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  1. DG|Buu

    Post [KERNEL] [February 4] OnePlus 7 ElementalX 2.11 (Android 10)

    flar2 I appreciate your work on OnePlus 7 Series! If possible, can you release kernel for OOS (Pie) for OnePlus 7? Cause, for pie, there's only a version for OnePlus 7 Pro and not for OnePlus 7.
  2. DG|Buu

    Post [KERNEL][TISSOT][4.9.y] Canting 4.6 [29/10/2019]

    Please,I think I know how to read instructions and FAQ's. I flashed them on 4.x based ROMs ONLY. Flex's Lineage, CrDroid, AEX(4.x based) Syberia, Pixel Experience and POSP. So please, stay out of this if you don't the solution instead of suggesting me to read again what I did back then. :D
  3. DG|Buu

    Post [KERNEL][TISSOT][4.9.y] Canting 4.6 [29/10/2019]

    I've this weird issue, no matter what rom I flash with your kernel, whenever I lock screen, it reboots. Any idea why so?
  4. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][9.0][Mi A1][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project [OTA][24.08.2019]

    Fingerprint sensor This issue seems weird though. I had my fingerprints taken at startup and after few reboots, it just disappeared from security as well. Clean flashed with December firmware.
  5. DG|Buu

    Post Hi Everyone, I am a rom dev who just bought this device, just wanted to say hi

    Yo Vendor- Tree-
  6. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][64-bit][5.1.1] SlimLP (lettuce) [BETA 0.7][Maintainer Builds]

    Hey Maintainer,When are you planning to update? Slim6 please ;-;
  7. DG|Buu

    Post SailfishOS 2 for the Moto-G Falcon

    What do you exactly mean by Camera(With Bugs)? Like,It'll be helpful if you give a little explaination. Rest of that,Everything looks awesome. Thanks for porting SailfishOS for Moto G (y)
  8. DG|Buu

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL]Android Open Development[AOSP/CAF][03/08]

    SELinux Status Is Permissive Or Enforced? For Now? Asking This Question,Even Update Log Indicates That The SELinux Status Is In Enforced
  9. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v1][BETA]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    If Needed. Saw Your Projects,This Rom Can Be Even More Lil Optimized :p :good: . If Need Help,Contact Me :fingers-crossed:
  10. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][5.0] AOSP/Code Aurora [ALPHA][17/11/2014]

    You Can! StrangerWeather Please Don't Leave This Project,As Beta CM12 Came. We're Waiting For a CAF Release Of 5.0
  11. DG|Buu

    Post [5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL]CyanogenMod 12[01/04]

    SuperSU anerik Just Include A SuperSU Flashable Zip And Denote To Flash This After Flashing The Rom For XT1033(GPe) Users. This Helps XT1033(GPe) Users CM12 Function Perfect :good: Regards ~DG
  12. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM] [5.0] [11/15/2014] CyanogenMod 12 BETA

    Anyway,atleast some bugs fixed. Please upload that build.
  13. DG|Buu

    Post OmniROM is now booting on Android 5.0 (and a friendly reminder about contributing)

    Flo Release Awesome One.Now Release It For Flo. We're Waiting. :D
  14. DG|Buu

    Post [Build Guide][Flo/Deb] - Pure AOSP 6.0.0_r1

    A Note For Users. You Can Also Skip Flashing "Save-Recovery".zip ,If You have Flashed Your Recovery Permanent By WugFresh Nexus Toolkit.
  15. DG|Buu

    Post [Build Guide][Flo/Deb] - Pure AOSP 6.0.0_r1

    I'm Sorry If Its Already Posted. I'm Running MultiROM(Primary:DU). When I Added This Rom In MultiROM And Tried To Boot,This Error Comes And Forces To Du Boot Back. Any Idea? SS Is Given Below For Further Use.
  16. DG|Buu

    Post Need an android 4.4.4 GPT.bin for the XT1031

    If You Updated Your Phone(4.4.4 GPe) Via OTA,So Does Bootloader Too. You Can't Flash 4.4.2 Partition. If You Have Link Of 4.4.4 GPe Firmware Package,Gimme I'll Download And Give That File To You,. :cowboy:
  17. DG|Buu

    Thread Bootloader(4.4.4 GPe Updated One)

    I Updated My Xt1033 Moto G Bootloader When 4.4.4 GPe Was Updated. Now,If I Try To Flash GPe Firmware Package Again,I Get Partition Error. (Remote Failure) Even If I Flash GB Firmware Fsg.mbn And NON-HLOS.bin For Single Sim,Where Mobile Data Works Perfect.Whereas,If Anyone Calls Me,Ring Goes...
  18. DG|Buu

    Post [Updated][Mar-16]PikaOS 2(Lite)(A Pure Gaming ROM)(Discontinued)

