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    Thread SIM Unlocking N900W8

    Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well! I have a canadian W9 that I am trying to sim unlock. Now some of the dialer hidden menu guides Ive found dont work so I ran into a thread about Chainfire's RegionLock Away to get this done for me. When I run the APP I get an error that it couldnt find any...
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    Thread YouTube app.

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone else is having issues with their YouTube app. For the last couple of daysmy app has refused to sign in to my Google account but plays videos no problem. Everything else seems to be running properly and I've tried clearing app data but none of it has...
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    Thread Hissing over headphones.

    Hi everyone, with my headphones I'm actually having this housing sound kind of like white noise until I crank the volume to the max. For a better example any audio over headphones sounds like when you have a cassette adapter in your car and you crank your decks volume but keep the volume on your...
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    Thread Dumpstate su request?

    Hi everyone, A couple of minutes ago I got a really random su request from something called dumpstate. Would anyone happen to know what this could be I've never seen it before. Does anyone know some way that I could find out what app pushed the request, or possibly help find out if I actually...
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    Thread Browsers keep crashing.

    Hi all, I hope you're all doing well. I can use some help if anyone is willing to lend a hand. Just recently my phone has started to act up but I only have proof of one of the issues. So I can open any browser but it'll just crash shortly after opening a page. It happens on any browser stock or...
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    Thread DEVS Can now do OTA!!!!! So I just happened upon this site. I think it would be sick if devs would take advantage of this feature. ~PsyCl0ne
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    Thread Constant data usage.

    Hi everyone, so the other day I flashed the latest sky ice cream (6. 7z) with the latest faux (skyrocket) kernel. Then I noticed that my phones battery was dieing at an alarming rate. (this is also after a ton of issues came up with my phone). Last night I did a nabdroid restore to when I first...
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    Thread Miui tips and tricks

    Hey all, I just ran into this site and being a new user of Miui, it totally blew my mind. Now I know that most of these could be found on the miui forums but for the new guys/gals here you are :) This was totally brought to you but
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    Thread What's your next phone??

    Hey all, I was just thinking since my milestone is starting to get fairly old and beat up, would any of you have a phone with a hardware keyboard you might be looking at?? So far one phone that has caught my eye, might have to paper bag it, but its the Xperia Pro. Looks thicker then a brick...