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    Thread [Q] Sky Note vs. N3bula thoughts?

    Anyone who has tried both that has any thoughts on pluses or minuses? They seem to be the only choices for Note 3 features on Note 2.
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    Thread Just add kernel to stock?

    Is it possible to add a custom kernel to stock without loading a complete custom rom? I actually like the stock setup and hate to tinker when it is working well (running latest Jellybean ota, rooted), but would like to have hotplug governor to save battery life. Or, am I just ignorant? :confused:
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    Thread Has anyone tried a desktop speakerphone?

    I go to board meeting four times a year where we wind up renting a polycom speakerphone from the hotel or convention center for around $600. I see there are a couple bluetooth desktop speakerphones (Plantronics Calisto 520 and Jabra Speak 510) that seem to be a much more economical alternative...
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    Thread Is a debloated JB leak without safestrap possible?

    I have a stock rooted 912. As I understand it, I could install the leak as if it came over the air from Verizon, but if I want to install any of the developers' ROMs based on it I have to install safestrap. Is it possible for a dev to debloat and tweak the leak, say for battery life, but leave...
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    Thread [Q] what are these running services?

    Hi, I have stock ICS CDMA RAZR, rooted, and I am trying to figure out 3.5 services. What are: 1. ModemStatsService 2. Motorola Input 3. Homescreen -- I am just using the stock homescreen, and never saw a separate process in the past unless using a launcher. 3.5 Maps is always running...
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    Thread [Q] fastboot low battery plan B-dumb idea?

    Well, I've run the battery down unsuccessfully trying to load ICS (status 7 and 0 errors), and can't seem to charge it with the battery tools method. Apparently I haven't got either ICS or Gingerbread working or regulating charging. Waiting for my factory cable from China. Meanwhile, I can get...
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    Thread Used Phone Prices Make No me

    With new phone prices without a contract around $500 and upgrade prices for the hot models running $99-250, I was thinking maybe I should shop recent used, i.e. an Incredible 2 or even a Galaxy Nexus or RAZR now that the Maxx is out. So checking eBay and Craigslist, and various forum...