    Its 4.4.2 Build.Prop With Features Of 4.4.2. ;)
  19. DG|Buu

    Post [4.4.2][PORT]-[UNOFFCIAL]-OMNI ROM for Canvas HD[Dev's Edition]

    Dude,I Told Its A Port. Faea F2S Didn't Update Their Omni Rom. Waiting For Them.
  20. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Wormhole ROM v1 [130mb][FLASHABLE ZIP]

    For All Users I Think You Should Understand His Position Too. He's Net Is On 2G. He Told Its Stock Lite.So,It Must Be Pure Stock(Which Users Get On-The-Box) Maybe,Ask The Downloaded Person To Give Review With SS. ---------- Post added at 09:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:32 PM...
  21. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.1][Carbon Ultimate V2.0 NeoNX Edition for Canvas 2 A110][THEMED]

    Solving Bugs Is Not a Big Issue.
  22. DG|Buu

    Post SailFish OS Porting 25$ For That Dev

    Any Dev There? Sent from my Moto G using XDA Free mobile app
  23. DG|Buu

    Thread SailFish OS Porting 25$ For That Dev

    It Maybe Awkward Rewarding For A Rom Porting. I Was Attracted by That Rom And Need To Use On Moto G.So,This Idea Flashed Up. Requirments: *It Can Be A Buggy Build,But Make Sure It Boots Up. Do Some Hard Work and Make It Yours!. This is Chance For You Devs. This Is Not a Scam,Forgery...
  24. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM] [Official] [4.4.4] [12/09/14] >>> AOSB PROJECT 1.3.7 <<<

    StrangerWeather Maybe Try The Fix Given By rudi_j7
  25. DG|Buu

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns - 4.4.4 - v7.9 - 09-18-2014

    Review. Review: YoshiShaPow XT1033(Should Convert To GPE) Rom is So Fluid. No Bugs Found.Took A Long Time in Installing. Heaps Of Features To Try Out. TGM Kernel Inbuilt. Bugs: DSP Fc When Played With Apollo(Fix Attached In Attachments) Any GApps Can Be Preferred. If Any Gets PlayStore...
  26. DG|Buu

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns - 4.4.4 - v7.9 - 09-18-2014

    Downloaded For XT1033,Flashing It Now :good: :fingers-crossed:
  27. DG|Buu

    Post Kernel Sources released!!

    Thanks :p
  28. DG|Buu

    Post Kernel Sources released!!

    I Need It As *.zip File.. :confused:
  29. DG|Buu

    Post Kernel Sources released!!

    Help. Then,Can You Mirror Me The Kernel Source? (Click On It,It'll Start Download)
  30. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM] [Official] [4.4.4] [12/09/14] >>> AOSB PROJECT 1.3.7 <<<

    StrangerWeather Just Remove DSP,Causes FC When Played In Apollo :confused:
  31. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM] [Official] [4.4.4] [12/09/14] >>> AOSB PROJECT 1.3.7 <<<

    StrangerWeather This New Build Fixed all the bugs.I'm on xt1033(GPE) Sent from my Moto G using XDA Free mobile app
  32. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    Thanks For The Short Review:fingers-crossed: It May Help Fellow Users:good:
  33. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    I'll Add In Next Build.
  34. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    It Must Be The Error Of GB. Try Disabling It. :D
  35. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    Check Here
  36. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    I'll Pin In OP. Thanks :fingers-crossed:
  37. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    You Can Give A Try.If Not,I'll Upload Those If Not Working :fingers-crossed:
  38. DG|Buu

    Post [rom][aroma][4.2.2] vip_rom

    Even Though I'm Not A User Of C2,Just Came To See VIP(Vellai Illa Pathadari) :P :cool:
  39. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    DualSim Works. Gapps,You can Prefer cm11,aokp etc If you need Ss Sent from my Moto G using XDA Free mobile app
  40. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    Try Restart,It Works Fine If Not Ask Quarx
  41. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    Grab! Links UP :good:
  42. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    Yes, It Supports (Based on Quarx CM11) :good:
  43. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    :good: None Forced You, You Can See Features. Ask Reviews From User,Then Reply. :angel:
  44. DG|Buu

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4]SlickKat[FALCON]

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  45. DG|Buu

    Post [Kitkat 4.4.4][PORT][WORKING][UNOFFICIAL][STABLE] MIUI v5 on Motorola Moto G (falcon)

    WIP One Help,Before You Post Any Rom. Ask Reviews From User After Testing And Please Tell In The Thread If Boots (or) Not. It Helps Fellow Users
  46. DG|Buu

    Post [ROM] [AeroKernel] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11

    Awesome CM11 Ever Used, Quarx :good: