boot image. Search on the web "how to..." Because the knox is tripped you will not...
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    Post ccswe app manager not working anymore

    Thanks for the play services and uid 1000 tip. I'm using NetGuard as a fw and all looks OK. I've checked Bluetooth connectivity with the buds + and there is no issue, music plays fine. Attached a list with all the uid 1000 related, forwho'sinterested. If I fw one of them, then all of them are...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sm-n910w8
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    Post Help with recovery Galaxy Note 4

    You need to be SURE about the model of your devices when you flash TWRP or custom ROM. Try to put it in download mode. If it works , then connect it to Smart Switch on a computer and try to flash an emergency recovery. If it works you will have a working device. Good luck.
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    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Or directly from the site ? With Paypal payment or similar ? machx0r
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    Post [ROM][OneUI] hadesRom Pie Stock v1.5 for A5/A7 2017 [21.07.2019]

    This might help too. And then install twrp and flash again the custom rom
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    Post [ROM][OneUI] hadesRom Pie Stock v1.5 for A5/A7 2017 [21.07.2019]

    Update modem to the latest version for your model
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix PIe V7.0.2 10/19/2019

    Yeah - that's Anan work. Thing is that the LOS15 is unfinished, has no RIL as far as I remember and was a bit of a flop. But better talk to Anan, he might give you better info.
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    Post [17Jun20][Guide] [P/Q]How to root Note10/Note 10+ & Flash TWRP (Exynos only)

    Junior, kernels are not like girlfriends, they can't be introduced. You need to search and read and learn. Android world is not like Facebook or Instagram where you get instant gratification. It requires time, passion and a lot of patience to learn about it. The very fact that you...
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    Post Debloat android 10

    Who are you who are so wise in the ways of debloating? Because I've looked everywhere and I did not find in ANY of your posts ANY list of those MANY lost functions. Not to mention that you want to CLARIFY this fact. I wonder how.
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 10/19/2019

    ok - try the above and after flashing TWRP - please make a full backup of your stock rom and the EFS and everything
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 10/19/2019

    how... how did you manage to install a custom rom??? what model do you have? you know what, never mind easy - after you setup the phone (after you flash the latest original stock rom for your model) you go to settings - about phone - software information and tap 7 times on Build Number this...
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 10/19/2019

    Flash the latest original stock rom. Setup the phone. Unlock bootloader. Flash twrp again. Enter twrp and make 1 full backup of everything on an SD card. Save the backup somewhere safe. Read and understand what you do before you do. Rule #1 - always backup.
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    Post Should I get a galaxy note 4 to play around with custom roms?

    Check this forum - Note 4 Snapdragon - you will see which version is more used. I do not have a source and also I've stopped using the note4. Original batteries might be found on Samsung dealers locally, if they still have. Online is more difficult and not so trustful, hence the difficulty...
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    Post [rom][7.1] samsung rom note 4 snapdragon help me please

    So after your 11 posts on XDA clearly showing that you miss the same education about custom Rom's, you suddenly are so wise and know that there are a pile ton of these TouchWiz ROM's for 910 Snapdragon. Nice. Do you mind pointing to us, the ignorant ones, where to find them? And the XDA...
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    Post "New" Best Fast, free and safe privacy browser with private tabs and pop up blocker

    I've asked about a translation add-on/ extension in September. Nice you finally got the idea.
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    Post Should I get a galaxy note 4 to play around with custom roms?

    It looks like you are brand new here (junior), boy you have a LOT to catch up with. I dunno about your knowledge with custom roms, I encourage you to have patience, you need a couple of years to learn. Best case scenario a few years IF the community will still use old(er) phones which can be...
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    Post Call quality

    use the volume button the UP one :D
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][BPI4][N910C/U/H/S/L/K][MultiDPI/CSC]NEMESIS REFINED V3.8.5 N7 Port
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][BPI4][N910C/U/H/S/L/K][MultiDPI/CSC]NEMESIS REFINED V3.8.5 N7 Port

    I have no ideea how to help with this. When I was using this rom (about 2 years ago) never had issues. Why don't you try the better nougat rom of Anan, it's much much better.