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    Thread i bought an LG G4 with a model number of h811 but with sprint serial number

    Dear fellow XDA members i bought an LG G4 H811 and when tried rooting it with no luck by pure luck i noticed that the serial number starts with ls991... Now the rom is 20R as a normal T-Mobile phone ... Anyone faced this issue before ? If so how do i root this phone ? Thank you
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    Thread i bought an LG G4 with a model number of h811 but with sprint serial number

    hi gents, a month ago i bought a sealed LG G4 and the model number is H811 yet when i looked into the Serial Number it starts with LS991... im stuck because i wanna root it and install a custom rom on it and im not sure what to do really ... the funny part is that even the software version...
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    Thread typing adb reboot bootloader only restarts the phone 20r

    i have an h811 on a 20r stock rom and im trying to root it and install a custom rom but i cant seem to make it reboot into bootloader... everytime i try to do so it simply restarts... the drivers are fine and the adb identifies it... oem unlock is ticked and debugging as well any ideas?
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    Thread [Q] return to stock UL

    Greetings i have an htc one with the following details : (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.57.0000 (bootloader) version-baseband: 4A.17.3250.14 (bootloader) version-cpld: None (bootloader) version-microp: None (bootloader) version-main: (bootloader) version-misc: PVT...
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    Thread links for JPKG2

    greatings guys i just need one valid link for JPKG2 rom i've been over the internet for hours the only two are mediafire and hotfile and not working yh along with multiupload which is not working either help please thanks
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    Thread motrola official website for unlocking bootloaders :D

    Greatings fellows :D here is a great news for the Motorola users in general and atrix 2 in specific.. Motorola is following HTC in unlocking the bootloaders for their devices. as usual there is a catch which is voiding you're warranty here is the link...
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    Thread support and sign the petition

    hey guys the other day i was googling about the i9000 and i found there is a petition to get the ics on their phones and they get 10000 supporter so i thought why dont we do the same. so i took the initiative to start it myself and started it plz sign and share ...... if you want the ics...
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    Thread install arabic language pack for GingerReal 1.4

    hey.... guys i installed gingerreal 1.4 and i was trying to install the arabic patch but i couldnt figure out how now how can i do it ? thx
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    Thread [Q] how to backup the whole system and install 2.3.4 arabic

    greetings guys, i know that ppl asked my question a lot but the problem is non of the earlier ones answered my question the way i wanted. i have galaxy ace with 2.3.3 the original rom... i need to update it to 2.3.4 with arabic support. now my problem is i need a program to back up the...
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    Thread Skype on the xperia X10

    hi guy, im planing to buy it from a friend and i was wondering if i can install skype on it :D let us say for voice and -if available- video... is it possible? thx
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    Thread [Q] installing skype on ace

    greetings guys, im planing to get the samsung ace within two weeks and i need it mainly for voip and specially skype now ive seen some posts online saying that they couldnt install it and it always reboot while the installation process, and since here is the best place to ask for solution i...